A Tale of Two PSYOPs

Let’s have a look at the background on a case, actually several cases. They all involve Ali Muhammad Brown.

CBSNewYork/AP, “3 Charged In Connection With Shooting Death Of College Student In West Orange,” 4 August 2014:


According to investigators, Tevlin was sitting at a traffic light on his way home from visiting a friend when he was surrounded by strangers who robbed and killed him.

Brown pulled the trigger, prosecutors said. Villagran and Williams acted as his accomplices, authorities said.

“They surrounded (the Jeep) on foot,” said Acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray. “One individual interacted briefly with Brendan Tevlin and then, from the passenger side of that vehicle, shot at him 10 times, striking him eight times.”

Seems a fairly cut and dried carjacking. But not so fast. Three other murders in Seattle and SPD see it differently. See the link to the court docs in the link below. The link itself is a bit overblown if only that it seeks to tie it to ISIS.


From the docs:


Suddenly a very different picture emerges. Though we don’t have that as motive from the two accomplices in Newark.

One might be inclined to stop here and merely state that–clearly!–the War on Terror and forever wars that the US is engaged in are exacerbating the terror problem. The whole thing is making us less safe, not more.

Perhaps that is why you have on the one hand political motives mostly only in the attention sphere of law enforcement and gun crimes in the attention of the public.

But that, that discrepancy, is why I think this is even more notable. The lines between radical jihadism, violent crime, and–to those who think of these things in those terms–race become intermingled.

But only to law enforcement.

To the rest of us, this was another tragic gun-related death…actually a series of them. Note that Said was Muslim, may have been gay, but in any case was working in the Somali community in the fight against HIV.

Brown himself was a registered sex offender.

What is the result if, as I’m lightly suggesting for now–because I’m just not sure yet given the limited information, that this is an attempt to convince the public of one thing and the police of another? You wind up with a distrustful, paranoid, believe-they’re-protecting-society, armed, tool of the State on the one hand, and an angry, paranoid, distrustful, believe-they’re-protecting-society, unarmed if taken to the logical conclusion, protesting, “enemies” of the State on the other. This is, I believe, a recipe for Civil War from which only the Defense and NATSEC industries profit while political agendas unfriendly to the average citizen get pushed through under duress.

This matches up nicely with CNN’s “alleged” agent provocateur action in Ferguson noted in the previous post. What doesn’t make sense is why FOX and the war hawks in DC aren’t doing exactly what the second link is suggesting: tying it all to ISIS. It is bizarre that it’s not being hyped every day.

This is, again, very similar to what JTRIG/GCHQ was talking about in the leaked slides: using psychology and sociology to create changes in the real world through the Internet. It’s not that the Internet is taken seriously, or should be, in terms of what “happens” there between people arguing, etc. It’s that it provides information such as news upon which we form opinions and then make decisions. * Control the narrative, and you control it all.

* At least that’s what we say we do. More often we look for what confirms beliefs we already have. While it may seem I do that, and I do, it’s because I became convinced–and it wasn’t easy undoing decades of US indoctrination to the contrary–that there is a Deep State and that it does not intend a pleasant future for the many, merely a select elite few.

Some might argue, “But what about all the good they do?” My response to that is there is no whitewash, no good deeds that overcome the systematic destruction of personal liberties, of mass thievery and corruption, of a broken system that operates in reality nothing like is advertised.

A few bad apples do ruin it all. We’re all PSYOPed to some degree.

That’s All One

A brand new yacht, and a finder’s fee…

There’s a lot I want to say and probably will forget some of it as I write this. Part of the reason for this is my outrage. Last night, after the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown shooting case was read, I was horrified to see the actions and hear the words of a few debased individuals. There seemed to be no low that these reprobates would sink to. I am, of course, speaking about the CNN ground reporting crew in Ferguson, Missouri.

Not really kidding. You can see some of what I live-tweeted last night in this tweet-thread.

Not only did they make the news about themselves getting tear gassed followed by saying how surprised they were, how no one saw that coming, and yet they all had gas masks handy and took to interviewing each other; not only did they make crass statements about marijuana; not only did they at first reveal that witnesses statements indicated that the burning car they focused on for much of the coverage was actually caught on fire by a poorly aimed tear gas cannister and then later fail to mention that, but we also saw one of these “reporters” push a woman. Was CNN trying to create the news by exacerbating tensions?

Well, why not? The first Gulf Was was what saved the first 24-hour news network. Anderson Cooper interned at CIA. That’s something everyone should remember as they elevate him to Bob “Navy Intelligence” Woodward. Think of the MOCKINGBIRDs, won’t you?

Hilariously, they had the camera aimed at an undercover at one point. I assure you he looked very much like one of the crowd…and what was he up to all night? Soon after, they were asked to move away from the police line. That was when they got tear gassed.

I’m not sure who to root for in this case. Nevertheless, much mirth was had at the expense of tear-gassed glory hounds.

This also sparked a few heated discussions around the boob tube. Of course, that is the point. Who do you side with? Blacks, or the Boys in Blue? As if tools of the State operate all on their own and don’t get readily thrown under the bus in order to protect higher-ups.

While it is very likely bad…really, the DA not only failed to make a recommendation to proceed to trial to the jury but also spent a trial’s worth of time convincing them that Wilson acted appropriately…that Wilson and Brown did not get a trial, let’s look at who else hasn’t been indicted and see if we can’t see the bigger picture here.

First, I remind folks of the Gary Webb story. I also discovered recently that the film company has done a really crappy job of promoting Shoot the Messenger. The reasons are obvious. As it is with CNN and its ties to the CIA, so it is with Hollywood. Anything that criticized the War on Terror and the War on Drugs–and really this is both–can be done while breaking one’s arm patting oneself on the back and at the same time hiding it from view with the other appendage. That’s the armchair liberal for you, the neoliberal. Pretend to help but go along to get along with biggest hoax, the biggest PSYOP, the biggest shellgame criminal operation in the history of man. Please the Deep State while pretending to oppose it is the occupation of way too many people these days.

And I note again the increased poppy production in Afghanistan and the drug hub, despite incredible US military presence in Honduras. I note this is especially ironic given the POTUS’ comments in the wake of the decision: there is no excuse for violence. Coming from one of the most violent administrations in history, that was a sure sign of zero credibility.

Also insert Cass Sunstein slur regarding his idea of increasing paranoia among the American people. While there certainly is reason to be concerned, the disinformation campaigns have not been helpful. Indeed, the Ferguson situation itself may be a PSYOP. Stay with me.

What else do I want to say? That I saw this coming. Here’s a short piece, a quick conversation regarding how I see it:


July of 2013. Not difficult on the one hand since we already know that ALEC, who has operated in shadow since the 1970s and the existence of which was only revealed forty years later, was responsible for a lot of the “stand your ground” type laws. This points us in the direction that our oligarchs, our plutarchs, our puppet government and its private partners want us to be: at each others’ throats. I’ve said it before, but that addage about the rich one day only leaving the poor the rich to eat forgets that the poor will eat the poor first and once the numbers are more amenable, well, the Emperors of the world can give us a thumb’s up, throw us some scraps, and suddenly it’ll all be forgotten all those dead people of color, those foreigners, those intellectuals, those dissidents, those gays and queers, those atheists, the homeless and the destitute, and whomever else they can rile our rage up against.

On the other hand, this actually happens a lot to me. Think about that and try to come up with a logical explanation that doesn’t involve ESP or the existence of the supernatural. Unlike Jules Verne and Peter Watts, I don’t go interview professors and read long technical papers about where it’s all going. How then? Hm.

Though you aren’t likely to take it seriously, I must bring up that intelligence and defense contractor/investment firm Carlyle Group–once having been held by the likes of the Bush and Bin Laden families, run by the likes of Jim Woolsey, now partially invested in by the UAE–was also investing in earbuds intended to be marketed to African Americans. I repeat: while the earbuds themselves would merely be the conveyance, the possibility that involvement in the engineering phase could easily mean making certain that they can carry subliminal sound. The jury is out on that tech–really it is, see again the 1984 Congressional report and the between-the-lines/as yet unexposed DoD research portion between that and hypnosis–but the possibility of just causing rage is high. Furter, Carlyle is getting involved with fast food. Perhaps a combination of subliminals and some by-product known to increase irritability?

If you reject that out of a lack of evidence, fine. If you reject that out of a “they wouldn’t do that” despite having been lied to consistently on things like surveillance, almost fine. Can’t expect everyone to grep the depths of corruption and depravity.

But if you reject that out of a “not possible” notion, that is not fine. You are woefully ignorant and behind the times. Project MKOFTEN, for example, involved CIA compiling all the side-effects of pharmaceuticals. There are a few drugs, such as Chantix, that can cause suicidal ideation. Let me restate that: a drug that can make you think about suicide, like right out of The Happening. Not depression; thoughts.

Sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? Tell me, do you behave precisely the same when drunk or high? Does being tired affect your behavior and abilities? Why wouldn’t a drug, then? Why not even–according to the US Army–microwaves that have been found to cause pharmacological effects in humans when used a certain way?

There is, however, a growing perception that microwave irradiation and exposure to low frequency fields can be involved in a wide range of biological interactions. Some investigators are even beginning to describe similarities between microwave irradiation and drugs regarding their effects on biological systems. For example, some suggest that power density and specific absorption rate of microwave radiation may be thought of as analogous to the concentration of the injection solution and the dosage of drug administration, respectively. Clearly, the effects of microwaves on brain tissue, chemistry, and functions are complex and selective. Observations of body weight and behavior revealed that rats, exposed under certain conditions to microwaves, eat and drink less, have smaller body weight as a result of nonspecific stress mediated through the central nervous system and have decreased motor activity. It has been found that exposure of the animals to one modality of radiofrequency electromagnetic energy substantially decreases aggressive behavior during exposure. However, the opposite effecrts of microwaves, in increasing the mobility and aggression of animals, has also been shown for a different exposure modality.

US Army, “Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons” {PDF}, 17 February 1998.

Imagine where they’ve gotten to in 16 years.

There are so many ways to increase aggession and some just involve “emotional contagion,” that is controlling the narrative so as to cause emotional reactions in groups through psychology and sociology. This is very much what JTRIG/GCHQ talked about when discussing leveraging online activities to have effects in the real world; cyberspace energy converted to meatspace. That nexus is a portion of what I refer to as spookspace.

As I’ve noted before, there was some decent evidence that I had been slipped testosterone or something that increases levels of that or similar hormones when I experienced rapid hair growth while living in Minneapolis. This coincided with some strange werewolf PSYOPs, one of which occured previously in Toronto. This implied the involvement of something with international reach, which would preclude, for example, NYPD. Clearly it was more likely FBI, CIA, maybe even DIA, and/or private contractors. As you can see, the operation{s} also contained an element of emulating insanity, which is part of the point: to make the witness, in this case me, less credible. In the case of Donald Friedman, he became obsessed over his shoes becoming dilapidated. Not at all unusual for someone who is a federal target.

If you haven’t already done so, read the previous post. It isn’t just Aaron Alexis and Myron May {both African American, by the way, as was Miriam Carey, though she makes a less dramatic example due to having struggled with severe mental illness for such a long period of time prior to her death; Alexis and May did not} making these claims; there was deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya talking about being targeted with them while inside an embassy; there was Donald Friedman whose FOIA lawsuits got the Army document I quoted above; and there was GITMO detainee Shaker Aamer. Where Aamer is concerned, I am amazed after what has been done to him that he was even able to describe the experience as he did, stating that it might just be a trick, a PSYOP, and is being done some other way than from the closet he kept seeing some worker enter near his cell.

Then there’s Matt DeHart, Barrett Brown’s increased agitation that resulted in his being held for two years {sentencing postponed yet again until December}, Ibrahim Todashaev, Rush Limbaugh’s lady friend punching a police officer, that time that not-yet-a-Senator Al Franken was so enraged he was unable to speak coherently on CNN’s Crossfire, and others.

Any of this getting through?


“…incite hatred and nationalism…”


It is not just that this is being done to a few people. As we move forward, it seems clear that there are going to be more and more people these kinds of things happen to and that there are going to be more and more casualties as a result. It is also used as justification for things like surveillance which, conversely, is used to pick the targets and to determine the best methods to turn them violent, as well as to direct their ire in the general location and/or time desired. This is, again, COINTELPRO and MKULTRA in a blender. There are many, many more programs and operations that we still don’t even know the names of, but those are the two most infamous and must serve as our handle to that which we cannot know as of yet.

This is a very, very bleak situation. It is also becoming increasingly dire. It is for those reasons as well as it being so key to the successful fascist conversion sought by the Deep State, that I am calling for more attention to this and similar issues on the parts of journalists. I know how it sounds.

But if I’m right–and I am–there cannot be any kind of win, any kind of change, any kind of real responsibility and oversight, without this being exposed. There just can’t. No matter what wins and/or advances are made by court and legislative action on things like mass surveillance, all it takes is one more terror attack to swing the politicians and judges back to being fearful and erase it all.

You see? It’s the key to success.

Who You Gonna Believe?

A considerable number of developments in the Myron May/FSU shooting case since my last whimsical post. First, I received an email stating that TI {targeted individual} group FFCHS {Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance} was one of eight or ten recipients of packages from Myron. There was a conference phone call. I dialed in, listened to the three page cover letter being read verbatim. I hung up before the Q&A began.

First, you should know that Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis also sent messages to FFCHS. He had stated that he believed that he was being targeted by ELF {extremely low frequency} weapons of some kind. FBI stated that that was not true but offered no other explanations.

The package to FFCHS was intercepted by US Postal Investigators before it arrived. They provided FFCHS, however, with the three-page suicide note. I took notes about its contents during the phone conference. Most of what I had to say about this can be found in the twitter thread beginning here:

Now, let’s move on to mainstream media coverage and then some notes about what I’ve learned during the past four years or so.

Levine, Mike and Meghan Keneally, “What We Know About the Packages Sent to Friends by FSU Shooter,” ABC News/Good Morning America, 21 November 2014:


Connor, Tracy, “FSU Shooter Myron May Left Message: ‘I Do Not Want to Die in Vain,’ ” NBC News, 21 November 2014:


First, this is very similar to what former President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya {see MICROWAVE section here}, US citizen Donald Friedman {here} and Gitmo detainee Shaker Aamer {here} all suggested was being done to them. Note that I fully believe it possible and/or probably that whatever it is also affects cognition or that additional means are applied to do that. Why? So that the targets do not seem credible when they complain. This is known as the Martha Mitchell effect, named after the spouse of a Watergate co-conspirator who was locked away, called mentally ill by Nixon administration officials to try to keep a lid on the bugging.

Next, while in Minneapolis, I found out that the police department as a matter of course asks people being processed two questions. “Do you believe it is possible for someone to project their voice into your head?” and “Do you believe that someone is projecting their voice into your head?”

If you are still behind on technological advances from fifty years ago in some cases, there’s more. There’s defense contractor Sierra Nevada Corp.’s MEDUSA {MOB EXCESS DETERRENT USING SILENT SOUND, see MEDUSA section here} system designed to do almost exactly what the Twin Cities PD is asking about. There’s RAND Corporation’s–most recently in the news because of James Risen’s torture/interrogation chapter about whistleblower Gerwehr in Pay Any Price–extensive history of research on this topic. There’s CIA’s many, many related projects, subprojects, spin-offs. There’s a whole slew of proven-to-exist technology, some based in part on the Frey effect–demonstrated in the 1970s.

The ramifications of this are wide, far-reaching, and deeply disturbing. One can imagine that even those who might steadfastly oppose such activities for political and financial gain to also be opposed to exposing it. What if we did this…do this…to terrorists? What if the reason that some places are so violent is because we are stirring it up so that we later have an excuse to fund war, programs, and go grab the resources of other sovereign nations at the same time? What if the Deep State is really this out of control and lacking in oversight?

What if?

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. This is why all of the rational explanations, all of the calming, soothing speeches, all of the calls to take a studied, controlled approach, and all of the fighting of symptoms of our main problems are doomed to fail. Unless, until, and if we take the bull by the horns, stop being afraid of being called conspiracy theorists, encourage protection of whistleblowers in spite of bullying by our unbelievably corrupt government and its private partners, we will relive the same over and over again like the Twilight Zone or Groundhog Day. This is the crux, the cornerstone, the Achilles’ heel all rolled up into one.

One well-aimed journalistic shot and you can kneecap the planet. How much more of this are we going to take before we call it what it is? COINTELPRO and MKULTRA in blender with 21st Century spice added in.

How many more lies do we have to endure? How many more cover-ups? How much more deception from the so-called Department of Justice.

Barack Obama claimed that he saw his primary job as one of protecting the American people. Allowing these covert practices to continue on US soil is the opposite of that.

FFCHS’ ad in the 16 July 2013 edition of the Washington Post Express:

07 05 WaPoExAd

Gotta love the juxtaposition.

Going Post-Postal

Been doing some updates to Wicked Game, as one might note from some of the posts below. I’m up to chapter 11…or was…when I realized that I had borrowed my citation format from some place that was not compliant with the major acceptable formats. I certainly was not going to use APA style. I almost decided on the Vancouver style out of general protest. But the Chicago Manual of Style seems the one I should be using. I’ll have to start over and get them the way I want them.

In looking it over, I happened across this:

Goodstein, Laurie and William Glaberson, “The Well-Marked Roads to Homicidal Rage,” The New York Times, 10 April 2000: *


But the killers do not just snap. An examination by The New York Times of 100 rampage murders found that most of the killers spiraled down a long slow slide, mentally and emotionally. Most of them left a road map of red flags, spending months plotting their attacks and accumulating weapons, talking openly of their plans for bloodshed. Many showed signs of serious mental health problems.

Now, you’re probably thinking that I think that is complete BS. Not really. Lack of mental health care, along with an under-educated society that doesn’t know what to do with the occasional social dominator who is a sociopath and takes pleasure in rallying groups to push such individuals even further over the edge, and a big pharma complex that may not always provide products that do what they say they do or have side-effects such the potential rubberbanding effect that makes the situation on the whole worse. Certainly, this is a factor in rage shootings and other acts of violence.

However, you’ll also find a long list of things these 100 shooters were interested in. Satanism and the occult, video games, etc. A factor? Possibly, but more likely a symptom.

But is mental health the only factor? No. This article reminded me of a book having been mentioned not long ago. A book by Mark Ames, who you may note a few posts below, noticed how a bag lady wound up shooting a CIA drug money man when he was no longer useful.

Ames is, well, gonzo. And I am not in a position to judge him on that {just take a look around}. To see what I mean, just look at the photo at the top of this article:

Ames, Mark, “This Is Why Workers Shoot Their Employers,” The Exiled, 1 September 2009:


We live in Dickensian times again, folks, except that ours is a degraded Dickens: our Dickensian victims don’t evince any of the pathos of Dickens’ 19th century characters, because officially, none of this is even happening. And if it is happening, it’s their own damn fault.

You’ll note from this that Ames does not say that CIA, subcontractors, or other agencies are responsible for every shooting that occurs. Neither do I.

While not everything that bad happens can be laid at the feet of government or the megacorporation, the point is that many of the big problems, the ones that affect many of us, actually can. Economic problems and warfare are by definition the province of these two, large, honking segments of human activity and have far more say and sway on those than the individual.

So Ames isn’t wrong either. Economic factors, I would add with the pressure of trying to comply with the many things government and Wall Street tell us that we should want to be happy, is another big factor in what sets some of us off and propels us into violent action. This is not untrue.

It is when there is a point, a profit, an enemy to squash, a loose end to take care of, a false narrative to create, that I do–and we should–look for more.

Just sitting looking through Twitter today, I ran across two articles regarding Florida. The first I saw that there was yet another shooting at a school. In this case, Florida State University.

The other was on how Southern Florida State has a growing anti-war movement, specifically targeting CENTCOM, aka JSOC, among other things. One of the most secretive and closely guarded secrets the US holds, JSOC runs covert ops utilizing at times any and all of the rest of the intelligence community and, one may rest assured, pretty much any corporate entity it decides that it needs.

Now, was the first story related to the second? Who knows? Maybe, maybe not. If they had wanted to send a stronger message, I suppose they’d have arranged it on the same campus. But was the campus itself the target, or the state? Or someone else? Or was the anti-war rhetoric beginning to spill over to FSU…were the protestors looking to get a state-wide movement going? Fear immediately makes many people decline to participate in such action.

They were counter-recruiting.

Further, doing it at the same location would make even more unsuspecting eyebrows go up.

So, while I don’t know the answer…and it doesn’t matter why the shooter thought he or she was doing it…it doesn’t matter what police and the psychologists offer up for why he did it. Given ubiquitous surveillance, a general lack of respect from our defense and intelligence sectors towards humans in general, creating a psychological profile of someone and then setting them off would not be a difficult task for these people. They have been caught lying over and over, proven to have profited personally from the increase in security spending, and have done similar things in the past without a single person being held accountable for it. Which all point to it being possible and that any attempts to find out the truth would be defended with utmost effort.

It’s an asterisk right now. Maybe there will be some more telltale signs and maybe there won’t. **

See? It’s not all about the CIA and similar organizations. Just when I say it is.

* Yeah, no. Gonna use the commaless date format. Extra commas are less clear, so a modified CMOS it is.

** As I wrote this, saw an update. Friends, acquaintances of shooter puzzled, thought he was the sweetest guy.

The Truth About Torture: A Rebuttal

With regards to:

Weekly Standard, “The Truth About Interrogation: The enhanced techniques work,” Stehpen F. Hayes, 14 November 2014:


First, let me say that I agree wholeheartedly that oversight and officials who ordered, were briefed, and approved are both duplicitous and partially responsible. As I’ve noted before, I hate defending them, the CIA asked the Bush White House three times for clarification on legal points with regards to enhanced interrogation techniques. This is missing from the discussion.

However, as it was when, for example, the Nixon White House asked CIA to spy on American war protestors, there is some evidence that they were already torturing people, or having it done by foreign ISes, before the request was even made. There are layers to this entire scandal, and that is one of them.

The problem with the piece, and I am not impugning the “John Beale” here, rather that it serves as a limited hangout hinging upon a strawman argument because it does not take into account the totality of the situation. I don’t doubt that Mr. Beale’s experience lead him to the conclusions that he drew, rather that his experiences are limited to his experiences.

One indicator that CIA may be using it for this purpose:

Writing under the pseudonym Jason Beale, he has produced a provocative 39-page document in an effort to counter the narrative pushed by Democrats and amplified by journalists eager to discredit the program. The document—which Beale says was reviewed, redacted, and cleared by a U.S. government agency—does not reveal Beale’s precise role in the program. A spokesman for the Central Intelligence Agency would not confirm that the CIA was the agency that reviewed Beale’s document.

And, by the way, Mr. Beale, whoever he is, is saying something very close to what John Kiriakou said initially before recanting: that the EITs worked and they weren’t trying to throw him in prison back then.

There are several problems what the article as whole is saying. I detail some of them beyond the fold.

Continue reading

Reaction to Snowden Interview Plus Stuff

A couple of brief, prefaces; only indirectly related to main points.

There is a bit of a feud going on between two media outlets. It’s been brewing for some time. They are First Look Media and Pando Daily.

First Look is the home of Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill. It is where the bulk of new reporting on NSA abuses of civil liberties is coming from. It is owned by Pierre Omidyar, who is also CEO of PayPal.

Pando Daily is the other. It writes a lot of stories about CIA abuses of civil liberties and other criminal activity. Over there, you have Paul Carr and Mark Ames. Among the investors in Pando Daily, you have Palantir CEO Peter Thiel.

Both of those outlets provide services beneficial to a healthy society. The problem largely extends from Pierre’s business dealings, and also the PayPal 14 {11 of whom were sentenced yesterday, see next part of preface}. In my opinion, Pierre is fair game. He is a billionaire, he doesn’t need anyone–not even Snowden supporters–apologizing nor defending him.

On the flip side, I think Glenn Greenwald has made his position clear and did so long ago: his concern is whether or not he can write what he wants to write, and thus far he has found that to be the case. Further, he was not even at FLM–there was no FLM–when Snowden blew the whistle.

Therefore, it is incredibly unfair–and I would argue overall unhelpful–to paint Greenwald and Snowden with whatever brush you want to paint Pierre with.

That said, and I’ve been meaning to look into this further for a long time, since I discovered Yasha Levine’s articles on Silicon Valley and their connections to the Department of Defense and CIA, for example, but just hadn’t gotten around to it until the latest FLM kerfuffle cropped up. This latest, apparently Matt Taibbi’s deal with joining FLM has fallen through.

Guess my point is that I fully understand the frustration of the Pando guys when it comes to US citizen ignorance and naiveté where the role of the US public and private intelligence community is concerned. It is, in my estimation, the proverbial giant meteor headed for Earth and, unlike most other “gold rush” over-doing it sectors, cannot be tamed or cured because at the same time it enjoys secrecy and the blatant protection of law enforcement…on top of the immense amount of propaganda it perpetuates, along with the lies, the fearmongering, and the PSYOPs. It’s a perfect storm for the end of the American Empire, which perhaps in itself wouldn’t be so bad but it is going to kill a lot of people on its way out and leave behind a nigh-to-impossible mess to clean up in its wake.

Totally get that. But then, I am fairly certain so do Greenwald, Scahill, Hussain, etc. over at the Intercept.

{Quick side note: if Snowden didn’t work on Echelon. Why should he be expected to talk about it?}


Re the PayPal 14…I’m still looking for the angle in taking it as easy on them as they did. Besides the obvious right-before-an-election ploy, I suspect it’s as much about releasing into “the wild” to see who else they can identify. This corrupt, criminal, inhumane government is not going to stop unless and until it is forced to. These people only care about themselves and their portfolios, they have made that abundantly clear. They don’t care–in fact want–to provoke people into violence so that they can scare and herd the rest of us into accepting still less freedoms and bill us for the pleasure. That’s what the record says, that’s how it is and how it will be again just after the first week of November until its time to pretend again in 2016.

Moving on…

You really should read this:

The Nation, “Edward Snowden: A ‘Nation’ Interview: In a wide-ranging conversation, he discusses the surveillance state, the American political system and the price he’s paid for his understanding of patriotism,” Katrina vanden Heuvel and Stephen F. Cohen, 28 October 2014:


Edward hits some very pertinent points, clarifies some things, and overall I tend to agree with what he says. He makes clear that he is not, an early concern of mine, one of those libertarians who is hiding behind a five-syllable label but is really just mad that the government won’t let them persecute blacks, Hispanics, homeless, etc.

For that, these people apparently need to get off their butts and go to the police academy. I say that but at the same time support their right to say whatever they want and to be ridiculed for it. Affirmative Action, whether it works/has worked or not, is not even close to our top problem. I marvel at the stupendous ignorance and isolation of thought that allows a human to think it is.

He also hits a point home that I was peddling on Twitter some time ago. That is, we have to address the issue of productivity, that is, 50 doing the work that once took 100. Hopefully, someone thinking seriously about this will realize that killing off 50 people doesn’t actually fix the problem since that means that much less work to do. Because that looks like the only “solution,” the final solution, heh, being implemented from here on the ground.

Here’s a graphic representation of what he was basically referring to:


The old I-don’t-have-to-do-anything-about-it adage of “Get a job, you bum!” doesn’t work because their just aren’t enough jobs to go around. How do you deal with that?

He also defines Patriotism perfectly. He then uses that to differentiate between National Security and State Security, which was also awesome.

Where I differ from Edward, and really this may just be a matter of perspective, is on just a few things.

I would not call him naïve, it may simply be an avoidance of being “too political” or a matter of focusing on the direct problem rather than the indirect one. Or maybe he just disagrees. Reminds me of people quoting, when desiring to run down the government, Henry Ford’s statement that one need only think of the Native American. He is, of course, right. But what was the driving force behind the persecution, murder, and overall screwing of the Native American? The business interests of men like Henry Ford, I think it can safely be argued. Though it is certainly possible to have a government that is anti-business, there has not been one in this country in my lifetime…if ever. This kind of “socialist panic” only serves to make the business interests and the government even more paranoid and dangerously radical.

Yes, I said it. The Deep State is the radical, not necessarily those who oppose it.

So, that’s the first small difference: I see government power, when it serves to protect special business interests at the expense of the citizens, as being part of the private sector as much or more as the public one.

Similarly, Edward talks about Germany. Believe me, there are people here in the US who would also offer him an empty bed to sleep in {in fact, you guys can have mine. I’ll sleep on the floor}. Certainly, there are angry German citizens. Certainly, there have been German politicians publically attempting to address those citizens’ concerns.

But what is really happening behind the scenes? Germany has been, is, and will be for the foreseeable future, a partner for the Deep State. If anything, they are likely attempting to leverage the criticism into getting further in bed, access to some of the stuff we only share with the Five Eyes, in exchange for not really changing how CIA and NSA do business in the EU.

Understand fully the value of thinking positively. It’s not only beneficial, it is crucial to surviving {two bullets in the face and shoved out a plane…know the feeling}. But at the same time we are just not to that change yet. It’s a long, long way off. And this is why I don’t call Snowden naïve, he acknowledges that in the Occupy discussion.

The third thing is not so much a disagreement as it is perspective again. What is actually happening, here, within the confines and borders of this country on its own soil, is so much worse than surveillance I don’t know where exactly to begin discussing it again. Surveillance is a piece of it, a big piece of it, and tends to work as a quick way of letting a lot of people know at once that there is something wrong, but there is worse.

Which is where Gary Webb and the work of Mark Ames that I linked up recently comes in to an extent. Why is it, that the worse our government behaves, the less likely we are to talk about that worst in the behavior? We’re talking about drug smuggling or laundering, assassination {both designed to look like accidents and by directing mentally ill or drugged proxies}, and torture–genuine-no-question-torture–done by proxies. These things serve no real purpose except to perpetuate the violence so that the people who profit from pretending to fix these problems maintain that profit, those budgets, and the power that extends outwards from it.

The recent WaPo attack on Webb–to go with their help in covering it all up in the 80s–states that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. It’s a misdirection, a ploy, a cover-up. They aren’t even being that careful: Michael Hastings could have been pulled out of his vehicle and likely lived were it not for his car exploding multiple times. That’s not a coverup: that’s a warning, a threat. Even LAPD couldn’t bother to lie to us and say that drugs or alcohol played a role.

Extraordinary claims don’t require extraordinary proof. Extraordinary criminal acts require extraordinary effort to uncover, require extraordinary people to deal with them, require extraordinary attention of the public to put a stop to them.

Let’s think about this for a moment. We’re going to let the world go down the crapper because we’re afraid of being accused of being conspiracy theorists? There are worse things to be called. Dead, for example.

Where to begin again?

1} I personally witnessed what can only be called “Dirty Tricks” camp, directed not at foreign enemies, terrorists, etc. but at US citizens in New Jersey in 1989 and 1990. The theater at which this occurred was partially funded by the Ford Foundation which has a history with the CIA. Not the KGB. Not the FBI. And as much as some of that stuff resembles what I read here about DIA, not the DIA. You will note again, Deep State apologists, that this was well before 9/11. There is no excuse at all.

2} My interaction with many other people, including but not limited to people like Julianne McKinney {CIA and INSCOM}, Lynnae Williams {CIA and DIA}, “Mark” {from NSA subcontractor Technodyne} is remarkably similar to what I observed there and later experienced myself beginning in 2009.

3} There is enough similarity also with some people who I believe have long struggled with mental illness to suggest that they, like the interns and actors at the theater mentioned in item 1, have been used for target practice by the people who conduct these kinds of operations. This both helps the Deep State thugs in that the victims will never be believed and serves to make certain that there is absolutely no empathy left in the people who conduct them. In fact, I think they have the process for turning someone into a thing that only receives pleasure from inflicting torment on others down to a T. And I think there are far more of these people than we would expect.

What is the legal basis for all this? Might makes right. The power of calling people “conspiracy theorist” as the ultimate shut-up. And it works, no matter how dire the situation becomes. It’s all in the public record, has been done before and will continue until this problem is taken seriously and dealt with.

The flipside, the part I cannot seem to communicate properly, is that any other changes, no matter your political persuasion, any other changes are in jeopardy or simply will not happen because of these COINTELPRO-like practices. It will be or is in danger of being, undermined, undercut, swept away due to psychological operations conducted without your best interests in mind, in violation of Title 18 USC Section 241 – Conspiracy Against Rights. That’s what all of this, including surveillance, is violating. Case in point:

PrivacySOS, “Shocking new information in Tsarnaev case casts doubt on official story about the killing of Ibragim Todashev,” sosadmin, 28 October 2014:

Whatever happened, however it occurred, it is screwy.

Let me repeat that more simply…

If this covert harassment issue isn’t dealt with, hang it up. Hang it all up. It is over.


Humor: the last thing to go.

Or maybe the second to last…

Still More Wicked Game Updates – Not Quite Outliving Usefulness Edition

This time chapters 4, 6, and 14 and some other spots. Some of this cleanup and completion of some of the footnotes.

This is the centerpiece of the updates, by reporter Mark Ames on some strange events in the 1980s:

PandoDaily, “The biggest CIA-drug money scandal you never read,” Mark Ames, 26 October 2014:


A year later, in 1985, Deak was assassinated in his Wall Street high-rise by a paranoid-schizophrenic bag lady from Seattle, who’d been hired for the job by Latin American mobsters, according to a private internal investigation led by former FBI detectives. The assassin, Lois Lang (pictured above), had previously spent several murky years in the underbelly of Silicon Valley, where she fell under the care of a famous Stanford Research Institute psychiatrist, Frederick Melges — an expert on dosing his subjects with drugs and hypnosis to induce “artificial” dissociative states. Perhaps not surprisingly, Dr. Melges was up to his eyeballs in secret CIA behavior modification programs that were going on at Stanford until they were exposed in Congressional hearings in 1977.


Salon, “James Bond and the killer bag lady: New clues and a powerful Wall St. skeptic challenge the official story of CIA financier Nick Deak’s brutal murder,” Mark Ames and Alexander Zaitchik, 2 December 2012:


“I never believed that the whole thing was random,” said Kuhlmann, in an interview with Salon. Ditto the government inquiry that triggered the collapse preceding Lang’s rampage. “We were the CIA’s paymaster, and that got to be a little bit embarrassing for them,” he said. “Our time had passed and the usefulness of doing things our way had vanished. The world was changing in the ’80s; you couldn’t just accept bags of cash. Deak was slow at making those changes. And when you lose your sponsorship, you’re out of the game.”

Also, Lois Lang added to Shooters tab at top.

Would be great if anyone with a Lexus-Nexus could confirm and find more original copies of the two acoustic psycho-correction articles in the tab up top from Defense News and Defense Electronics. Note that I have already discussed {skip down to the first footnote and mind the rhetoric and blowing off of steam} the potential coverup of what this technology is, does and its effectiveness, and the probable involvement of Dr. John B. Alexander once of Los Alamos in that coverup on this blog last June.

Imagine what you could accomplish with that stuff. Start rivalries, for example. Get a journo so angry that he’d threaten a LEO and get jailed indefinitely for it. And so much more.

How does that Absolute Power thing typically work out, anyway?



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