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Added Project Bizarre to the MKULTRA Subproject 119 tab at top. This was the successor to “Telecontrol at Texas Christian University,” an attempt to see what literature existed with regards to modifying behavior electronically, though clearly there was more to even that having been centered at one school. The link is to the Institute of Science in Society, aka ISIS, website and contains more than just noting the newer project.

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Barrett Brown and How Did We Get Here?

The fourth installment of The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail was just released: “Enter the Kissinger.” I’m particularly fond of Brown’s articles for a number of reasons.

First, of course, he was on a portion of our public/private intelligence community that got missed when the Washington Post did it’s expose: Top Secret America. Most of what the Post revealed was the sheer size, that most of it was dedicated to NSA, and those odd little things like the sheer number of facilities throughout das Mutterland, some of which sport GPS jammers. One assumes this is so one knows when one is near one.

Brown focused on Stratfor, which as I’ve noted before, I read periodically in the 90s, believing I was reading some interesting information up until 9/11 or so when they threw up a paywall and it became obvious that their prediction that the Chinese Government was going to fall by the year 2000 did not come to pass. I would learn later that The Atlantic referred to Stratfor as ‘The Economist six weeks later and ten times as expensive.’ Among the haul pulled out of the documents from Stratfor servers by FBI informant Hector Monsegur and non-FBI-informant-doing-rest-of-10.5-years hacker Jeremy Hammond, were documents and presentations indicating that at the very least, Stratfor intended to run covert operations against people exercising their right to free speech and to address grievances against megacorporations through the court system.

More recently, NBC and Glenn Greenwald have made mention of the British intelligence apparatus GCHQ doing some similar things. The mention of honey pots, for example, runs concurrent through both sets of documents.

NBC, “Snowden Docs: British Spies Used Sex and ‘Dirty Tricks’,” Matthew Cole, Richard Esposito, Mark Schone and Glenn Greenwald, 7 February 2014:

Brown’s creation of Project PM, an open-source effort to document Stratfor and other such corporations like The Carlyle Group’s Booz Allen Hamilton. I mention in Wicked Game particularly noting the woman Linda de Lotto who lived in my building and therefore rather near to Jeremy Scahill. It seems very unlikely that BAH was unaware of that.

Then there’s Barrett’s and my shared interest in the dark past of America. He mentions CHAOS, for example, in the latest piece. For me, much of my interest has been a matter of survival. As I also noted in Wicked Game, there was the case for invading Iraq, Plamegate, and the case of Sibel Edmonds who showed that several US officials conspired to sell US nuclear secrets and faced no prosecution for it. That information very likely wound up in the hands of international arms dealers like A.Q. Khan. Some see that as an unfortunate, unforeseen side-effect of treason-for-cash, whereas I see it for what it is: a future excuse to invade some country because they’ve gotten their hands on how to make nukes.

This is the real face of Washington exposed. Sanctions and embargoes are simply ways to charge more money if you’ve got the contacts, and people in the Deep State and the Military-Industrial-Complex, that is spooks and high-ranking military officers and all the politicians, bureaucrats, Wall Street CEOs, subcontractors, and multinational banks who are tied into it have those. In making the rest of us less safe, they make themselves a fortune, or several.

Next, Brown is fond of pointing out funny grammar and especially long sentences. I’m {apparently} fond of using funny/bad grammar and especially long sentences. It never fails to make me laugh.

In this particular piece by Brown, he discusses some portions of Henry Kissinger’s book on his years in the Nixon administration. I’ll let you read what one tweeter called “the best Henry Cabot Lodge joke you’ll read all week” for yourself and focus instead on Kissinger’s love-that-dare-not-speak-the-crime regarding former DCI Richard Helms. On top of what Brown says about Helms in the piece, Helms was the one who ordered the destruction of the documents related to MKULTRA and related programs. He knew without a doubt that if the truth came out that it would spell the end of the CIA. It would go the way of those several precursors to DEA–at least one of which was closed for reasons of rampant corruption and investigated with the help of the CIA. This no doubt was as much learning the ropes of the international drug business as much as helping out a fellow agency. We can see the results today, I’ve mentioned Afghanistan and Honduras repeatedly in recent weeks as related to this.

But MKULTRA especially was troubling. See again the testimony and statements of the women in the post below. Can you imagine what would have happened if that had gotten out just after Vietnam, Watergate, etc.? We might actually have a government for the people, of the people, by the people today. I know, I’m so footloose and fancy-free in my thinking.

This is also interesting, because I’ve been updating some of the MKULTRA-related pages at top.

In fact, I think I’ve had something of a small breakthrough. Subproject 119, which John Marks labels “Telecontrol-Texas Christian [University],” actually has three pages of draft memo much like the 5-5-55 one you find up top. This one makes it clear that CIA was indeed looking for a method of controlling human behavior electronically and remotely, beginning in 1960. As noted above in the second acoustic psycho-correction article at top, the FBI consulted with the Russians on their version in 1993, notes that CIA was on to the Russians’ version as early as 1983. And it must be capable of doing what it does–planting ideas in a person’s head without them necessarily knowing it even occurred–from a distance. They wanted to use it to talk David Koresh down. They were at a standoff. The only way that scenario could work was if they could do so from outside the compound.


Also as noted above, that which is generically known as voice-to-skull, pretty much any method of getting what the brain interprets as sound into the head without actually using sound everyone can hear, was once defined by the US Army online. The definition included that it could do so subliminally.

They later removed that definition. DoD also issued memos altering how the Inspector General operates for civil liberties investigations and defined what constitutes damage from non-lethal weapons, voice-to-skull having been defined as a NLW. Both memos were issued on the same day.

The 1977 Senate hearings focused largely on the use of drugs and make no mention of subproject 119 at all that I can find. Is that a limited hangout? The drug research was an important part of the research though much of what they set out to do with it failed. For example, they did not so far as we know discover a truth serum, but they did discover how to drug people silly and make them seem insane. CIA also, along with the Department of Defense, had already done considerable research on hypnosis. Put that with voice-to-skull and acoustic psycho-correction, and you have a method of making a target at least generally do something that they may not normally do.

Like make an angry YouTube video naming the FBI agent who just ransacked your mother’s home resulting in facing up to 70 years in prison.

Now, believe me, I know all the reasons people don’t like to talk about things like this. First, there’s been such a good job of painting anyone who does as a “conspiracy nut” at best; paranoid schizophrenic at worst.

Then there’s the fact that, unless there were a large, hard-hitting expose on this that included the FBI as having used it on US citizens on US soil, and maybe even then it would have to include evidence that Brown was such a target, it will do likely no good whatsoever in Brown’s legal defense. Believe me, I understand this.

Further, it only further serves to harm my own credibility in general, assuming I have any left to begin with. But let me reiterate: this is not a guess for me. I have witnessed this stuff in action many times, both on myself and those around me. Combined with other more mundane actions–like harassing someone’s mother, a likely easily discoverable “weak” point for even the most basic psychological profile, and you can get someone in the ballpark of the behavior you are trying to create. My guess is, they wanted Brown to become physically violent as an excuse to shoot him. As you can see, he showed amazing restraint if it is as I’m suggesting.

You’ll find the standard psych profile discussion in Marks’ book as well as some of the few known successes with hypnosis that CIA carried out.

I leave you with a quote. It seems they are just absolutely convinced that they only have the option of driving me to suicide at this point. I’m attempting to show them for the kinds of people they are, and simultaneously just how broken the system is when you have no rights at all, no legal recourse, when the crooks are running it all.

Also from Marks’ book:

It was planned destructiveness. First, you’d check to see if you could destroy a man’s marriage. If you could, then that would be enough to put a lot of stress on the individual, to break him down. Then you might start a minor rumor campaign against him. Harass him constantly. Bump his car in traffic. A lot of it is ridiculous, but it may have a cumulative effect.

Search for the Manchurian Candidate, John Marks, ch. 10:

Those of you already in Texas and those on your way, wish I were there with you. Alas, the money situation didn’t work out as I had hoped. What I get for saying I was going so soon before, I suppose.

Please give him my best, and my best to all of you. One day…

DMagazine/Frontburner, “Enter the Kissinger,” Barrett Brown, 11 March 2014:

BBD: Al Qaeda in NYC

As I mentioned over here in Wicked Game, some time soon after 9/11, I made a call to the terrorism hotline number. This was due to seeing a pair of odd characters posing as electricians and wandering around the Upper East Side in and around Carl Schurtz Park near Gracie Mansion, the traditional home of the Mayor of New York City.



At that point, I had about ten years experience with contractors and subcontractors from working as a real estate consultant. This work began in environmental, primarily related to abating asbestos at the so-called Exxon Building, 1251 Avenue of the Americas, or 1251 Sixth Avenue for short. I had left PSI in 1999, which had been bought by Romney’s Bain Capital a few years before that. I was still working in the same building but for a different consulting firm that worked with many tenants in that building and owners and tenants elsewhere. Nearly all of this work was related to preparing floors for tenant move-ins regardless of who our client was. We managed the design team and contractors as our primary service, typically known as “Owner’s Representative” or “Tenant Representative” depending on who our client was.

In this case, I saw two Middle Eastern men dressed similarly. One was muscular and younger than the other who was thin and “brainy” in appearance. They both had cell phones on their belts but no tools. They both wore blue t-shirts but only one had the IBEW/Local 3 (the electricians’ union) logo on it. They seemed out of place.

The younger one noticed my noticing them and spoke louder than the other who was happily describing something in another language. The younger one simply said, “Get ready, get ready,” a few times which caused his smaller companion to quiet down.

Though the dog run at the Park has changed considerably since then, the photo below was approximately my view. This was September or early October of 2001. Wearing t-shirts did not seem out of place, so it must have been a warm day. There was no snow. The fence has changed as well.


They came from the north…


…and headed south.


Unsure what to do, I called the hotline. A few minutes later a man, accompanied by a woman and a boy, walked from the same direction. He was talking into a blue-tooth ear piece, as if to convince someone of something, “It’s near Gracie Mansion. It’s near Gracie Mansion.”

The trio walked the same direction that the men had. I never heard anything more, didn’t really expect to.

A few days later, I again took the dogs to the dog run at the Park. On the way, I saw a black NYPD SUV and an ambulance parked in front of, I think this building, 120 East End Avenue. I say “I think” because I recall it being further south but the appearance of the building matches that one, so most likely I’d just forgotten precisely which cross street.


Assuming that FBI and NYPD did find an Al Qaeda cell in that apartment building or somewhere nearby, and that the presence there was follow-up investigation, there are some interesting questions this raises.

First, I think it unlikely that this was a coincidence. This occurred after my stint at the Ford Foundation backed New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, and like everything else after that and the college trip to Germany the year prior, it becomes suspect as to its “naturally occurring” state. In other words, it seems likely that  some party (CIA?) knew of the cell’s presence but for some reason did not/could not communicate that information directly to FBI/NYPD. They instead used their unwitting asset via whichever method (voice-to-skull subliminals, subliminal sound, ultrasound, acoustic psycho-correction, etc.) to ensure I was there and noticed the men. Did they make sure the men were out and about while I was there as well? Why not? How did they know there was a cell in the first place?

A few years later, there would be a similar situation except I’d be completely wrong. Was that the same people or different made that happen? Was the purpose to discredit in preparation for what was to come, or to signal to me or someone else that not all was what it seemed? The second occurrence involved a man who somewhat resembled Michael Ledeen.

I’m not quite sure. What it does indicate to me is that the US government frequently knows more than it lets on. We the civilians go on envisioning a world that is 100 years behind where it actually is technologically and buy into “mistakes” that are actually well-calculated risks designed to influence public opinion. This usually moves us in the direction of handing over money and/or power to someone who already has plenty of both. Unless you believe there’s some superior being who thinks that’s the way things ought to be, you can infer surreptitious interference in our affairs. Attempting to apply other rules and methods to the plausibly deniable is pointless…that’s why it’s plausibly deniable: it’s designed to avoid detection.

In more recent news, Giuliani’s firm moved into 1251 at some point after I left. A couple of weeks or so before I arrived, his office and some hotels near the Super Bowl apparently received envelopes with white powder in them. I am told that they tested negative for anthrax. I don’t know why they were targeted and didn’t hear about it until I got to NY. This trip had been planned for months though and kept getting delayed.

It should be noted that Giuliani did not live in Gracie Mansion (though his ex-wife may have) while he was mayor. Apparently Al Qaeda did not know that. Maybe.


BBD – Clue or Disinfo?

Two posts below I made note of attending the NATO 3 pre-jury selection hearing on December 23. What I did not describe was how it was I came to be there.

Early that morning I woke up with a phrase in my head. I was fairly certain I’d just been dreaming, but as is usual for me, didn’t recall the dream itself. The phrase was “26th and Cuernavaca.” Being an American citizen and product of our underfunded-in-favor-of-stuff-that-blows-other-stuff-up public education system, I am woefully bad with geography. Google was quick to the rescue to remind me that it’s a city in Mexico.

This was quickly followed by a visit to the Twitter and, within seconds, information about the hearing. It’s location? 26th and California. Weird, I thought. A mix-up? A function of the mind control tech causing confusion between words that begin with ‘C’?

I had enough time to get down there and take care of some other business near by (showering at the Y because the house I was living in had no water service), I made my first trip to that part of Chicago. I also discovered that it is a Mexican neighborhood. Not so much a mix-up as a joke, I take it. Does it work while sleeping, giving hypnotic suggestions perhaps even including whatever seems to be happening live later during waking hours? How the f— should I know?

Now you might wonder why I sometimes follow the advice of extra-cranial thoughts given that the majority of those I’ve received over the past four years seem to have been largely aimed at ruining my life, directing me toward violence, possibly prison, etc.

In this case I’d say a combination of curiosity and, really, after what they’ve done and continue to do, what do I care about garnering the attention of one more set of people hellbent on destroying America for their own profit, power, and self-gratification? Let’s get all the scumbags together so we can see how they operate if for no other reason than the sheer entertainment value needed before things heat up in all sorts of really ugly ways. Because you know, that’s going to happen. It’s inevitable between Executive power and Legislative corruption carrying 99% of us to the brink of destruction. Or something like that.

Now as to why those using the tech decided to make me aware of the hearing last minute…your guess is as good as mine. Likely they think they can convince me that there are at least two parties involved and at least one is not as crooked as the other(s). Or, to continue to try to “train” me so they can try to succeed with one of those other, more desirable outcomes listed above. Because, really, it’s not that difficult to figure out. I need only look around at what they’ve done to know what they’re really about.

You can try to twist yourself into logic pretzels about how someone or other really has ultimately good intentions, or you can stop listening to what they say and look at what they have wrought. There is no brilliant plan, no covert op designed to save us all. We’re on our own. And if we’d just stop attacking each other, maybe we’d make some headway.

But we aren’t. We won’t. We’re on the downward slide and, like the dog who gets his tail stepped on by the master, we turn instead and bite the other mutts.

We’re doomed. Or something.

More Barrett Brown genius from behind bars:

D Magazine/FRONT|BURNER, “The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail: Secrets of the Illuminati, or, Yay, Cookies!,” Barrett Brown, 31 January 2014:

Change in the narrative, Aaron Alexis deemed mentally stable by doctor before shooting.

Disinformation Cronies

Right. Anonymous has blown the cover off of a well known “conspiracy” host, Alex Jones. Apparently his website’s IP address belongs to CIA and US Chamber of Commerce subcontractor Stratfor. Yes, the very same company I’ve mentioned here well before I ever heard the names Jeremy Hammond and Barrett Brown. Check it out here:

Realist News, “High Alert: Alex Jones IP is”, “JPMSecretAgent,” December 12, 2012:

Truth is I’ve never once listened to his show, but have heard about various pieces via others. Jesse Ventura has been on his show. I hope he knows the truth now and denounces Jones for misleading people.

There are a few others I’ve run across. The easier ones to spot usually go for one version of the space alien conspiracy or another. Talking a lot about Satanists is another red flag. Harder to spot (assuming you aren’t still suckered enough to think that there isn’t something to the new MKULTRA and COINTELPRO claims) are the ones who talk about really, really advanced technology and “sleeper” programmed assassins a la PROJECT MONARCH.

The tech issue is a tough one to parse out because there is tech beyond what most of us are aware of, but once you grep the main principle (waves and sound sent from a distance to affect body and mind plus psychological techniques in their use), it’s not that big of a deal to understand. The big deal is in raising awareness in the face a very big machine that doesn’t want it exposed because it serves power so well. The MONARCH thing is easier for me having had the experiences I’ve had:

Harassment from the shadows + PSYOPs to misdirect ire + drugs to affect logic brain function | targeting someone already mentally disturbed + the sound/waves used to remote torture and send instructions = the new COINTELPRO.

Note again that the actions the perpetrators desire from the target can vary from the simplest thing such as just being at X place at Y time to voter / legislative vote / judge & jury rigging to affecting journalistic & law enforcement decisionmaking to harassment of a primary target by the secondary one to violent action including not just murder but also suicide.

This is why this crap needs to be exposed, needs to be regulated, needs to stop. It’s illegal already under various laws, but the specific use of waves/sound only in Michigan and maybe Massachusetts.

Alex Jones is on the poopy list.

MKULTRA: What Really Happened?

According to the official record, DCI Richard Helms had the records for MK/Ultra destroyed. Given the many, many indicators that this was not likely the case (that is there are many situations that seem to line up perfectly with the subprojects listed here) and that one of the targets with the longest history found herself in trouble in the early 80s, I doubt this was the case.

Inatead, I think that the documents were transferred to a private contractor. I believe that contractor to be Booz Allen Hamilton, subsidiary of Saudi Bin Laden and IL/CT/TX Bush families invested Carlyle Group. Now Abu Dhabi is getting into the act.

Apart from the many obvious signs of this, there is what I pointed out within the last month or so. They have invested in earphones to be marketed primarily at African-Americans. Why would a defense/intelligence contractor do so?

See again subprojects 123 and 124 at the link above.

See again voice-to-skull (link at top), capable of subliminal suggestions. See again acoustic psycho-correction (two links at top) and how it was studied by the US since the 80s, discussed publicly in the 90s, including consideration of the idea of using it remotely on David Koresh. See again the 1991 paper presented at a NATO summit regarding the use of NLWs for domestic political purposes.

This is the bankster/defense/intelligence/criminal solution to climate change. Start race wars is one portion of it. Make it illegal to be black.

If you’re having trouble imagining people this unscrupulous, this selfish, then I suggest you aren’t paying attention.

Jeremy Hammond Sentencing Hearing Part 4

When it came time for the prosecution to take its turn, we heard a whole different story that largely failed to mention Stratfor at all. It is difficult to come up with justifications for breaking the law, especially when the whole point of locking up the accused is to hide previous lawbreaking by the government and to pressure an individual into helping with more of it.

Instead we heard about the online vandalism of some websites, most especially the state of Arizona’s and how, Jeremy Hammond, being the cruel, heartless, monster that he is, revealed the home address of a man who retired from beating the s— out of n—–s and spics for a living. How Jeremy could possibly be so callous to a poor old man who served his community in such a stellar capacity is beyond me. It is not, however, beyond the Obama administration to defend such practices. It was at this point of the proceedings that I had that same thought that’s been occurring to me over and over since moving to the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago: Obama’s problems stem not from being half-black but rather from being half-white.

Interestingly, the prosecution also made little mention of the hacking of foreign websites. This sounded like it was nearly the biggest piece of all. They did make clear reference to it, albeit unintentionally, when they described and characterized Hammond’s behavior as if they were describing precisely what Edward Snowden and others helped to unveil with regards to the practices of the NSA and its cadre of subcontractors and what it was that the FBI was up to with this case. Then they said it twice: “There is nothing altruistic about it,” “This was not altruism.” I was at this point laughing and taking notes. The irony of a criminal government being hung by its own words is a precious and hilarious thing even if, in part due to the fact that they have no limits on lies, funding and underhandedness means not a single one of them will ever be held accountable.

I would do a separate post on Preska’s statements, but it was impossible to tell where the DA’s nose ended and Preska’s rear end began. We again heard the tale of woe of one retired skull-crackin’ protector of the white and affluent and nada about people like myself who have been run over by Washington’s greed and illegal activities.

What I did learn, what I had not realized or remembered, was the they essentially burned Stratfor to the ground. Not in the literal way that the US government burned the Conway’s condo building to the ground on the morning of December 23, 2009 in order to try to turn me into a violent radical, but in the virtual, e-meaning of the word. The FBI, Sabu, and Jeremy didn’t just steal Stratfor’s data; they also deleted it after taking it. The financial loss to Stratfor was in the millions of dollars. The embarrassment must have also taken a toll given that one of the company’s officers is a former high-ranking CIA official. Looking like amateurs must have really upset them.

When Preska declared that Hammond, Sabu and the FBI had taken down a member of Top Secret America, I had a physical problem. My legs suddenly tried to–repeatedly!–force me to stand up. My arms likewise wanted to force my hands to slap palms together repeatedly. It was with a great deal of effort, despite the presence of those US Marshalls already alluded to, to prevent my body from doing that which would have gotten me expelled before the end of the event, before the #lulz really started coming.

For Jeremy Hammond’s allocution and explanation, see here. It makes a great deal more sense out of it all and see, apart from my contention that Booz Allen Hamilton had a hand in all of this, just how close it is to what I’ve been saying. Speaking of which, it’s probably worth repeating/restating.

“Team Themis” is three intelligence contractors: Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting; used to read their stuff back in the 90s), HB Gary Federal (not to be confused with HB Gary) and Palantir. Palantir is especially interesting because it is owned by Ron Paul’s largest donor for his bid for president, Peter Thiel, who wants to abolish the CIA. They also, as a CIA subcontractor, targeted Glenn Greenwald and his family well before Edward Snowden made headlines. Precisely why and how is something I still do not know the details of.

But what does that mean? It means that while Booz Allen Hamilton (96 year old defense/intel contractor; subsidiary of the Carlyle Group) represents our one party Republican-Democrat system, Team Themis is the Tea Party, the libertarians. The FBI specifically targeted a competitor of Booz Allen Hamilton who was also linked to a political opponent of Repubublicans and Democrats alike. This was, among many other things, a political hit job.

That Snowden, a Paul supporter, worked at Booz Allen Hamilton, and that they were embarassed by that, implies to me that his departure was initiated as revenge by Team Themis. They struck back that way. Hammond, Sabu, and Snowden were, to the extent that they did not do what they did purely from free will, purely out of choice, were pawns. (Just as I am of someone by writing all this. Lots of other things I’d prefer to do, but can’t because of the gun to my head).

I hate to interject this here, but it needs to be said. We (that is the 99%) are going to lose unless the COINTELPRO stuff is recognized, pointed out, examined, exposed, etc. Further, the more advanced means of making this stuff happen and getting away with it must also be understood.

I attempted to explain, in the simplest terms, the Stratfor-Booz Allen Hamilton angle in all of this. Simply, carefully, and calmly, to a smart man, a supporter of Hammonds. His eyes almost immediately glazed over. I continued anyway just to see if there was any way at all I could overcome these old Soviet nonlethal weapons in action by talking. Apparently not. Here are the four things requiring reading until you “get it”:

1 – Voice To Skull

2 – Acoustic Psycho-Correction part 1

3 – Acoustic Psycho-Correction part 2

4 – 1991 NATO Paper on Political Uses for Electronic Behavioral Modification Technology

This is the ace in the hole, the reason why there can and will not be any progress beyond the cosmetic designed to make you think you’ve got a fighting chance. This is the reason progress is losing, will always lose. It’s bigger than you think. Take away the toys and level the playing field. Don’t do that, and expect a dystopia that you haven’t even experienced in your worst nightmares yet.

Who gives a s— how it sounds? The truth often sounds ridiculous, especially when there is so much effort put in to distorting and obfuscating it.

When We Fail to Listen and Learn


Reuters November 15, 2013 – New York NY

The sentencing hearing for confessed hacktivist Jeremy Hammond who has plead guilty to charges under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act have been postponed due to an early morning attack which police are stating was carried out by a 27 year old upstate New York man they have identified as Joseph A. Camp.

Details are still emerging as to how camp managed to get close enough to Judge Preska in order to fire an assault rifle despite a joint NYPD, FBI and Department of Homeland Security terror threat exercise just a block from the Manhattan court house where Preska was scheduled to pronounce sentencing of  Hammond for hacking the servers of private firm Strategic Forecasting, also known as Stratfor. The exercise, similar to the one conducted in Boston during the marathon bombings, is drawing some fire from lawmakers who state that maybe the training is drawing attention away from the actual work of protecting the American people.

According to witnesses, Camp shouted “We are Anonymous” just before opening fire. …

I’ll let the reader’s imagination follow where the rest goes if they have the ability. It would be nice if one, just one, person would separate cranium from pelvis, but clearly that is too much to ask. I will be goddamned if I can figure out how some people so good with computers, masters of Cyberspace, can at the same time be so damn stupid, gullible, and actually serve the purposes of those they claim to oppose and fail to understand the simplest principles of how black ops work, to be seemingly completely ignorant of Spookspace. Gotta learn to live in all of the spaces if you want to survive.

To those who don’t know, Camp is a sexually abused, now unstable indivudal that FBI is using as bait to goad some people claiming Anonymous affiliation. He claims.or threatens to harass Hammond’s attorneys. FBI is using the same or similar kinds of electronics and PSYOPs that were used on Aaron Alexis, Aaron Swartz, and others. This is all-out black ops warfare and some people are taking the bait.

Now if I could just get a handle on this Meatspace thing…

MONARCH (Updated)

This is my opinion, based on my experience. I could be wrong, but I really don’t think so. The point of this post is to try to separate fact from fiction, and to help the layman better understand how it actually works. The reasons for that are to alleviate fear (the real danger we face, the erosion of civilization through paranoia) and to help people understand how they can stop it if they have the opportunity.

MONARCH, whether it was an actual program or not (I have my doubts that it was serious and effective if it was real) was the so-called programmed assassin program. While I kind of do wonder about Sirhan Sirhan (somehow the sight of a green dress may have served as a psychological trigger for him), I also point out again that there may have been–in my opinion likely were–additional shooters. A truly insane, delusional and paranoid schizophrenic is not likely to be a good shot nor are they likely to even clearly perceive their surroundings properly to go after whomever it was they were “programmed” to attack. They are, my opinion, the scapegoat, the camouflage, cover, and get-out-of-jail free card for the real, professional assassins and for those who ordered the covert operation.

Instead, the disinformation out there (try googling Project Monarch) makes it sound like there are robots out there sleeping, waiting to pounce at any given moment. While it may be possible, there are a thousand things that could go wrong and such a person would likely have to perform their task soon after being released from weeks of torture and brainwashing. The ability to hide that that had been done to them would also be problematic, in my opinion. They would likely exhibit signs of mental illness, fear of noises and lights, etc. (Which is not to say that everyone with extreme phobias is a programmed assassin).

(Dr. Alfred McCoy–no relation–seems to think it was all phony, but I think he’s referring to MONARCH, not the tricks that I am which he may never have considered).

Rather, what is important in the way these ops really work, in my opinion, is to lay the groundwork for being able to paint the patsy as mentally ill and to ensure that they are at the right place at the right time. Like a Hollywood film using stunt doubles and special effects, a team of field agents can handle the rest followed by a tidal wave of lies from those helping to cover up the truth (again, careerism, choosing the right people for the job–aka “casting”–and a very well-founded fear of refusal will tend to keep discipline in those ranks).

Whether the target is drugged or had some form of microwave hearing used on them in order to behave erratically is unknown to me. Easier to drug them and cover it up or use electronics that don’t leave any such trace? Don’t know. To my knowledge, no such op has ever been truly exposed to the point we can know step-by-step what occurred.

Without the advantage of actual custody, that is complete control of the patsy by having them holed up, they have to rely on PSYOPs and electronics, covert harassment, to get the target agitated enough to exhibit violent behavior in order to make the frame-up convincing. This usually takes the form of isolation.

By first altering the mood, thinking, personality of the target, they convince those closest to them that the target has gone insane. The target knows, despite actually now having some brain malfunction due to what has been done to them, that their harassment is very real, though even those few events witnessed by others seem tame to someone who isn’t having them done to them several times a day and has not been drugged perhaps with something like mefloquine or another alkaloid that can cause schizoohreniclike symptoms. Those close to the target are not seeing what’s happening as harassment, but rather a new, suddenly strange and frightening sensitivity to everything around them. Most of us, not being at all schooled in how to deal with that in a friend or family member, immediately want psychological help for the target. The target, knowing–correctly and without a doubt that something sinister is afoot–becomes angry at the suggestion that it is all in their head. The truth is of course it’s a mix of both. They’ve been altered (usually temporarily) but also there is a real group behind what’s happening.

Once they are isolated due to the rift caused by the misunderstanding, the PSYOPs team is free to go to town on the target. From that point forward, anyone that the target meets will assume that the target has always been a little strange and view literally everything they say through a filter of doubt due to some of the more incredible things they’ve already heard from them.

The stage is being set for what happens later. Now you’ve got “witnesses.”

Note: I haven’t even mentioned the use of voice-to-skull and subliminal audio messages on both the target and the witnesses yet. That makes it even more effective. You can literally start arguments with that by pushing the right buttons. It’s not just the patsy who is targeted, it’s also some of the people that they have come into contact with.

Now most people (me included until it happened so much that I had to accept it as possible and the only logical explanation) don’t really think that they can be hypnotized, that subliminals would be effective on them. We are an arrogant species. I include myself in that.

The reason for this is that we are truly delusionally ignorant about how our brains work in the first place. We don’t, as individuals, understand much at all about what’s happening in our unconscious recesses of our heads. We only know what consciousness says, believes, and it is clear from neurobiological research that consciousness is a pathological liar.

(This may not actually be a bad thing. Is being positive about the day ahead when you wake up delusional? You don’t actually know the answer to that until evening rolls around. If the day was bad, then you were delusional about it, weren’t you? But it might have been worse if consciousness had said “Today’s gonna suck” and you didn’t make the best of a bad situation.)

To quickly sum up the rest, they trick the target into being where they want them however they can. As stated over in Wicked Game, I visited the state capitol in Minnesota one day in order to try to deliver a letter. That it happened to coincide with a war of words between an author I like and a state Tea Party rep who insulted him publicly struck me as a funny coincidence at the time, perhaps a little disturbing in retrospect. I could have been set up if they had decided to do so.

But, there you go. I had what I thought were my reasons for being there (a few people had also suggested seeing it, so it was also part tourism).

The point, these targets think they have reasons for what they do. There is a logic even if that logic did not actually originate with them and if it can be twisted by the people who set them up.

This is very, very different than pressing a button and remote controlling a human being (though that day is surely coming, especially if we don’t look into this topic in a very serious and effective way and before it is too late).

What could stop it? As corny as it may sound, love. Unconditional love might have prevented the isolation. It might also divert the course from where the patsy is supposed to be, completely ruining those sinister plans to destroy the middle class (the real goal here) in order to more easily reduce population without a resisting force to speak of. * You’d be surprised just how far a little act of kindness will go with a person in that desperate state of mind. They are looking for a way out of the trap, the Hell, that someone else created for them. You can help.

These principles and techniques do not just apply to violence. For example, a large, old corporation could easily trick a hacker into targeting a few newer, smaller competitors who think they can muscle their way in and take some of those contracts that the older, bigger company believes it will take, thankyouverymuch, while ensuring that there is financial data in the hoard in order to remove a “PITA” truth-telling gadfly and coerce the world’s greatest hacker into slavery.

And that’s what I meant about Miles Copeland, Jr. pointing out that the Watergate burglars had been tricked by CIA into the break-in. Same pattern, different targets, parties, goals, and methods

And the larger point, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are. That subliminal stuff may actually work better on somebody who is smart because they have a broader world view and therefore a wider range of behaviors they would consider normal. Such people tend to be more open-minded. That might make it easier to persuade them to do what is desired. It’s once you get outside the range of internally acceptable behaviors that hypnosis starts to fall apart.

Awareness that this is actually done and that, pinch yourself, it may really be happening to you or someone you know, is also part of stopping disgusting, un-American, destructive, illegal, immoral, unethical, operations like these.

Of course these subliminals can also be used to make “PITA” truth-telling gadflies smoke like chimneys. I don’t actually have a solution for that. Yet. (But “dead at 30 anyway,” BB? You fell for that old trick?).

Further reading:

“Bioeffects of Microwave Radiation”



And of course the note I left under Dr. Lin’s door about the Carlyle Group investment in Dr. Dre’s headphones. Oh, wait. You can’t read that one.


* Mr. Casey was wrong. Someone did figure it out.

Nuthin’ But a G-Neural Thang

Play on a song title.


The Carlyle Group, which as I stated in Wicked Game was close to being a client of my firm’s back in 2000-something. It owns Booz Allen, which I also noted in Wicked Game because I had two employees of that intelligence community contractor in my life, one a D&D player, the other lived in my condo building, didn’t really know her.

Carlyle is known for having both George H.W. Bush at one time on its board and for having been invested in by the relatives of a maybe dead/maybe not (as Sy Hersh seems to be saying now) terrorist named Osama bin Laden.

Booz Allen Hamilton, according to David Sirota, bankrolls both the Democratic and Republican Parties *. It was also NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s former employer.

Got all that so far? Good.

Now, let’s step back and think, reminisce, about some of the topics covered here.

First, there’s voice-to-skull. According to the US Army, it has two modes: projecting consciously discernable sound into the heads of mammals including human beings and a subliminal mode where it can project sounds that only the unconscious mind are aware of.

The fact is, subliminal audio can be sent out, audibly without the need for sending it into the skull via V2K, using any device capable of sending out sound. In other words, your kids could be watching cartoons about anything at all while the subliminals are telling them, drink more soda, make mommy and daddy buy you toys, trust the priest he’s just teaching you about the birds and the bees, whatever.

Next let’s recall that the CIA’s MKULTRA project included many subprojects, including #123 and #124: “African[-American] attitudes” studies. In other words, the CIA, not having many at all black people employed, decided to find out what makes black people tick. We don’t know what they discovered, because of course the criminal motherf—ers destroyed all the evidence that they could.

(Note: g-neural was apparently what science fiction writer Philip K. Dick called what he thought would one day come: electronic methods of controlling human beings).

I’ve also been thinking about how the Ford Foundation (also ass-deep in CIA shenanigans) helped to fund the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival where I interned in 1989 and 1990 (again, see Wicked Game for details).

Finally, having I believe shown homework that is almost completely in the public domain, we have the Carlyle Group’s decision to invest $500M in a new headphone set being marketed by Dr. Dre:

Headline Grabber

Several articles there as I write this. I don’t currently know why Abu Dhabi in particular is a big owner of Carlyle (and therefore Booz Allen, and therefore the two major parties…).

That’s it. Enjoy the fireworks, because I sure as s— seem to be fighting uphill, alone, with one broken leg trying to get the false-flag V2K terror stuff even into the public eye much less to get those whose job it should be to shut that s— down.

C’est la vie. C’est la guerre.

(Also, CIA has a biolab in Kazakhstan that was/is poised to release false-flag pandemics, but I took care of that on Twitter. You’re welcome.)

* So stop being a chickenhead for either major party. Bought and sold.


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