BBD – The DNA Gambit

Just reading through some of Barrett Brown’s old blog posts. Seems there’s always more writing by the man than I thought. Anyway, got curious about the “OWS murder link.” Brown mentions it in relation to Gawker‘s Adrian Chen, who jumped on the story. I vaguely recall it being brought up on Twitter, the short but smug rejoicing of the Wall Street pep squad and pundits that they could at last pin a crime on people who protest organizations that commit crimes as part of their business model–and do so on a frequent basis. Then, the return of sadness when it turned out that the whole story was bulls—. What I did not know or recall was why it was shown to be in error: an apparent DNA test lab error:


It’s not quite Dewey Defeats Truman, but The New York Post may come to regret its “OWS Murder Link” headline now that The New York Times is reporting that a DNA match supposedly linking a 2004 killing to a March protest was the result of a laboratory error. The Post is already citing a source calling it “a total screw-up.”


This, of course, reminded me of one day in the Summer of ’11… It was a bright, beautiful day in Minneapolis. At least it seemed so to a person who’s brain had been baked by microwaves and whathaveyou by the Federal government {again, see the post two down}.

I sent this email, BCCed a few folks in case I wound up in the slammer for Jimmy Hoffa, Franz Ferdinand, or the rape of Lucrece:

Received: from [] ([])
        by with ESMTPS id 1sm1111820yhs.25.2011.
        (version=TLSv1/SSLv3 cipher=OTHER);
        Thu, 23 Jun 2011 09:36:45 -0700 (PDT)
Mime-Version: 1.0 (iPhone Mail 8C148a)
Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
X-Mailer: iPhone Mail (8C148a)
From: Christopher Knall
Subject: No Skin Off My Leg
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 11:36:36 -0500
To: Christopher Knall

Just for documentation purposes…

A few days ago I had a large (4″ x 6″ or so) minor in terms of depth blister on my right calf on the right side. I was sitting outside when I noticed it… Not particularly painful. I peeled it off and threw it away (off the curb).

Later the discarded skin was gone.

Look [for] my DNA at a crime scene!

Or perhaps not now that I’ve documented it. Tricky bastards.


Sent via mobile

A typo corrected in there. Let me add some missing details and point some things up. This is 2011, a year before the OWS headline.

The blister was an almost perfect oval. It didn’t hurt, was a very shallow blister. Guessing some sort of spray could have been responsible. Suppose could be electronic “skin burn” gun. Weird in any case. At first assumed a very bizarre sunburn limited to a small area of one leg.

Not in my life.

After discarding it, I went inside for a drink. Maximum elapsed time down stairs to apartment #1 and back up with drink was likely less than 10 minutes, could have been less than 5.

Suddenly occurred to me that substantial, fleshy chunks of a Federal target floating around out there {I once had had similar concern when a one-night stand took a condom with him when he left} might not be a good idea. I went to check.

And it was gone. We’re talking about very near the curb, between two parked cars. Unlikely it blew away. Possible taken by rat, cockroach, FBI counter-intelligence. You know, some kind of vermin.

Anywho, this is the kind of thing I mean about covert ops against protestors, witnesses, whistleblowers, etc. If it hasn’t already been done–that is framing someone by planting their DNA at a crime scene or making clandestine switcheroos in the lab–it will be.

PS: always possibility of planting cigarette butts or similar at crime scenes as well. Noticed some of those disappear from parents’ yard in late 2011/ early 2012, think it was.


The Wire, “Occupy DNA ‘Murder Link’ Now Thought to Be Lab Error,” Adam Martin, 11 July 2012

Tortured Reports

There are some problems with the apparent leak of the Senate torture report findings summary. I’m going to point those out and then flip the whole thing on its head to what I really want to discuss, mostly the bigger domestic picture as it relates to intelligence community abuse of power in general.

Watch, it’ll be fun.

First we have a recent Guardian article about when the CIA torture program ended:

More suspected terrorists underwent the agency’s post-9/11 treatment, which largely lasted from 2002 to 2006, than the CIA has publicly admitted, according to the report’s findings, which were first reported by McClatchy.


But McClatchy doesn’t modify with largely or similar:

The findings are among the report’s 20 main conclusions. Taken together, they paint a picture of an intelligence agency that seemed intent on evading or misleading nearly all of its oversight mechanisms throughout the program, which was launched under the Bush administration after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and ran until 2006.


So…definitely 2006, then. Let’s make sure by checking out what the alleged leaked Senate report findings say:


The CIA’s Rendition and Interrogation program ended by 2006 due to legal and oversight concerns, unauthorized press disclosures and reduction in cooperation from other nations.


Yep. “Heck, it might have been sooner. ‘…by 2006,’ we said. We Senators just can’t be sure what with being beside ourselves with all those legal and oversight concerns. Hand wringing is so distracting.”

Ok, ok, Senator, calm down. Pardon me while I just fact-check you with prior statements made on the subject:

Reminding citizens that interrogation techniques became ‘enhanced’ after 911, Leon Panetta stated that those practices being questioned ended in January [2009].



Some timeline issues there from someone. Watch for Panetta or another senior official to be trotted out and twist the English language into pretzels explaining what was meant by whom.

Now let’s see what else the findings say.


Oh. Just did it all on their own. Defied the White House. Misinformed them. And DoJ. And Congress. And the press.

Who the f— does CIA work for again?

It’s not acceptable to come along eight or five years later and say, “We didn’t know.” It’s your f—ing job to know, oversight…White House.

This is one of the problems. They just don’t want to officially know. They pretend it’s in everyone’s best interests that we break the rules and so they make sure that they are intentionally farasyoucantell ignorant of the truth in order to protect themselves if something goes wrong.

The fact that they continue to defend overly intrusive NSA practices, and can’t exactly deny they exist since we’ve seen many in print thanks to Snowden, says that they really aren’t all that into “legal.” It’s about protecting the Deep State and the cash cows the monstrosity manages to crap out periodically that benefit the few right people at the expense of all the rest/wrong ones.

This is why I say what I say in the “Activist’s Primer to Counter-Intelligence.” *

And going back to what was said above about end dates for programs, I’ve pointed out proof that MKULTRA did not end in the 60s as we were told. Might have been renamed, what difference does that make? It’s misleading and intentionally so in order to make the American people think it was some fluke, a mistake. “Oh, those silly kids with their drug and radiation experiments. Just trying to protect. They overdid it! Aw, aren’t they cute and patriotic? And they stopped and started behaving before…uh…before I was elected…yeah.”

The point seems to be that without a Snowden and a Greenwald or a Hammond and then a Brown to sift the stuff to make some sense of it, we just don’t find out the truth. At all. This was one of Barrett’s points in the blog post, “Not All Propaganda is Equal.” [5]

If the CIA and NSA {and I haven’t even begun to parse some of FBI’s latest such as working with JSOC overseas} are willing to abuse their powers, and then lie about it or get most of our government to lie for them, how much more so a private contractor who is–at least!–an additional layer removed from oversight? Who might be on the one hand privy to the nation’s biggest secrets and working for large law firms to secretly attack and neutralize peaceful, legal, democratic processes?

There is no freedom here if even the least among us are denied it.


The Guardian, “CIA and White House under pressure after Senate torture report leaks,” Spencer Ackerman, 11 April 2014:


McClatchyDC, “CIA’s use of harsh interrogation went beyond legal authority, Senate report says, Ali Watkins, Jonathan S. Landay and Marisa Taylor, 11 April 2014:


DocumentCloud, unknown, 11 April 2014:

By the way, Feinstein is reportedly referring this leak to the DoJ.


Charisse Van Horn

The Examiner, “CIA torture investigation: Leon Panetta responds,” 25 August 2009:


“Not All Propaganda is Equal,” Barrett Brown, 30 May 2012:

* There’s a link up top if you haven’t checked it out yet, and I’ve added a few comments in there recently, such as Shaffer’s comment about technology being far ahead of where the American public thinks it is, and that we don’t know how it’s being used. This was in the context of Romas/COIN, but he is clearly making a more general statement.

On that note, I also updated the post below regarding what I like to call the FBI/CIA/DoD Cookbook, “How to Bake an Undesirable’s Brain Using 40+ Year Old Technology.”

Bio-Effects of Micro/Radiowave Research {Updated x2}

Your head is humming and it won’t go.

Regarding portions of this [1]:


Some selections:

New Bitmap Image

“2. Depression.”

This alone could explain both Aaron Swartz and Susan Watkins, to name two.

Note also 11, increased irritability. This is perhaps how FBI provokes people in order to arrest or shoot them. Besides the possibility of Barrett Brown as discussed previously, see:

CBS Local Boston, “CBS News: Man Killed By FBI Implicated Himself, Tsarnaev In Waltham Triple Murder,” Bobby Sisk and Karen Anderson, 22 May 2013:

Implicated himself then died. Hm.

“1. Neurasthenia – {general ‘bad’ feeling}”

General bad feeling, similar to 4, anxiety. The term has apparently fallen out of favor, but was once a general diagnosis by Freud and contemporaries. Between that and anxiety, I think there’s a decent additional explanation for paranoia among targets. You’ve even got 8, hallucinations to make them seem even crazier. Throw in some 10, insomnia -> sleep deprivation. How long do you think you could withstand it?

Perfect COINTELPRO tool. Don’t have to be near them to use it, shoot it right through the walls or windows when they’re sleeping or catch them outside. Why not? Part of the fun is breaking the law. Classify it as “harassment” via a nonlethal weapon.

Until they pop. Oops!

New Bitmap Image (2)


Think I described it as feeling as though you’re being choked and having a metal band around your head:

New Bitmap Image (3)

5 & 6: loss of hair, brittleness of hair:

Used third person back then because I had hoped to be able to deal with this without having to also ruin my reputation. Also covered in Wicked Game:

2, metallic taste was something from early on as well. Had assumed it was a drug after-taste.

7, buzzing, vibrating, yes. Vaguely recall quoting Led Zeppelin in a crazy email to Watts about that.

I’m still often in disbelief that this is happening in this country, but then it generally displays crazier and crazier behavior every day. The level of corruption is always more severe than you think.

This and similar tech is being used to shape the country by similar tactics to the GCHQ online operations except not just on the Internet:


Deny / Disrupt / Degrade / Deceive

In fact, the discussion of many of these techniques occurs in the context of using them in lieu of “traditional law enforcement” against people suspected (but not charged or convicted) of ordinary crimes or, more broadly still, “hacktivism”, meaning those who use online protest activity for political ends.


Certainly being zapped could disrupt and degrade. Not to mention, as in the case of Ibrahim Todashev and Susan Watkins, deny life.

“Random” people chosen for training, activists, witnesses, whistleblowers, politicians, journalists and other artists in other media…all potential targets. Is it any wonder this place runs on lies?


US Navy/Naval Medical Research Institute, “Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena {‘Effects’} and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation,” Zorach R. Glaser, 4 October 1971:



First Look/The Intercept, “How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations,” Glenn Greenwald, 24 February 2014:

Two Vics, Many Causes, One Perp [Now with Graeber Quote]

“Attempting to fight a 21st Century battle using early 20th Century thinking and tools and not even realizing much less accepting it, is a losing posture.” –McCoyote

A lot to cover, but much will have to wait. For example, the Barrett Brown case has changed dramatically. His two trials have been canceled and he is being re-arraigned on a changed set of charges on April 29th. I’ve learned a bit more about Brown, but that deserves its own post which I’ll get around to some point soon. A little appears below as side note.

Additionally, the CIA torture report, in limbo for over a year, is going to be partially declassified, sections to be determined by–wait for it–the CIA.

Today, though, I’m going to return to discussing some of the more exotic aspects of what I’ve referred to as COINTELPRO and MKULTRA in a blender, or NKINTRA, the ‘intra’ indicating a covert effort toward domestic control of the national narrative and therefore national, and by extension to a degree, international, opinion.

Today’s post is going to concentrate on two very different victims of NKINTRA. I’ll begin with the one that will be easier to believe, to grasp for most and then move on to the one that would tend to get lost in the shuffle.

An early member of Occupy…

BoingBoing, “David ‘Debt’ Graeber evicted, implicates NYPD intelligence, claims revenge-harassment for OWS participation,” Cory Doctorow, 3 April 2014:

…has been evicted from his home in New York. The circumstances involve the fact that the apartment was in his mother’s name, that she was critically ill, and that the coop board reportedly gave him the runaround when it came to accepting the paperwork for getting his name on it.

The problem for most of us, of course, is connecting the dots between his role as an activist and the actions of the coop board. Our typical {and by the way, outdated} mode of thinking on this is that there would have to be some financial link or motive for the board to do so or it would simply be the man’s imagination.

It is, of course, quite possible that there is such a conspiracy. It would not be at all unusual for a coop board in NY to have one or more Wall Streeters on it and they would notice the presence of someone outspoken on the subject.

But this story is very, very similar to the stories of countless people who lay claim to being the targets of Organized Stalking. As I’ve said many times before, there are distinct parallels between OS and abusive programs like FBI’s COINTELPRO as well as aspects that can be traced back in the public record of CIA’s MKULTRA. In a very recursive way, the idea of making people seem crazy in public is itself also connected to both programs. In fact, part of the insult-to-injury portion is getting screwed and then facing the unappealing choices of being ridiculed/labeled mentally ill for suggesting conspiracy against rights, a law on the Federal books, and suffering in silence. The latter contains no possibility that the culprits will ever face justice while the former undermines credibility.

In any case, I believe a person who sees the case of ‘Debt’ can see that there might be motive. Where it gets more confused is how it could possibly be accomplished, and once you start down that longwinded and twisty path, the question of effort versus payoff comes to mind. What did the Deep State gain by screwing over ‘Debt’? “Where’s the cost-benefit analysis, Phil?”

What did they have to gain? Plenty. It intimidates others who might be sympathetic to the Occupy cause. It neutralized him or degraded his effectiveness, if only temporarily. Time is money. It also distracts his supporters who now have to spend time writing/tweeting about it as a show of solidarity it rather than the crimes of those Occupy seeks to expose. Further, it serves to inflame and that in turn creates more situations that the Deep State points to and goes to Congress with hat in hand securing more funding and contracts. Diabolical, isn’t it?

By the way, similar story with Barrett Brown’s father, who was ruined financially by what Barrett describes as prosecutorial over-reach when a business partner broke the law with regards to flipping land. I only learned of this recently. This happened years ago. The case against the elder Brown ended with the judge apologizing. But of course the damage was done at that point.

I’ll remind again, I, too, lost my home though the specifics related to that dealt with gay marriage not having been legal in New York at the time. Broken up and thrown out, there were no legal agreements to be reached. And yet this happened with a Democrat in the White House.

To the other point raised above, what did it cost the Deep State to pull this off if, as ‘Debt’ suggested, it may have had the involvement of police intelligence? Nothing. The tax payer paid for it. That many police departments have become “embedded” with CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and have hired private security firms as consultants, like those studied by Project PM and known to do dirty work for special business interests, is not news; not even debatable. It’s reported and confirmed. This means that many police departments, on top of increased militarization, have also become counter-intelligence apparatuses as well as potentially tainted against First Amendment users who criticize Wall Street, Monsanto, the US Chamber of Commerce, Dow Chemical, etc. Trickle-up economics at work.

Now imagine, rather than this house-theft happening to ‘Debt’ or some other member of Occupy, the only motive for doing so is to train the people who pull off these hostile acts. Would a person with no political bones in their body ever have a chance of being believed? That’s the case with many so-called Targeted Individuals. The typical pattern begins with what appears to be the sudden onset of mental disturbance. This is usually followed by estrangement from family, the bonds often stretched thin because they don’t tend to believe the claims about psychological harassment that the target makes. Indeed, some of the claims that are made are unbelievable, which is precisely the point.

The confusion caused by the covert bag of harassment tricks are designed to leave no evidence, to irritate the target, and to undermine the target’s credibility. Alternate versions involve honeypots to lure away spouses combined with other stressors placed on the marriage resulting in the target being forced out. Another is loss of employment resulting in the inability to pay the rent, mortgage, common charges, and/or maintenance fees. Some combination of these are also sometimes employed.

Which is partially what brings me to the next victim. She is not so much like ‘Debt’ as she has more in common with Aaron Swartz. I only have the FFCHS newsletter as guide for the details and have been unable to find any news articles on it but this is what FFCHS says:

Monday, March 31, 2014: Death by Hanging of Susan Watkins

As many of you have heard by now, we experienced a grisly loss this past week of one of our most important members, Susan Watkins, a very professional and knowledgeable Volunteer with our Legal Committee, who was found hanged in her house on Monday, March 31, 2014 by her

Although it is being labelled a suicide due to the writing left on her wall which said: “They watched me by satellite while I killed myself,” many are not convinced that that’s what occurred. Personally, I find it odd for someone to speak of killing themselves in the past tense.

Several days before this event, Susan sent an email to some of us with contact information for her sister, the executor of her will, her landlord, and Dr. Staninger – “as the Government harassment/torture increases from time to time.”

Therefore, it seems either she felt really threatened or was planning this herself. Either way, as someone pointed out, it is obviously murder by the perpetrators.

It’s incidents like this that underscore that what we are experiencing is nothing short of a secret holocaust.

Note: I don’t know Susan’s background, why she might have been targeted, why she thought that she was, etc. My condolences to her friends and family for their loss.

I also don’t know if she was subject to home invasion and murder. Not impossible these days. But…

The obvious things that may crop up for many: Aaron did not make claims about being watched by satellite {though if you include the possibility of any intercepted communications via telecom, that’s potentially indirectly, perhaps poetically, the case}. And Susan is making claims that she could not prove.

Let me try to make some sense of this and why I think it possible they are both victims of some method close to what I’ve described on this blog.

Susan may have been subject to different forms of harassment, different covert regimen, than Aaron may have been.

My point here is that deception, and that includes dissemination of disinformation, is part of the strategy. I do not doubt that both Aaron and Susan were driven to suicide. Where I may disagree with both the mainstream view of former and the OS community of the latter is the likely how.

This is only one of many hypotheses I’ve written up here, but let’s dwell on the surreptitious drug version for a moment. And let’s pick on Clonazepam (Klonopin) while we do so. Note, there are other drugs with the same listed side effect, but this was the first that Google and the FDA provided for me:

“May cause suicidal thoughts.”

Now, let’s not bother too much with precisely how that occurs, but acknowledge that obviously, the drug is not sentient, does not whisper into one’s ear like Hannibal Lechter. Rather, it is a reportedly rare side-effect that can cause one to dwell on those thoughts. This perhaps as a result of invoking a particular mood, by stimulating the wrong part of the brain, or by inhibiting a part that regulates for healthier thoughts. Don’t know and for these purposes don’t care. From the perspective of someone going through that, it only matters immediately that this is the case, not the neuroscience behind it.

Recall again also lest your brain, dear reader, drift toward the question of how, that CIA hired stage magician John Mulholland for exactly these purposes, that there was a weapon discussed in the Church/Tower hearings that could fire a dart that the target would not notice, and that we are sixty years on since. This time has included walking on the moon, the nuclear weapon, the Internet, and the ever-shrinking microprocessor as achievements in the meantime.

Back to the point, what would that feel like? What would it feel like to have a drug forcing your brain to have thoughts on you involuntarily? Especially ones that are telling you to destroy yourself?

Probably like they were being beamed there via satellite.

Conversely, without the conditioning that perhaps Susan received and perhaps Aaron did not, like your world is crashing down on you. Like the Universe hates your guts.

God, the Universe, Luck, or Fate: the incredibly corrupted’s best alibi and camouflage.

Note that I am a proponent of electronics being capable of doing similar psychological and physiological changes from a distance. I don’t discount the possibility of that being the case. There is plenty of evidence of research in this field and some working capability.

Take the US Navy’s SANGUINE, for example, being able to induce drunkenness symptoms electronically. That tech alone is one example of many that is just too little known by the public at large. While the possibility of neighbors buying or building such devices and making each other fall down is partially a legitimate concern {not to mention costing the liquor industry some business for the big backyard cookouts}, the larger danger is having not only technologies like these in the hands of the greedy Deep State, but even the mere existence of it controlled and kept from the public collective as well. It invites abuse and the ability to conduct things like traceless assassinations. That is exactly what the Church/Tower commission was looking into and seeking to see did not get abused for political and personal gain reasons, as well as conducting affairs in accordance with international law. *

My other point, possibly as a matter of survival, is to focus less on how and if and accept that
there are ways, that it is happening, and that motive and precedents may have to be enough to at least have a serious discussion about it. We know there are covert ops happening. We don’t know their extent due to secrecy.

I focus on the whys in order to show how it might be done, to show it could be done. It’s less important than if, but to get to believing it could-be requires some discussion on how. I hope we can move past that.

In case you’re still thinking that there’s some body, some portion of the system that would regulate this, would prevent such abuse, see the link below regarding the court stating that it cannot rule when national security and war are concerned. And then consider how 9/11 has altered war and national security, how literally criticism can be considered harming national security because it may result in a change in policy. Can you wrap your head around that? The system is irrevocably broken. Secrecy hides abuse, abuse exposed causes secrecy. Criticism of abuse is said to cause harm, silence causes abuse.

FireDogLake, “Court: Improper for Judiciary to Decide Whether Killing US Citizens with Drones Violates Due Process Rights,” Kevin Gosztola, 4 April 2014:

It is amazing sometimes just how smart the Deep State is.


* To a degree. I think most people would agree that intelligence gathering sometimes involves breaking some laws {less than you might think for the majority of it which uses publicly available sources}. Where that line gets drawn, finding out what is happening versus attempting to mold the world to ones own ideal, absorption of information as opposed to disseminating it–precisely what the newest GCHQ revelations seem to indicate a strong desire to do–becomes a very fundamental, global human question.

First Look/The Intercept, “The “Cuban Twitter” Scam Is a Drop in the Internet Propaganda Bucket,” Glenn Greenwald, 4 April 2014:

Anatomy of a False-Flag Operation

Let’s forget for the moment who and why. Let’s just look at the facts, the events. As I’ve pointed out, it’s a lot more complicated than this, but stripping it to its bare bones structure, this is what happened.

Early to Mid December 2009 – Squidgate event on Blue Water Bridge separating Port Huron, Michigan, USA from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. The reason Michigan State court proceeded with prosecution: the DHS border guard Andrew Beaudry believed he was wronged and further was concerned that there would be problems for him on the Internet. A war of words ensued between Peter Watts and people assumed to be Beaudry or his surrogates.

Parallel with this, various psychological harassment events. I’ve already detailed them elsewhere. Doing so again will only muddy the main point.

22 December 2009 – The preliminary examination for the case. Sent a letter to the judge via Internet fax requesting leniency, dropping of the case.

23 December 2009 – Unknown to me until 25 December, a fire, reportedly due to an overloaded powerstrip in the Conway’s condo apartment in Brooklyn, burned down their building. All inhabitants left of their own power except Kate and her father Michael who were brought out by FDNY and both hospitalized. This happened in the early morning hours, approximately 16 to 18 hours after the preliminary examination, which is enough time to drive from Michigan to Brooklyn. [1]

23 December 2009 – Still unaware of the fire, I see a large plume of white smoke down the street while outside a local deli in Brooklyn. As I approach, I see that the large cloud is coming from the tailpipe of a white pickup truck. There are three males in the truck: one older in the driver’s seat and two younger passengers. As I approach, they drive away and I can just make out that the taller, thinner of the two younger males, the one closest to the passenger door, looking and laughing in the side mirror.

25 December 2009 – I learn about the Conway condo fire.

January 2010 – Report these strange events to the FBI and DHS by way of the Secret Service, hoping that that will be a faster method of getting into the White House. I suggest that it may be a foreign operation or one designed by “staybehinds” to embarass the White House.

March 2010 – Separated from my job and my longterm partner, I have moved out of New York City and into Minneapolis. The psychological harassment has continued and intensified. The trial of Peter Watts happened and he was found guilty of resisting an officer.

April 2010 – The sentencing hearing for Peter Watts occurred. A few days before, one of many forms of psychological harassment, clumps of my hair fall out in my hands when I wake up. When I arrive at the sentencing hearing, it is obvious that three men who I am informed are Andrew Beaudry’s father and two brothers, are there. They do not seem to recognize me at all and I make sure that they at least see me. It is in part this that makes me think that it was not actually them in the truck.

Later in 2010 – I learn that it is possible to start a fire from a distance using a homemade laser. A man came up to me to try to sell me one at the Saloon in Minneapolis. It is at this point that I realize how the fire was likely started.

Despite numerous attempts to get to the bottom of this using representatives, attorneys general, the Department of Justice, civil rights advocacy groups, this blog, etc. there has been no indication of any positive action.

The implication is that there is no systemic solution. Further harassment and covert ops disguised as bad luck further imply that the US intelligence community desires to drive me to violence by simultaneously creating the perception that there is no other alternative and that the harassment will never end, that they have full carte blanche, that none of these entities I contacted {as one should do} has any say or does not care that there are government agents, direct or indirect as contractors or foreign agencies operating as proxies, engaging in this behavior. This is “behavioral modification” by conditioning and harassment. It is clearly illegal and yet it is happening at the same time.

Now that we know the methods involved, you cannot help but wonder if this isn’t being employed elsewhere. As example, I again pluck that strange CIA/JSOC subcontractor Blackwater/Academi/Xe email:

The Nation has previously reported on Blackwater’s work for the CIA and JSOC in Pakistan. New documents reveal a history of activity relating to Pakistan by Blackwater. Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto worked with the company when she returned to Pakistan to campaign for the 2008 elections, according to the documents. In October 2007, when media reports emerged that Bhutto had hired “American security,” senior Blackwater official Robert Richer wrote to company executives, “We need to watch this carefully from a number of angles. If our name surfaces, the Pakistani press reaction will be very important. How that plays through the Muslim world will also need tracking.” Richer wrote that “we should be prepared to [sic] a communique from an affiliate of Al-Qaida if our name surfaces (BW). That will impact the security profile.” Clearly a word is missing in the e-mail or there is a typo that leaves unclear what Richer meant when he mentioned the Al Qaeda communiqué. Bhutto was assassinated two months later. Blackwater officials subsequently scheduled a meeting with her family representatives in Washington, in January 2008.


Rescuers pull 2 from B’klyn blaze

Last Updated: 9:46 AM, December 24, 2009

Firefighters rescued a Brooklyn woman and her father yesterday morning after the two were knocked unconscious as a blaze ripped through their Park Slope apartment.

An overloaded power strip sparked the fire in the top floor of the four-story building on Third Street near Fifth Avenue about 2:30 a.m., officials said.

Firefighters Rob Mitchell and John Fisher, along with Capt. Dennis Murphy of Ladder Co. 105, rushed into the building. They found Michael Conway, 58, passed out in a hallway. His daughter, Kate, 29, was found unconscious nearby. Both were carried to safety.

Michael was in stable condition at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn. Kate was taken to New York Hospital-Cornell Burn Center, where she was listed in serious but stable condition with burns to her legs.

“It’s the best reward you can get,” said Capt. Murphy, a 26-year FDNY veteran. “It’s a good feeling, especially during this time of the year.”

I found three articles about this when it happened. Around February 2010 or so, all three disappeared. I found the one above as a mirror copy of one on a foreign fire house website. Here are the links to the three that went missing:–Daughter-from-Brooklyn-Bl/5963499


The Nation, “Blackwater’s Black Ops”, Jeremy Scahill, September 15, 2010:

For more details, see again Wicked Game, chapter 20:

Hands Across the Water

As I noted previously, there were a few items on the GCHQ slide {here} that seemed familiar. Though it is entirely possible that it is British intelligence performing some of these tasks on US soil in order to get around US law preventing CIA from doing it, that’s not what I’m implying here. I’m just using JTRIG’s slide to show some spy science. That said, the inference made a nice title for this blog post.

Though the general theme in the slideshow seems to be about internet operations, this particular slide deception in general, some of these phrases may relate to the kinds of things I’ve experienced and described here. I should note that I may be taking some of them far out of context. Without the associated soundtrack or speech, we are left with guessing to an extent what these phrases mean exactly.


“Exploit prior beliefs”

Indicates that some kind of psychological profile and/or intelligence has been created/acquired on the target, however rudimentary.

In my case, one of the first things I did after the strangeness began after Squidgate was to send an email off to a pair of agencies asking if perhaps there wasn’t some foreign operation going on for purposes of embarrassing the Obama administration or similar. Though what happened on the bridge seemed unto itself to be a relatively common police-civilian dust up, the crazy activity in NYC on my end indicated otherwise. Though the idea that it was a Russian op seems silly in hindsight, it seems even more outrageous that it turned out to be an American one.

This email was followed by a few attempts at confusion including a “doppelganger” photo online implying Watts was a former Russian soldier {see Wicked Game} as well as my pickpocketed phone winding up in the hands of someone who spoke Farsi and the default language of my iTunes account was also switched to that same language.

Note that three of those four events involved the internet. Also, the phone, after the meatspace theft, could easily have been spoofed.

“Present story fragments”

This is perhaps my favorite. There was a internet squabble involving Watts and Beaudry–cyberspace!–followed by a fire–meatspace!–that claimed the home of my friend and her father. This in turn was followed by a trio of spooks intending to impersonate Beaudry’s father and two brothers in a truck spewing large quantities of white smoke. These last took place in meatspace but were built upon, enhanced, by what happened previously on the internet.

These are three story fragments:

Smoke trick truck

Seemed logical to put them together, though there were some logical flaws and in any case did not do what was intended, did not cause me to make a scene or become violent in the courthouse. You would think this would be cause for celebration and reward, not further harassment and ruin. Welcome to the US of A where no good deed goes unpunished.

“Repetition creates expectancies”

This can relate to things like simply foiling job interviews until the target gives up. Really, these people have been at this a long time and have their tricks suitable to tasks like this.

On the more advanced psych side, it’s akin to learned helplessness, a common side-effect of captivity-style torture and conditioning. It is also achievable via the hands-off means I’ve described on this blog. It attempts to make the target dependent on the torturer in order to be able to function normally at all. This allows for easier foiling of any endeavor that the target wishes to engage in.


“Create Cognitive Stress”

Also known as churning. Why is this happening? Who is doing it? What actually happened? What do they want? These are all questions that targets, unless of course they actually are terrorists, ask themselves. The repeated and consistent harassment ensures that they don’t stop and become exhausted as a result. Further, utilizing electronics like voice-to-skull, they can ensure that the target relives the traumatic experiences over and over again. They can also be reminded while attempting to perform some normal, every day task what was taken from them. Reminded over and over, the target becomes desperate to end this psychological torture and behaves erratically, further undermining their own credibility as a witness to the abuse.

The United States engages in these activities illegally, including on American soil, on Americans and most certainly on people from most anywhere who are not terrorists, not even drug smugglers, hackers, or criminals at all. As I’ve noted, sometimes it’s because they are being used for live training, sometimes because they are witnesses, potential whistleblowers, activists, etc. This country can only lay claim to moral superiority by lying about its own behavior.

“Create Physiological Stress”

That’s curious for JTRIG. How does one create physiological stress online? Certainly there have been physical harassment techniques employed in my case. Clumps of hair falling out just before the Squidgate sentencing hearing {see again the story fragment ploy above; the final piece, linking the three men to the fire would come at the hearing}. The very painful lump in throat that lasted several weeks due to eating something or other. Then there is the physical stress due to sleep deprivation that can be inflicted numerous ways. See the noise section of the Barrett Brown in Brooklyn post below for one example.

“Create Affective Stress (+/-)”

This was the most obvious part of the early harassment and even still occasionally is employed. It consists of intentionally causing mood swings. There was a time I envisioned this as picking me up and dropping me over and over in an attempt to break me. Seeming good news followed by bad news. Typically this would consist of attempting to convince me that someone had my back {see again Obama/Democrat comment in previous post} to find later that they did not. This is clearly part of attempting to direct my ire in a particular direction, though I note there were also conservatives on that list {take, for example, the fire taking place on Bill Kirstol’s birthday and that being pointed out to me}.


“Time-shift perceived behaviour”

This was one I’ve talked about extensively. Doesn’t do much but confuse, but that’s at least part of the point. Magic tricks, especially some card tricks, rely on a different perception of the order of events than they actually occurred. And the science of deception is closely related to stage magic.

Thats most of it. There’s the part about cues in the PERCEPTION section, which sounds astonishingly similar to what targeted individuals in organized stalking refer to as triggers, but I may be taking that out of context. In essence, it’s the presence of some symbol, sound, color, etc. that the target has, through weeks of conditioning, come to associate with some emotion, usually fear and dread.

How did the US become a place where nightmares are dispensed with psychopathic glee? A lawless–yes, Mr. President, lawless–nation run on blatant lies?

Because we handed the reins of power over to the selfish and unscrupulous because we were afraid. We put the wrong people in charge and gave them the ability to operate in the shadows without accountability. We allow them daily to engage in lies of influence, to point overseas, lie some more, and pretend that these wolves in sheep’s clothing aren’t the biggest threat we have.

Like a Dog That’s Been Beat Too Much

Gonna take yet another stab at simplifying the “Manchurian candidate” stuff. Reminder again, this is not leisurely daydreaming conspiracy hobby for me. This is part of what I’ve experienced and I know the people responsible are American.

It’s simple, isn’t it? The factors are:


In some cases, people are chosen because they are already exhibiting anger management issues. In mine, it stemmed from being harassed and ruined by most likely both government agencies and their private counterparts. There were many points of weakness exploited, not the least among them, having trusted Obama and the Democrats. I would say that I regret that, but if I genuinely had not done so, I would not know for certain that they were untrustworthy where I’m concerned. Additionally, as I’ve noted before, the intentional destruction of my longterm relationship followed by the obliteration–forget burning–of the bridge. The night he came home from work at his job with Deep State partner Google in an unnaturally bad depression was one chip. There were many others. Suffice to say that even if I knew then what I know now, I don’t think I’d have been able to achieve much more than delay the inevitable. Having your head pounded with ideas not your own coupled with dealing with the same being done to those around you and knowing that that is what is happening will only get you so far. We are accustomed to acting upon what’s in our heads. Having that interfered with takes a toll even if you know it’s possible and it definitely is.


This is really for two purposes. First, it obscures what is actually happening. This plays a role in misdirecting the RAGE toward a specific target or, in some cases, any target other than the one actually responsible. You can have a look again at GCHQ’s “Gambits for Deception” at top. I’ve added it to the reference links.

The other point of confusing the target is so they cannot hope to cope with the psychological harassment coming their way. Let’s take a look at the Marks book CIA quote on that again:

It was planned destructiveness. First, you’d check to see if you could destroy a man’s marriage. If you could, then that would be enough to put a lot of stress on the individual, to break him down. Then you might start a minor rumor campaign against him. Harass him constantly. Bump his car in traffic. A lot of it is ridiculous, but it may have a cumulative effect.

That’s basically all that is necessary. Most of us are under the impression that in order to turn someone into an angry, violent weapon requires having them in custody for a time and physical torture. Most likely that was true at one time. It’s not unlike training for attack/fighting dogs in that respect. Teach a dog or a human that there is no kindness in the world, alter their perception of life into one that resembles a living hell, and you alter the behavior. It’s not about a remote control with a button labeled “KILL.” It’s about conditioning. And that conditioning can now be done from a distance. The national security state can pore over your records and find any possibility that you owe money, for example. Then make sure that those you owe find you. They can lure away your spouse, get you fired, ruin your friendships, start rumor campaigns, spread rumors to law enforcement that get you harassed by them, all under the veil of secrecy. As was recently noted about Canadian surveillance, it’s not a lie if you believe it. That’s how it operates. RUMINT gets spread about political enemies, protestors, potential and actual whistleblowers, and the machine automatically takes care of the rest if for no other reason than those carrying it out have only to do one small seemingly insignificant swipe; the next one taken by the next operative. The effect is cumulative with the guilt spread around through multiple organizations and individuals.

Overall, it would qualify for being called torture by anyone actually experiencing under common usage of the word. Yes, I am stating unequivocally that the US not only tortures, it tortures its own citizens, albeit typically in a non-traditional manner.

The legal definition of torture, however, requires:

Intent – which can be obscured any number of ways. Audits, for example, said to be looking for terror ties get used to harass and ruin. Only the boss may know that the real intent is to set someone on a rampage and will likely use RUMINT, frameups, poison pen, to hide this true goal.

Custody – the addition of psychological harassment techniques, as described in the quote above, all happen “in the street,” dodging the letter of the law while actually being a strictly controlled covert operation environment.

Physical Damage – most of the damage is emotional and psychological. Once the individual does an act of violence and is arrested or killed, their past is trotted out to explain it. What is not explained is the cause of the long run of exceedingly bad luck. This is what makes nonlethal weapons such an important tool in the proxy war arsenal: many of them don’t leave obvious physical traces. Think of a battered spouse without the bruises as physical evidence.

RAGE + CONFUSION. Works on animals. Works on humans. Just a different set of tactics in order to hide that it is being done.

The primary problems for determining whether or not this is actually happening seem to be:

1} They wouldn’t do this.

That there is some inherent goodness or benevolence within government and corporations that prevents this from happening. This is, sadly, ludicrous and the product of political party mantra and worn out trickle down economic theory.

2} They couldn’t do this.

Also, that the law stands in the way. The law operates, especially when operating in secret, on a different basis than law applied in the open. We see this principle all the time where NSA is concerned. All I’m attempting to do here is to apply that same principle to the entire Deep State system and bring it out of the virtual and into the physical, or at least psychological, world. As you look through the GCHQ/JTRIG slides, you’ll see that that is what they were mostly attempting to do anyway: effect online discourse and opinion in order to effect the real world. A chain of effect. What I’m describing is similar, but encompasses the “bumped in traffic” type targeting described in the quote.

This is also why it is so important to understand the excesses of the past. There is some strange notion that we learned from our past mistakes, that we are more restrained in our less savory actions, that we have somehow progressed beyond it. This is utter nonsense. Though these practices predate 9/11, the momentum the event caused has brought us to an anything goes policy. Whatever you can get away with. And, according to former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, the President can do anything in war time. Does it appear that war time is in any danger of ending any time soon?

Though it is of little consequence to me on a personal level, the system is designed to have checks and balances upon it, that our three branches of government, and with the aid of the news media, are supposed to be opponents. This is why understanding Mike Lofgren’s “Anatomy of the Deep State” is so important. It shows how, why, and who has shortcircuited the system and many of the effects it is having. It is dangerous to the country and the world beyond description.

Regarding the media, see again the post below on George Lardner and consider also things like Jeff Bezos owning the Post and having large CIA cloud contracts at the same time. Though I won’t say that the Post is never, won’t ever be critical of the intelligence community, it can and will affect the larger, more important problems such as the one I’m describing here.

3} That there is no insider blowing the whistle on these less cyberspace-related, more meatspace-related covert operations. Surely if this is true, some would think, there’d be someone doing just that. And that’s an excellent point. It’s one I’ve attempted to answer in various ways in the past.

First and foremost, I expect that those involved are themselves carefully selected, conditioned and, and fed no end of propaganda to justify the ends. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what some of those are. “Colonel Flagg” and his ilk are not likely to ask questions and seek the truth.

Additionally, you can see some almost legitimate operational value to keeping these means and methods secret. This is in fact the primary tension between those who support Edward Snowden and those who do not, at least on the surface. It is and never was my desire to see the effectiveness of my own country’s war machine and associated intelligence apparatuses reduced. It is that these same means and methods are being used on American soil, on Americans, first and foremost, that irks me. I question very, very strongly the wisdom, the intent, the goals, etc. of doing similar on foreign nationals, but when it is being used for purposes of domestic policy, for silencing whistleblowers, critics, investigative journalists, etc. and for the purposes of profit gained from the intentional disruption of domestic tranquility, those considerations go out the window. A successful foreign policy requires a cooperative public, or at least it should. Hiding domestic corruption behind vague fears of foreign threats appears to be the conscious act of the guilty.

Also, we have seen some reporting on this, albeit in only very general terms. Barrett Brown’s writing on government contractors planned targeting of protestors and others comes close but generally lacks specifics. “Get them,”  and sometimes they mention general methods, but not the precise planning and execution which obviously is not going to be found in emails.

4} Lack of evidence.

Though I think I can easily provide enough evidence as to the existence of some kind of targeting having been aimed at myself, there is little to describe precisely who is responsible and why. The presence of Booz Allen Hamilton employees, former Navyman Anthony Gipe, winding up a Brooklyn contemporary of Jeremy Scahill and Barrett Brown, all indicative of something, but not in itself conclusive.

We want incontrovertible proof. That’s understandable. I wish I had it. But that’s the point where deception and covert ops are concerned: to be able to do this and not leave breadcrumbs leading back to the doorstep of those responsible and sometimes leave ones that lead to the wrong address altogether.


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