BBD: ‘Janus’

Right. Let me begin with the punchline after first backing up a bit to explain one of several precedents that leads me to the kind of conclusions I’m about to make.


We are now three days from a 5th anniversary. On 23 December 2009, my friend’s condo building burnt down:

Rescuers pull 2 from B’klyn blaze

Last Updated: 9:46 AM, December 24, 2009

Firefighters rescued a Brooklyn woman and her father yesterday morning after the two were knocked unconscious as a blaze ripped through their Park Slope apartment.

An overloaded power strip sparked the fire in the top floor of the four-story building on Third Street near Fifth Avenue about 2:30 a.m., officials said.

Firefighters Rob Mitchell and John Fisher, along with Capt. Dennis Murphy of Ladder Co. 105, rushed into the building. They found Michael Conway, 58, passed out in a hallway. His daughter, Kate, 29, was found unconscious nearby. Both were carried to safety.

Michael was in stable condition at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn. Kate was taken to New York Hospital-Cornell Burn Center, where she was listed in serious but stable condition with burns to her legs.

“It’s the best reward you can get,” said Capt. Murphy, a 26-year FDNY veteran. “It’s a good feeling, especially during this time of the year.”

This link, along with two others, was broken in February of 2010 and subsequent to that when I was writing Wicked Game chapter 20, requiring me to find a mirror copy on an Australian firefighting website, at least the one I had bookmarked which contained a series of code letters after the URL Google now provided me:

Romero, Katherine, “Rescuers pull 2 from B’klyn blaze,” New York Post, 24 December 2009:

Now the ABC Local one is back as well, again under a different URL than the original:

Two rescued from condo fire in Brooklyn
December 23, 2009 3:29:14 PM PST

A father and his daughter were rescued from an apartment fire in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. The fire broke out in the top floor of the condominum [sic] at 392 Third Street just before 3 a.m. Wednesday.

Fire was shooting out the windows when firefighters arrived. They pulled a man out of the fire with injuries, including serious burns. He was in critical condition at the burn unit at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

His daughter, who was visiting, sustained less serious injuries and was taken to Methodist Hospital.

Firefighters had to battle the fire and the weather to put out the blaze. The fire appears to be caused by an overloaded power strip.

Six families were left homeless.

Eyewitness News, “Two rescued from condo fire in Brooklyn,” WABC New York TV 7, 23 December 2009:

Still unable to relocate the CBS local/1010 Wins article, but at least I have those two again.

This occurred in the middle of a letter writing and web campaign to get Peter Watts off of the charges that, at the time, the federal government was pushing. There was also an attempt to frame family members of the accuser, Sgt. Andrew Beaudry of the CPBP in Department of Homeland Security. Like I mentioned in the post two down regarding myself in the grocery store with the cop and possibly Barrett Brown and his video, Beaudry, not part of the exit search that Watts underwent, charged over from 80 yards if memory serves, and punched and pepper-sprayed Peter. There is of course perhaps a question of character even when surreptitious manipulation of biology is concerned. But done secretly, without advice and consent, there is the larger question of responsibility…and that responsibility lay with some agency of the Federal Government.

It wasn’t until I was in Minneapolis that I learned the probable method of having set the fire: a home made laser. See again Wicked Game chapter 20 for details on that.


So it is that I find myself at similar crossroads. I now know who ‘Janus’ is, or who they want me to think he is. I’ve been through this crap before as well, where they tried to frame not only Beaudry but a former acquaintance for the fire with a deleted account message sent within an hour or two of the fire. Circumstantial evidence and weak at that.

So before I get into the who, let me explain what the CIA and FBI intended by giving me this new piece of information.

They intended for me to go hunt him down. Whether or not I actually killed this individual, that, followed by suicide, is what the coroner’s report and subsequent news would have said. Just a matter of getting a few things close enough and then the American Stasi can fake, bribe, lie, intimidate, forge the rest into matching a reality that they want to paint.

The truth is, as is obvious from the reporting on the torture program{s}, is that MKULTRA is indeed back, just as MINARET is back as PRISM and tons of other NSA programs. Just as COINTELPRO is back, assuming any of these programs ever really left, or just laid really, really low.

Of course, even though we may be talking about the person who killed my dog, was instrumental in–if they did–killing my grandmother, drugging me to the point of madness and delirium, essentially a major player in completely wrecking my life, I’m just not interested in playing by the CIA/FBI playbook. These are the real criminals; the most dangerous, corrupt institutions this side of Congress, and even that is contest between Titans of Corruption.

All these people know how to do is destroy things. All they know how to do is dispense pain. They are a stain on the reputation of the United States and an impediment to dealing with not just the country’s, but the planet’s, problems. They are liars and framers; murderers and assassins; they are the closest thing to the Mafia that really exists, and they have nearly unlimited resources and a very successful domestic disinformation campaign that paints them as the good guys on their side.

So, what to do with Hamilton Morris, drug expert who lives in Brooklyn, was a contemporary of mine while I was there? Matches ‘Janus’ not only in build but at least a portion of the obvious knowledge base required to utilize pharma–and maybe even electronics–to manipulate human behavior when used in tandem with PSYOPs. Even wore what I referred to once in an email as the “Boston uniform” during the 3 January 2010 event, and he was born in Massachusetts. He has some resemblance to Neil Gaiman {see Appendix A for that}. As you would know if you read the history of MKULTRA, he’s exactly the kind of person they would hire to do drug research.

What to do? I can’t even be really certain.

Looks as much like a trap as anything, on the flip side. Maybe get me to accuse him as backup plan and then release a bunch of denial stuff “proving” he wasn’t at those places on those dates I’ve already written to discredit me again and further.

Or maybe he’s innocent…has some personal reason to be interested in these topics similar to my own {after all, his dad did documentaries like this one} and it is again an attempt to throw two people against each other that Obama’s thug army views as threats.

Lots of options, not enough data.

That it was all really about insider trading under disguise of NATSEC spying is something one should always keep in mind.

What the Sony Hack Really Means {Updated x2}

This Sony hack bullshit is a false flag operation, one way or another. Whether China or Russia perpetrated it {it was sophisticated and required resources that North Korea likely doesn’t have} as payback for NSA intrusions, or the NSA or a subcontractor spoofed the IPs, it is pure bullshit. That it actually has promoted, rather than really hurt, in the longrun a film that, like Zero Dark Thirty and torture, glorifies assassination, tells you immediately that it’s the brainchild of Langley with the loving approval of President Barack Cheney.



Boot, William, “Exclusive: Sony Emails Say State Department Blessed Kim Jong-Un Assassination in ‘The Interview’,” 17 December 2014:

It’s all about glorifying war, and look who has jumped on the bandwagon.

Fleming Jr., Mike, “Hollywood Cowardice: George Clooney Explains Why Sony Stood Alone In North Korean Cyberterror Attack,” MSN, 19 December 2014:

The free speech point is of course not lost on me. And, yes, you should be able to make whatever movie you like. But George knows good and goddam well what happens when you do. Good to know CIA made George their bitch after all, as they have with Obama. All for nothing, what a goddamned surprise.

Update 2, part 1:

Rappaport, Jon, “Newsflash: George Clooney doesn’t know N. Korea hacked Sony — What? George Clooney knows N. Korea hacked Sony? Really?,” 20 December 2014:

This is the routine, over and over again with stars.

“Listen, GMO farming will save Africa. We have the data. Forget the crazies running around saying Monsanto is Satan. We’ve done the studies. This is Science.”

“We had nothing to do with the mess in the Ukraine. I promise you. That’s Russian propaganda.”

“Don’t believe the people who say we’re funding terrorists. That’s crap.”

After all, we slap banks who fund terrorists and launder drug money on the wrist with a wet noodle. We must be the good guys.

Pearson, James, “Forget the politics, Sony executives say North Korea comedy ‘desperately unfunny’,” Reuters, 19 December 2014:

Perfect reason to seek help from those who approved and co-funded the piece of shit.

Of course the alternate explanation involves “hackers bad,” just at the point the Department of Schmustice delayed once again an already agreed to sentencing plea deal with Barrett Brown. The Obama administration is seeking to scare the pants off of Judge Lindsey at the same time they are promoting American exceptionalism in forcing food up anuses, murdering reporters with hacked car EPROMs, and blowing brown children apart with drones.

Update 2, part 2:

Undercoverinfo, “Barrett Brown: why his sentencing hearing was sabotaged; his case should now be thrown out,” 19 December 2014:

On Tuesday the sentencing of Barrett Brown, a US journalist, was delayed for a second time and postponed until January 22 of next year. At the hearing the prosecution dramatically presented 500 pages of new evidence, seemingly unrelated to the charges to which Brown was awaiting sentencing. The only explanation for this is that it was a clumsy attempt by the prosecution to provide the judge with a basis for awarding a maximum sentence at the January hearing.

And so, coupled with knocking the Torture Report off of the front page, this begins to look like another 3D chess move to preserve CIA’s ass-stuffing, broken-bottle-raping, hide.

So let’s fix some of that.

Leopold, Jason, “The Weird Saga of the Other ‘Smoking Gun’ Torture Report the CIA Still Has Under Wraps,” VICE, 18 December 2014:

But last week, outgoing Senator Mark Udall of Colorado, in his final speech on the Senate floor and in the wake of the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s executive summary of the so called torture report, discussed the document at length. Udall called the still-secret CIA report — dubbed the Panetta Review after former CIA Director Leon Panetta — a “smoking gun.”


Kaye, Jeff, “SSCI Confirms Staff Visited CIA’s Salt Pit Prison in 2003, No Records of Visit Kept at CIA Request,” FireDogLake, 18 December 2014:

Kaye, Jeff, “Torture program linked to discredited, illegal CIA techniques,” AJAM, 18 December 2014:

Any suggestion of the drugging of prisoners in the post-9/11 era could be explosive. The application of “mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or the personality” is a serious violation of federal law, with convictions bringing sentences up to 20 years in prison.

Still, details and language in the SSIC report could be seen to be pointing in that direction.

Allegations of the use of pharmacological agents against detainees exist in the summary. Authors of the SSCI report cite repeated statements by “high-value” prisoner Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri that his CIA captors drugged him. The report does not comment further on this issue, though at least one other prisoner is described as being “sedated” at one point.

Wow, 20 years. Hm.

It is not about protecting you in your goddam rented trailer. It’s about treating generals and admirals like the demigods they know that they are. It’s about shoving Dick Cheney’s friends so much money that they can buy whoever gets elected in 2016 {they already have}. It’s about working our way up to murdering as many dark skinned people, gays, atheists, activists, and freethinkers as possible under the guise of “we gotta do something about climate change.” This excuse is belied by the fact that the US Department of Defense is the world’s largest polluter. No, that’s really about expanding the defense and intelligence markets domestically because that also helped to buy Congress, just as it did during Vietnam.


Sirota, David, “Forgetting the Past, One Military Movie at a Time,” TruthOut, 26 February 2012:

The scheme is simple: The Pentagon allows studios to use military hardware and bases at a discounted, taxpayer-subsidized rate.

In exchange, filmmakers must submit their scripts to the Pentagon for line edits. Not surprisingly, those edits often redact criticism of military policy, revise depictions of historical failures, and generally omit anything else that might make audiences wonder if our current defense policy is repeating past mistakes.

In contrast to Obama’s murderous romp, Angelina Jolie made a war movie about forgiveness. Like Kill the Messenger, it’s not getting the attention it deserves. In her case, it was because she became ill:

Gates, Daniel, “Angelina Jolie Has Chicken Pox, Forced to Cancel ‘Unbroken’ Appearances,” MSN, 13 December 2014:

The film is about a former POW who, in 1950, went back to Japan and testified about the atrocities committed in the prison camp while he was there. He met again many of the prison guards and the Colonel in charge of the camp and told them he forgave them. Of course, this “Christian” nation, whether you mean the Mormons in CIA, the Catholics in DoD, or whatever the hell people like Obama and Hillary and their cousins W and Jeb really are, don’t want to hear about healing and an end to conflict. Money is far more important to all of these groups because that’s just how they measure “God’s love.” Of course the Hollywood version toned down the Jesus stuff some. And of course what has upset televangelists is that, so they get to dismiss the peace, love, forgiveness parts.

This is a thoroughly screwed up chunk of Earth.

Even the War Nerd gets it. I don’t care, this is newsworthy. Again, you can see why they are so frustrated. That is, if you still give the slightest shit about human beings. Our government and its West Coast propaganda machine clearly do not.

Brecher, Gary, “The War Nerd: More proof the US defense industry has nothing to do with defending America,” Pando Daily, 18 December 2014:

It makes no sense. I’ll just say that right up front. The reason it doesn’t seem to make any sense is that it doesn’t. There are no secret reasons here, no top-security considerations that justify any of this. It’s corruption, pure and simple. The sooner you understand that the US defense industry has nothing at all to do with defending America, and everything to do with making Dick Cheney’s buddies even richer, the more quickly you’ll be able to understand what’s going on.

And the reason they found it inappropriate is as simple as a liquor store holdup: money. …

Nothing will get done. No one will go to jail for any of this filth. You can get 15 years for robbing a 7-11, but the filth in the three-letter agencies, the service procurement officers who slip into comfy industry jobs between administrations, the corrupt project managers socking it away on an aircraft they know is worthless; not one of those pigs will do a day in prison for any of it.

It’s not that Obama has been disappointing as an antiwar progressive. It’s that he’s been consistently disappointing as any kind of antiwar president, the reason he was elected in the first place.


jim bakker fake crying
They all look like televangelists to me.

The Entrapment of Barrett Brown

Option 1:

US Army, “Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons,” 17 February 1998, declassified 6 December 2006, from a FOIA response :


There is, however, a growing perception that microwave irradiation and exposure to low frequency fields can be involved in a wide range of biological interactions. Some investigators are even beginning to describe similarities between microwave irradiation and drugs regarding their effects on biological systems. For example, some suggest that power density and specific absorption rate of microwave radiation may be thought of as analogous to the concentration of the injection solution and the dosage of drug administration, respectively. Clearly, the effects of microwaves on brain tissue, chemistry, and functions are complex and selective. Observations of body weight and behavior revealed that rats, exposed under certain conditions to microwaves, eat and drink less, have smaller body weight as a result of nonspecific stress mediated through the central nervous system and have decreased motor activity. It has been found that exposure of the animals to one modality of radiofrequency electromagnetic energy substantially decreases aggressive behavior during exposure. However, the opposite effects of microwaves, in increasing the mobility and aggression of animals, has also been shown for a different exposure modality.

Note this is also very interesting where Ferguson and other similar situations are concerned, but that’s the topic of a separate post.

Let me reiterate: this was done to me. More than once, but one time–October or so in 2011–is informative.

I was shopping at this Lund’s…


…at 25 University SE, Minneapolis, MN. I was waiting near the door, in fact I’m sure my back would have been visible through the windows to the left in the photo. I was waiting there for my roommate, ex-boyfriend.

While waiting, having already checked out with my stuff, I saw him finishing up with his and looking for me. I waved and said, “Yo!”

The cop stationed at the grocery, whom I had seen about dozen times prior and not noticed anything odd about him, suddenly walked up to me repeating, “What?!? What?!? What?!?” while simultaneously tugging on his sidearm. At that moment, without warning, I suddenly became incredibly angry. For no reason whatsoever. It was mildly annoying, but the kind of thing I could easily have taken care of with a smile and a simple comment, and moved on.

Unable to do that, I simply pointed at my roomie and, as the cop stepped forward to look, rushed out of the grocery. By the time I reached the corner…


…about where the thin orange cone in front of the blue vehicle is, I was cursing aloud, attempting to let the sudden anger burst pass.

Now, I had and have many, many reasons to be angry. But it wasn’t the cop’s doing and there wasn’t any particular reason for that moment to be one for an outburst. One that may well have ended with me bleeding on the ground with several new holes in me, I should add.

That’s option one.

Option 2:

The other resulted from a prescribed med after I voluntarily went to the hospital. The drug given, which I can no longer recall the name of, resulted in me cursing out my then boyfriend. It messed with my sleep, is the best way I can put it. I woke up extremely cranky and stopped taking it immediately. I instead went to see a therapist whom I asked to prove I was delusional. Not only did she not do that, but she didn’t prescribe a damn thing, and she was permitted to.

This second method we get a glimpse of from the CIA Family Jewels:

David Corn, “Where’s the CIA’s Missing Jewel?”, The Nation, 26 June 2007:

* One memo notes that CIA had a Project OFTEN that collected “data on dangerous drugs from U.S. firms” until the program was terminated in the fall of 1972. Another memo reports that commercial drug manufacturers “passed on” to the CIA drugs “rejected because of unfavorable side effects” These drugs were then tested using volunteers from the U.S. military.

We can argue, I suppose, over the canned in 1972 part. Rather, like most of the illegal programs the IC and DoD ran, they got moved, quietly shifted to other contractors, other outsourced companies and individuals. The idea that they would drop something that didn’t even involve–so far as we know–human experimentation except as part of normal drug R&D by big pharma is preposterous.

Barrett was reportedly switching between two medications at the time of his arrest.


Now, I’ve quoted The Nation quoting the CIA’s Family Jewels, I’ve quoted the US Army via FOIA, and personal experience. I totally get that that last part is questionable. Most of you don’t know me. But I haven’t quoted Alex Jones. I haven’t quoted someone claiming knowledge of space aliens among us; haven’t suggested it was black magic. In fact, I haven’t suggested ANYTHING beyond what the facts as we know them from history and FOIA imply.

I think it is clear: We are talking about a government that has repeatedly lied about anything and everything to do with the intelligence community, most especially the use of private contractors for uses other than those advertised/believed to be the case for most Americans AND persona management software AKA online sockpuppetry that allows one operative to pretend to be several in order to make public opinion appear other than it may actually be, ie, online PSYOPs. These two topics were investigated by and reported on by Barrett Brown. Subsequent reporting on MINERVA and the obvious intentions of GCHQ/JTRIG from the Snowden haul…


…make it clear. The point is to trick the American people–and really anyone else–into thinking whatever the heck they want you to think. This doesn’t mean everyone thinks the same thing…this means most everyone thinks one of a few choices given that adhere to your basic psychological profile made all the more apparent via worldwide mass surveillance. Likely, we are grouped by computer into various categories…

{Source: Stratfor,}

…if that’s even necessary given we perhaps voluntarily choose to listen to the news and individuals via email, social networking sites, etc. that we choose.

It’s one thing to take the idiotic but understandable given our horrible mainstream media attitude that whatever happens in secret is done for our benefit. It isn’t, but that kind of stupid is at least excusable if you think the MSM actually reports much in the way of truth.

It is another, however, to think that Obama’s, or Bush’s, or Clinton’s, thugs would not do this. Once you have justified such action in your mind under any circumstances whatsoever, you have justified in any other circumstances. FBI has a technical division as well, and we know they cooperate with each other when they aren’t fighting over turf. This is old hat and FBI knows many of CIA’s tricks in part from having become a counter-intelligence focused agency after 9/11 and left the law enforcement portion, such as it was, in the dirt. They would have hired, borrowed, etc. from CIA just as people like George Hunter White moved back and forth from FBI, CIA and DEA’s predecessor when he was running around dosing people with LSD and other things.

So if you’re telling me that they wouldn’t do it if they could, that’s ridiculous. They can…their own words at the very least imply that they can.

I understand that this may not be helpful or persuasive where Barrett’s attorneys or Judge Lindsey is concerned. But if it’s the truth, and I think it is, what am I supposed to do except spread the word?

Bonus links:

FBI cuts internet connection, agent poses as cable guy to perform “consent” search without a warrant:

Schneier, Bruce, “What Are the Limits of Police Subterfuge?”, The Atlantic, 17 December 2014:

CIA {again} engages in not just torture, but human experimentation research:

Gozstola, Kevin, “CIA Health Professionals’ Role in Systematic Torture, Including ‘Human Subjects Research’,” FireDogLake, 16 December 2014:

The Mundane Kind

It was worth it just to learn some sleight-of-hand…

First, I would like to thank Michelle Malkin, without whom I just wouldn’t have known what to post this evening and I really wanted to post something. In this case she was kind enough to turn her army of blonde Texas militia wives loose on someone I respect and like, and so. I mean where else can you see pro-Nazi concentration camp support spouted from a female Asian mouth? She is the quintessential self-hating social dominating reactionary sociopath leading so many to their doom that it’s practically biblical.

Of course there is similar on the “other right,” that is among Democrats. Because both are far right of center. They just are. With Republicans it tends to be about hating the other group and with Democrats it tends to be about loving unquestionably the Superstar leader. Though members of both parties also exhibit the opposite: Sarah Palin Superstar and some really awful things have been said about people on the right from the left as well.

With that out of the way, at least partially, the point of the post is to draw attention to a new tab at top labeled Navy “Mind Control” Paper. Now, wait. This paper was actually written at Stanford and contains so many good bits it becomes difficult to pick a few as teasers. Commissioned secretly, I take it, by the Navy’s version of CIA’s various technical offices, the ONR, or Office of Naval Research. It rejects the MKULTRA tech and drug style stuff in favor of sociology and psychology as the best form of controlling behavior. Does that sound at all familiar? It should.


Here are a few of the items discussed:

A funny con artist ploy called the Hard of Hearing ploy which I had never heard before;
Patty Hearst;
Charles Manson;
Jim Jones;
Bay of Pigs;
The question of asking the question, “How many bombs do we drop?” as opposed to “Should we be dropping bombs at all?”;
A quote from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard;
and so much more!

Plus it’s got a cool-sounding spy number: “ONR Technical Report Z-79-01″! Cooooool…buh…bluh…barf.

Let’s talk nature for a moment, and evolution. Basically, the reason we have both predators and prey still existing–because otherwise there would only be predators because they would have eaten all of the prey long ago–is because the prey have adapted strategies though trial and error to survive. Rabbits breed quickly, frequently, and have a short gestation period as compared to some other mammals. They likewise have developed a sense of hypervigilance, which is what the paper actually suggests in order to not get roped in to cults, disinformation campaigns, attempting to argue stoopid-beside-the-point-questions, and even quotes rape centers and suggests breaking with social norms for safety. While the main focus is on not getting hornswoggled, it almost becomes a good guide for activists and whistleblowers as well on when and how to challenge authority.

The problem with hypervigilance, of course, is when it becomes its own end as opposed to a means. “I won’t be duped,” becomes so important that we wind up distrusting anyone and everything. The paper addresses this as well. We have to adapt without becoming paranoid. Not easy when the ghost of J. Edgar Hoover has possessed so many among our elite.


Of course yet another underlying point is, again like the SERE program and torture being reverse-engineered, so has this, such as with MINERVA. The tactics that these psychos use to get us all fighting amongst each other, to see ourselves at the 1% even though we are not, to think that everyone else thinks the way we do even they don’t, etc. It’s all in there. Emotional contagion, peer pressure, group think, etc.

There’s something simple and “of course” about the paper, but for people who think African Americans seeking justice, or Palestinians, or anyone who is being oppressed automatically means an attack on white people or Jews, the paper serves as a primer for deprogramming oneself.

Think of it as a 12-Step for Stepford Wives.

We can rebuild her. We have the technology.

Barrett Brown’s prosecution is revenge for exposing secret workings of US private intelligence


You are the target of these programs, systrms, and firms.

Originally posted on UndercoverInfo:

US journalist Barrett Brown is to be sentenced on December 16th for his part in researching and exposing the inner workings of some of the leading but very secretive private security and intelligence firms that few American know about and if they did would be shocked at what they would find. Brown’s supporters still hope that the judge in his trial will order his release as an act of clemency given he has already served two years in prison. That the prosecution of Brown is political has never been in doubt. Fortunately much of his work is still available for anyone to see. Below, is a reprise of that work: summarised and adapted from the excellent ProjectPM website, it provides a glimpse into five US private intelligence/security companies.

1. Abraxas
Abraxas is an intelligence contractor that was revealed as a significant player in Persona Management (i.e fake IDs to…

View original 480 more words

The Vaccine Scare

As you may have noted if you read the new “Appendix B” for Wicked Game linked in the previous post, both my dog, some months prior to the 2008 election, and grandmother, in 2011, died of the same general symptoms. What you may not know from that, unless you’ve also read Chapter 18…

…is what my partner and I were told the probable cause for the dog’s illness was. After much running around and expenditures, after having paid to put her to sleep, we were told in a meeting with a vet whom we had not had any prior contact with, “It may have been a bad vaccine.”

The symptoms were anemia, likely caused by white blood cells failing to recognize red blood cells as non-invaders. Blood transfusions could not keep up with what the white blood cells doing their jobs, albeit incorrectly.

With my grandmother, three years later, I was not cognizant of the parallels until later. That the US intelligence community could assassinate Americans for the dual purposes of covering up financial crimes in high places and provoking one of its own citizens to violence seemed so outlandish to me that I just could not come to accept it for some time.

Later revelations, such as the drone memos specifically explaining that under Israeli and British law, assassination was legal, came to my attention later.

Now, let me pause briefly and again refer to the CIA budget. A few years ago it was reportedly $14.7B. Again, nearly 50% more than “collect it all” NSA. What’s been discussed since the redacted Senate torture report summary came out are two things. First, two former military psychologists and American Psychiatry Association members James Mitchell and John “Bruce” Jessen, referred to in the report summary under the pseudonyms Grayson Swigert and Hammond Dunbar, were paid $81M to create and run the torture program. Overall, the torture program cost $300M:

Leopold, Jason, “Torture Report: What $300 Million Bought the CIA’s ‘Detention and Interrogation’ Program,” Vice, 9 December 2014:

Let’s see, that’s about 2% of one year’s budget. And it lasted for a decade. Not even 1% of each year’s budget thought of that way.

What else are they spending on? Note that these numbers likely don’t include direct war efforts, that are in a separate budget.

How about a disinfo campaign against vaccinations?

Among so many other “offers” to be paranoid, in context, what happened sounds like a shove in the direction of that whole ball of wax.

Of course, once you get the point of MKULTRA

5. Materials which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so that they may be used for malingering, etc.

10. Substances which produce physical disablement such as paralysis of the legs, acute anemia, etc.

It starts to become clearer.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention once again that top Obama advisor Cass Sunstein suggested doing these very things, making American citizens paranoid through, among other things, infiltrating online communities. Put that together with the assassination approval memos and more covert op money than Jehovah, and it kind of fits snugly.


And what a great way to make sure there will always be enough drugz for the 0.1%.

Three Facets of Force

Was thinking about this after reading some of the reprehensible defending commentary resulting from the Senate’s torture report today. Really, though, this is about any use of political force, whether you’re talking drones, surveillance and usage of what it obtained–even the implied threat of having obtained it, and even warfare or police force against protestors and unarmed citizens in general. Somehow, we typically argue around these things, either focusing on what the pundits said, often straw man arguments of some sort, or face value stuff that means one thing to some people and something very different to others.

I should insert here that John McCain made a fairly unequivocal statement about torture today. He even dismissed my argument that it doesn’t even work and went perhaps a bit deeper and less cynical: he said it was about who we want to be as a nation, as a people; the moral and ethical and ultimately legal argument in place of the pragmatic one. He could probably only have done one up on himself by calling on the President to pardon John Kiriakou, who very much seems vindicated by the report.

But back to the main point here: Three facets. By the way, I’m ignoring the law here as it stands today and looking ahead to where it may one day go.

The first is How Far? What actions are acceptable to achieve a goal? Not “does the ends justify the means,” that’s an intersection, or edge between facets. Simply, is this action justified, acceptable under any circumstances at all? The question where torture is concerned here is fuzzy to some because you’re talking about a range from stress positions, loud music and face holding * to freezing a man to death, beating a 14 year old all over his body while hung from his hands and feet, to raping a man’s wife with a broken bottle in front of him. Those who think intimidation and…let’s call it meanness…are fine due to the nature of War on Terror may think the former fine but be aghast at the latter. {Others, of course think anything goes, while others think all of that should be disallowed}.

The next is What Is the Goal? What are we really trying to achieve? I mean really. Forget the propaganda; what do we really, really want? Is propping up Wall Street’s future what we want? Are we still stuck on trickle-down economics? Are we padding the pockets of politicians, bureaucrats who move back and forth through the revolving door, feeding budgets to broken and corrupt institutions? Or are we really trying to prevent “another 9/11,” protect American lives, the troops, as many claim?

The third is, Is the Goal Stated Worth Achieving? Impossible to answer unless it is defined, isn’t it? This is our first problem with the pragmatic view: we don’t even know for certain what we are trying to achieve. Without that, how can we decide? It is largely a neoconservative value that the answer to that is none of your damn business, you aren’t important enough to be told. So, we’re lied to, often. I would say that neoliberals do this as well, and it has become increasingly difficult to tell them apart except on a few issues, typically social issues.

Where do these intersect? Assuming for a moment that the goal really is to protect Americans, the strategies should have been about winning hearts and minds, not provoking. We have intentionally poured fuel on a fire. This, and the kinds of things that I know this country is capable of doing to its own citizens and so of course that and worse to foreigners, is why I simply don’t believe that that is the true goal. They have consistently gone about it all wrong if so, with a few exceptions like building schools, etc. Instead, it appears that provoking provides a steady revenue stream for some, and provides a use for people who are only useful when making someone else’s life miserable or nonexistent. And we seem keen on making more and more people like that, making that acceptable behavior. If the goal is peace, why are we building an army of monsters?

Peace can’t be the goal. Rather, provoking so we have an excuse to invade and occupy are the means and the goal. Who benefits?

Then we can look at all three facets: Does the behavior help achieve the goal, is the goal worth pursuing, and is the price paid for performing the behavior one we are willing to pay?

The thought process of some who think the real goals, or the phony ones, justified is that it is simply outdated to concern oneself with human rights. One Attorney General called prohibitions against torture that the US was signatory to “quaint.” It’s kind of like the American rebels refusing to face the British in lining up. This was considered dirty pool and cowardly at the time. But, of course, there was something to actually try to achieve: repelling invaders. In the case of torture, it does not do what they claim. Let’s not confuse changing the rules with becoming inhuman.

But this is where it is going. Is this what we want? Who we want to be?

Damn. Back where John McCain said we were.

* Though I suspect after having been dosed with mefloquine and whatever other substances they’ve been playing with, any number of things that seem silly or in the grey area off the cuff very much become torture,  unequivocally.


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