Deride and Smother

Or something like that. There are a few side details in here. I’m trying to explain a little bit about how covert ops/PSYOP work as I understand them and at the same time express why I think despite some bad decisions, we should take it easy on Assange.

Probably this is worth going into more detail and retelling it in a different state from that which I originally wrote this chapter of Wicked Game dealing with my donation to Wikileaks on 29 January 2010, several months before Private Manning, Wikileaks, and Julian Assange became household words.

A short side trip here…I will remind/inform folks that the OGD, that’s the Open Government Directive, an initiative ordered by Barack Obama to make government more transparent, had one of its primary document/orders signed the same day everything started to go sideways in my life. There is no question in my mind that there is some connection between my bizarre experiences and that happening.

Imagine an agency that has been ordered to reveal how it does certain things and that it even does certain things but is extremely unhappy about having to comply. What might it do? Drug the living shit out of one of its unwitting assets, have him tell everyone, but make him so f***ing crazy that they won’t believe it. This is the background and why I think things like what I’m detailing below happened.

Back to the main story. In late 2009, I had never heard Chelsea’s name prior to when the arrest occurred and news broke in the middle of the year. If I knew Julian Assange’s name prior to that it was by accident and I had most likely not seen his picture to put a face to the name. I did know of Wikileaks but didn’t exactly know what it was or who founded it and why. I had run across it probably in 2008 or 2009 on some Google search on some topic I’ve forgotten.

Similarly, I had of course heard the word Anonymous, but since I was mostly reading mainstream media in those days knew little beyond it was a hacker group; more informed outlets, I would learn later, refer to it as a collective since the word group implies some kind of organized structure and leadership.

Further I had likely read an article or two by, and therefore read the name Barrett Brown, but, again, had no idea who he might have been beyond a journalist who wrote an article or two that I read.

However, come January of 2010, I was being harassed and likely drugged with LSD and probably some other substances I’ve never been able to identify. Sleeplessness, AKA sleep deprivation, can actually be activated via microwaves per the US Army FOIA on the subject [see Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons under microwave heading here].

This is to say nothing of the perfectly normal reaction of being unable to sleep due to wondering who the f***, why the f***, what the f*** and not being able to come up with a coherent answer because you didn’t expect the world’s “guiding light” democracy to behave like Stasi or SS because that kind of history we ignore, sweep under the rug, and generally pretend doesn’t happen in favor of Hollywood narratives where CIA officers and FBI agents give a shit about their fellow Americans. To call those movie narratives fiction is to be redundant.

So I was angry and justifiably so. I sent money to Wikileaks. Again, this is before the Manning story broke and yet it is after DoD lawyers claim Manning started shopping around documents which they claim began in October of 2009. Interesting, isn’t it, how they seemed to know what was going on but allowed it to continue for almost nine months per their timeline, including allowing all those politician and bureaucrat emails get passed along? But that’s not the point of this post.

I’d also note that Manning was in contact with my then neighbor, investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill about the movements of Erik Prince in the wake of some DoJ investigations that went unsurprisingly nowhere. Of course I knew nothing of that either until much later when Scahill discussed or wrote about it publicly.

That was January. By March, I was on my way to Minneapolis having lost it all and was settling into an apartment on University Avenue by the beginning of April 2010. At some point months later, I had a date followed by an overnight stay at my apartment. This date mostly consisted of drinking at the Gay 90s bar.

My guest proceeded to, while in bed, in a very drunken manner, and in a very fake way, call a friend on his cellphone and do the following:

In a loud volume and normal tone of voice beyond being very inebriated: “Hey, hey, listen…listen…” and said the name of the person he called.

Then a phony acting voice and a hushed whisper: “Help. Help me…”

He did this routine twice at which point I gather whomever he called hung up on him. He might have tried to call him back and was cursing about that.

I just laid there next to him staring at the ceiling wondering what the f*** CIA and/or FBI were up to now. What kind of effed up mind game was being played? We eventually fell asleep and that was that.

The next morning things were different. Sex happened. However, afterwards the used condom disappeared. I found it dropped in the hallway, I assume by accident and that he had originally planned some kind of nonsense involving using it as evidence of something revolving around the hamfisted attempt at faking a help-I’m-being-raped phone call.

I think it was a few days later, might have been ten days or two weeks but no more than that—time was experienced oddly back then, side effect of daily harassment and being drugged incessantly— that the accusations of rape against Julian Assange were reported.

This is neither the first nor the last time something like this has happened. It is however probably the most obvious one.

It was actually after this by some months that some major head games were played unsurprisingly involving the honeypot brainwashing thing {if you don’t know what that means, don’t sweat it} and I sent a threatening letter to Assange. This was almost pure mind control as the donation back in January had been. I felt as though it was something I had to do. They actually wanted me to turn hostile against some other people; “deflecting” that onto Wikileaks—given the ire it had raised from the Obama administration—seemed the only way to get the extreme pressure to stop.

You’ll note that this operates under the same principle as torture. The target/victim will say or do what is necessary to make it stop.

Now as to what I regret and what I don’t. A government that engages in covert slavery, which is what mind control in any form is: An attempt to make people do or believe that which they would not normally do, is an evil one. Period. I’ve noted this on FB and Twitter and is probably a good thing to include here. After hearing Masha Gessen discuss Russian politics succinctly and clearly, it reminded me that there used to be that kind of analysis here, in the US about US politics. If there still is some that isn’t based on lies like those espoused by David Frum and Thomas Friedman—not describing the world the way it actually is but rather the way they and the special interests they represent want it to be or to appear—it is well hidden. She said three simple sentences about Putin’s Russia and I got the image immediately and completely. So here it is.

The US government is not fascist, socialist or even particularly racist. It is post-ideological. It is about wielding and accumulating power. That’s all it is. The rest is just a toolbox for confusing us about its true nature and its complete loyalty and partnership with multinational corporations–mostly banks–to allow them to acquire all the wealth there is; ideological explanations are now a waste of breath, ink, and pixels for trying to rationalize that which is really simple and obvious:

I cannot accept your canon that we are to judge Pope and King unlike other men, with a favourable presumption that they did no wrong. If there is any presumption it is the other way against holders of power, increasing as the power increases. Historic responsibility [that is, the later judgment of historians] has to make up for the want of legal responsibility [that is, legal consequences during the rulers’ lifetimes]. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it. That is the point at which . . . the end learns to justify the means. You would hang a man of no position, . . . but if what one hears is true, then Elizabeth asked the gaoler to murder Mary, and William III ordered his Scots minister to extirpate a clan. Here are the greater names coupled with the greater crimes. You would spare these criminals, for some mysterious reason. I would hang them, higher than Haman, for reasons of quite obvious justice; still more, still higher, for the sake of historical science. . . .

Though sometimes Acton himself said some creepy things and got some things wrong I expect. But he got to the heart of it here. It’s about power and ideological labels fail to explain the actions. The reason for power is power, to borrow and alter what some sad-sack Scottish farmer once said.

We are still clinging to the idea that somehow corporate mass media is not completely corrupted; that somehow they still get us, if only sometimes, the information that is important and matters. It’s not necessarily that what it reports is untrue, that it’s always “fake news”; it’s that it is frequently not the most important thing we need to know that gets reported and that the most important things we need to know are being buried under a mountain of shit laid there mostly by the Langley Shit Dragon, sometimes referred to as the Central Intelligence Agency.

We have to let go of this notion if we are to have any chance of overcoming power’s desire to hold and lord over us absolute power. We must. If we don’t, this is a recipe for repeating the mistakes of the past every bit as much as being divided is. Anonymous was made up of libertarians and anarchists. That must mean something.


The Semi-Final Solution

“Should the practice of Spydom become universal farewell to all domestic confidence and happiness.” —London Times, Christmas 1859

Consider this a draft. I will I suppose at some point come back and include links and notes in order to further underline the inevitable conclusion at some point later this week. For now, I’m basically transferring what I’ve been saying for some weeks now on Twitter over here because I finally got a response. Unsure who it really was, will assume for sake of argument it actually was the Langley Shit Dragon.

Here it is.

Eventually, CIA is going to release a “plague” that is going to significantly reduce world population. Those spared will be the kinds of people with the wealth and power to steer multinational banks. [1] That is ultimately who CIA serves. [2] It has no compunction staging events that get Americans killed. It has no qualms about interfering in elections even to the point of murdering a President and his brother {before he could take his revenge or run for the office himself}. It has raped and tortured Americans and called that patriotism. [3] It regularly murders innocents and has tortured almost since its inception, proving it has no concerns about treatment of American POWs should they fall into foreign hands {this since at least 1952}. [4]

Further, we all know about German scientists brought in after WWII for rockets and, important in this case, biological weapon research. [5] You may not know we also snatched up extensive Japanese disease research that, in some ways, makes the Nazis seem a little lacking in imagination and tolerance for extreme horror. [6]

During the Korean War, the US used biological weapons. [7] This was denied for a very long time but the evidence it coming out more recently that, although some captured pilots may have been tortured, drugged, sleep-deprived into saying so, that it was actually true.

Why not?

And so, coupled with how black ops work, that is on a need-to-know / compartmentation basis… this means not everyone involved in a particular operation knows what the overall goal is or even about the other portions of the op. They may have one small walk-on piece to do and that is all. Think of it as a bit part actor with only three pages of a 200 page script. You might or might not be able to guess correctly what the overall story is, or you might not even be close.

And then there’s the fact that they tend not to ask questions. Illegality is par for the course. That’s what they do on a good day: Violate the laws of foreign countries. Of course it is against the law and their charter but they do so domestically as well. With that kind of mentality–no questions asked and only knowing a small portion of an op in the first place, coupled with “eyewash,” the practice of CIA lying to their own people [8] in order to confuse them and keep them in line despite their obvious disdain for democracy anywhere in the world including North America–it is not only possible but likely.

There are no big attempts to pull anything back as of yet with regards to climate change. [9] Ergo, they have another plan waiting: It’s all running out, so reduce demand by reducing population. It is the only way such an agency, that funds itself off of the opioid epidemic that it started from ushering in an increase in Afghanistan poppy production post-9/11, can behave. It must happen, as the natural progression of how it has always behaved. This is the inevitable result of examining and understanding CIA’s real psychological profile.


Postscript and Notes

Were I younger, I’d probably be looking at robot and drone repair as a profession. The world’s elite will probably need lots of those since their kids aren’t likely to be those kinds of people. One way to survive: Be useful.

Now, the response has been that this will never happen. They listed handling of nuclear materials {both power plants and weapons} as the reason. I can’t see that stopping things when the uber-wealthy want some breathing room. Who is going to be around to grab a nuke and blow up Mount Olympus or whatever corny name they make up for their new “Eden” anyway?

Not a good enough excuse for me to think it can’t/won’t happen. It will. Has to based on current variables.

1. John Miller, ” “Drug cartels’ bank,” HSBC, to see no arrests .” CBS News, 11 December 2012:

Baris Ergin, “FCA: Deutsche Bank financing terrorism,” Daily Sabah, 4 May 2016:

Nix, Patterson & Roach, LLP {NPR} press release, 19 November 2017:

NPR, along with attorneys from six other law firms across the nation, filed suit in the Southern District of New York against 17 banks, including Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Commerzbank, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Standard Chartered, Royal Bank of Scotland, Credit Suisse, Credit Agricole, and Bank Saderat. The lawsuit, O’Sullivan, et al. v. Deutsche Bank, AG, et al., Case No. 1:2017-cv-08709, was filed on November 9, 2017 behalf of 64 plaintiffs who suffered death or injury resulting from 55 separate attacks perpetrated by terrorists.

2. In the past, CIA has performed operations funded by millionaires and billionaires. Most infamously, William D. Pawley was known as one such millionaire privateer.

The argument I am making here, essentially derived at based on the historical pattern CIA has exhibited in the past combined with an understanding of just how powerful the Agency has become and an understanding that how the world tends to go is the way CIA tends to want it to go, means that CIA has hitched its wagon to multinational banks that fund terrorism and launder drug cartel money, as well as profit from natural and engineered crises all over the world, typically involving scarcity and therefore an increase in human suffering in order to further vacuum up wealth and with it power.

Increasingly, a majority of human beings worldwide are having less and less of a say in the affairs that matter most to them while a select few are having a complete, near-totalitarian say in those affairs. Also of note, it is becoming increasingly clear that simply because someone has become a billionaire does not mean that they can or should become the modern day equivalent of a monarch. Besides the same arguments against monarchy that lead to the trend abating, there is little evidence that such individuals possess intellects that make them better leaders. In fact, it has become clearer and clearer that they tend to lack those facilities.

For example, it is one thing to implement motion detectors that employees must wear in order to record by computer “efficiency” in order to get around labor laws and quite another to solve the problems that affect such a workforce like climate change or the increase in the power gap between employers and employees. In other words, success in the arena of extreme selfishness does not qualify someone to be a world leader. In fact, it tends to make them undesirable in such a position.

Statista, “Budget of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in line with the U.S. National Intelligence Program for fiscal years 2011 to 2017 {in billion U.S. dollars}”:

Roughly 150% of, or one-and-a-half times, NSA’s budget. This presumably does not include assassination drones, which are part of the war budget. Nor does it include funding from other sources, such as those banks under note 1 above and other multinational corporations, nor the importation of opioids into the United States.

Elizabeth Chuck, “As Heroin Use Grows in U.S., Poppy Crops Thrive in Afghanistan,” NBC News, 7 July 2015:

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Afghanistan’s opium production has almost doubled this year compared to 2016, while areas that are under poppy cultivation rose by 63 percent…

And for the historical perspective:

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3. See especially “Christina Coleb” testimony before Congress in 1993 regarding the rape and abuse of little girls by CIA in a Tucson desert facility and how the girls were told that they should be proud for receiving the abuse because it was “for America.”

Note that Pizzagate appears to be an attempt to make this true story and some other ones appear to be a crackpot “conspiracy theory.”

CIA assets kidnapped American toddlers and smuggled them to Saudi Arabia to be child slaves to the House of Saud.

Original US News & World Report article is gone. Find a copy here:

FOIA / Freedom of Information Act documents from other agencies that were forced to cease investigations can be found here:

FOIA on MKULTRA subproject where children were exposed to aerosol drugs by CIA at a Summer camp allegedly in order to study drug effects on child development:

CIA assassinated children with drones under both the Obama and Trump administrations:

Glenn Greenwald, “Obama Killed a 16-Year-Old American in Yemen. Trump Just Killed His 8-Year-Old Sister,” The Intercept, 30 January 2017:


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NPR {National Public Radio} link:

Under Operation Paperclip, which began in May of 1945, the scientists who helped the Third Reich wage war continued their weapons-related work for the U.S. government, developing rockets, chemical and biological weapons, aviation and space medicine (for enhancing military pilot and astronaut performance), and many other armaments at a feverish and paranoid pace that came to define the Cold War.

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To read many other articles on this subject and the ones that came later in 2015, you’d think CIA was trying to do something good and the evil Republicans kept shutting them down. That’s not entirely inaccurate except of course all CIA was trying to do was–not at all stop climate change in any way, shape or form–figure out how much damage the US can take until chaos reigns. How much drought would cause a huge shift in population? How much ignored-by-government natural disaster would allow some “terrorist” organization to win the hearts and minds of the populace affected by government ignoring the populace’s plight?

In other words, CIA is doing its usual thing of attempting to scare the democracy out of all of us and to continue to hand the GOP the ability to state that climate change is a hoax in order to continue to do nothing about it. They are attempting to capitalize on suffering and use it as an excuse to further oppress, spy, and deny rights to American citizens.

Once you understand the CIA’s mind, motives, goals, concerns {and thoroughly get yourself to understand which things are not at all its concern, such as the health, wealth, and well-being of the 99%; all things it actively seeks to undermine in fact}, its blatant disregard for law, decency, and human life regardless of national origin, it becomes obvious that it can, will, and must do such a thing to serve its masters who find any other limitations placed upon them in order to stem, abate, or reverse climate change are too onerous for their taste. It is much simpler and less trouble to remove you and your demand for air, water, and greenhouse gas-emitting cattle in order to enjoy cheeseburgers.

This future operation will likely succeed because we accept things like James Bond movies and Jack Ryan novels as substitutes for transparency–the hero narrative makes us comfortable with not asking them what they actually do and why. We at the same time view bad actions on the part of CIA that make their way into the public view as anomalies instead of the par-for-the-course actions that they are, or try to twist the actions into somehow being advantageous to us.

Assassination Reconsiderations

Does motive always mean culprit? When it’s among the poor, working class, and often even among the wealthy, we can usually safely assume so.

However, when the real purpose is something bigger, like creating a permanent rift between half the populace and the other half, one should tread carefully.

For example, Cheney’s alleged dark warning to Minnesota and Paul Wellstone just before the latter’s death in a plane crash and the collapse of a bridge, well how hard is it to imagine? Certainly the collision between New York Times reporter Judith Miller and Cheney is a matter of record. But is that the same?

I don’t think so. As I’ve noted elsewhere, probably on Twitter some months back, Cheney seemed a surprised, to the point he couldn’t stop laughing–I have resembled that remark from time to time for similar reasons–and was shaking his head in disbelief. Whatever else he may be, he had issues with the Langley Shit Dragon since the 1970s, possibly related to the Frank Olson case in some manner or other, and appears to be a “targeted individual” otherwise. I’m not suggesting sainthood here. I am suggesting maybe it’s easier to label household names as bad people than it is anonymous caterer spies. And that we like having people to blame.

So I’m suggesting that like the canceled news conference due to a fire, he didn’t order the hit on Wellstone either. Once again this sounds like CIA trying to spread as much doubt and blame elsewhere as it possibly can. Much like the Houston Plan, where CIA refused to spy on Americans when asked BECAUSE IT WAS ALREADY SPYING ON AMERICANS AND DIDN’T WANT TO ADMIT IT, so it can be with assassination that can make it seem as if all our problems stem from neoconservatism {and for that matter neoliberalism} when in fact there is very hard historical evidence that many more of our problems than people can accept originate from a department/agency that does not even require Congress anymore because it draws much of its funding from the illegal drug business.

Similarly, I must think that Michael Hastings, whose book and reporting resulted in the loss of jobs of some senior military officers due to insubordination, was likely them as well. While the officers might have been thankful it happened–they should be ashamed if so–they didn’t do it either.

This is just the Langley Shit Dragon playing at being Satan: It provides “luck” which feeds into your dark side. Is it any wonder Hollywood, Wall Street, and SilVal all seem to bask in scandal and employee abuse with a Velocipooper on the loose? And then they thank it by praising it in film, giving it moonlighting jobs, and handing over the data from civil rights activists so it can shovel some more of itself all over this now well-fertilized country of ours.

Aaron Swartz I’m still not 100% on for some reason. Could be FBI counterintelligence, though that’s really just an extension of CIA as well. See for example George Hunter White who freely bounced back and forth as well as to DEA precursors. Still this way for some, I imagine.


Gonna make this quick since if I don’t acknowledge the stupid-in-its-own-little-shitty-way it will harass me for the rest of the day until I do. This is yet another example of how the Langley Shit Dragon, which is the most evil organization on Earth bar none, which must die in order to save the species, which has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, tries to play its own little shitty version of whataboutism.

Further bonus, if I word this just right, I’ll piss off The Intercept as well. Because, you know, when you live in the lap of luxury, you can afford things like always standing on principles. It’s just part of white privilege.

The problem with shutting down CIA is, you’ll have all these psychos on the loose. What to do? There’s only one legitimate solution: Watch ’em, 24/7/365. Yes, I’m creating a loophole for NSA. Sorry, but if you aren’t willing to take a walk in my moccasins to see why that is, well, f*** you.

The silly part: This is all about Directv, which is now part of AT&T. System stopped working, of course I’m the one designated to deal with it. After over and hour on the phone {first wait time ending in a hang up by the tech}, the answer is either accept an estimated $99 service call or add a $8.99 per month service contract. So you got that? “We don’t guarantee that our equipment will work. We will charge you if it doesn’t.”

Right. AT&T.

Ryan Gallagher and Henrik Moltke, “The Wiretap Rooms: NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight US Cities,” The Intercept, 25 June 2018:

No. Langley Shit Dragon always tries to get you to look elsewhere. Reminder, it started torture almost right out of the gate in the early 1950s when it established the Shah of Iran’s Savak. CIA has always been torture central.

Emma Lake, “Utterly Brutal Grisly truth of Iran’s torture prisons revealed in new museum recreating brutal techniques with dummies,” Sun UK, 4 December 2017:

And a child rape and slavery center. And a drug cartel. And murderers. And mad science experimenters. Really, how can anyone believe anymore that there is anything at Langley worth keeping?

Fearlessness and Finding the Truth

It can be argued, I suppose, that all philosophy is bullshit. After all, it isn’t immutable. We as a society accept and reject, sometimes we verbally accept and then by our actions reject, whatever the flavor of morality and/or ethics of the day are.

Sometimes we do so situationally. There are exceptions to the “rules” and so forth. Sometimes, a few of us do it in order to get one over on the bulk of the rest of us. If you don’t have to play by the rules that everyone else does, you can frequently find loopholes to exploit there.

The point there, though, is that lofty abstractions tend to be a human invention and therefore cannot be called laws of physics. But does that mean examining abstractions, truth for example, is not a worthy endeavor?

The question before the “monstrous panel” {a sort of menagerie of woodland creatures, old monster movie characters, and perhaps some ginger orphan: She keeps trying to join the club—they make decent filters and touchstones sometimes, so let’s see where this goes} is, “Does letting go of fear allow one to see the truth more clearly?”

I, or we, if you prefer, would have to say “yes.” Though it’s probably not a given that if you, in so far as you are humanly capable, no longer care if you live or die {the flesh, the meat, the lizard brain, etc. somewhere inside likely still does}, can you see things clearer?

I would view it as one step, not necessarily the panacea. Fear is part of it. Hate is another. If you’re completely entrenched in your political party dogma, for example, you might entirely miss just how similar on policy and results your party and their opponents are. This MAD TV sketch nailed it years ago; it’s about identity and language, not real world results being different.

We can’t see that because we’re so entrenched with our tribe and have demonized the opposing side to the point that we no longer even care if they have a valid point, no longer care what they think because, dammit, they’re just Evil.

So fear and hate are linked and color our perceptions. There’s a reason the whole Jedi thing struck a nerve with people. And a reason, one assumes, ye olde sheepherders rulebook talked about Faith. While it is not always true, perhaps due to alterable mores, frequently when people were stranded and starving, it was actually the people who did not eat other people who tended to survive while those who did eat the flesh of others, intuitively would seem opposite since we think nourishment is necessary for fitness and survival, who died. Clearly there’s some kind of placebo effect going on there. And it triumphed over protein absorption.

They believed in something. Not so sure it mattered what. But they obviously trusted something, and that somehow carried them through.

Recall the 2010 BoingBoing article about Buffalo I think. The dominant male bull will make the same sound and actions when he spots a predator as when he just wants the females to move closer. In other words, he “lies” and uses fear to get laid because those actions proved desirable in the past. “Hey, remember that time we swooped in and saved you all from the Nazis?” becomes a guilt-trippy device to get political goals achieved. “Hey, remember that time the Nazis nearly eliminated us?” becomes a means of murdering impoverished Muslims without international law being implemented.

And yet at the same time, the US did help defeat the Nazis. And the Nazis did try their damnedest to eliminate all Jews.

So it can all go wonky at any given moment. What might the third thing be, after letting go anger and fear?

Letting go of arrogance.

This is a toughy. We think we need anger to provide the energy necessary to “win.” We think we need self-confidence also. Probably we do.

But being able to tell the difference between self-confidence and hubris is no easy task. There, we must humble ourselves. Not necessarily before other people, but it helps to examine ideas, like, “Well, we are, all of us, sort of pirates. Some of us just take it further than others. Some use lies and deception, some use planes and bombs, some use a broken legal system, some use the Internet, some abuse the authority that the rest of us have given them along with secrecy because they assured us they needed that and asked us to trust them.”

Fear is what prevents us letting go of arrogance. We are afraid of losing ourselves, that it “feels” like giving up when you let go of that righteous anger.

I’m here to say I’m a far more effective warrior, whatever that means, since I’ve given up hatred as much as I can, fear {ditto; does it look like I’m trying to commit suicide by CIA assassination or does it look like I’m trying to end this BS to get to what matters to me most? Assess my actions on any given day and the answer might seem to differ}, and arrogance.

The funny part here is how so many powerful people, or really organizations, think this means obedience to them. Really. As if they are themselves gods. It is unbelievable how arrogant they can be. And they will fall as a result of that. Possibly already have but don’t realize it yet.

And yet I find some of the other most powerful people to be, somehow, I don’t entirely get it, humble as pie. Don’t know how they check themselves on that. Lots of practice maybe. Maybe deference to some holy figure or other. Or maybe it’s because they keep their eyes on the goal and don’t let fear cloud their judgment, again, as much as humanly possible.

I tell ya, it is surprising what you start to see when you try this. Safety in numbers of political party doesn’t mean a whole lot. Just means the same thing will be repeated over and over again years from now as you and the “opposition,” which agrees on 90+% of everything anyway, just digs those foxholes deeper and deeper.

The Langley Magicians

According to the manual written in part or whole by stage magician John Mulholland in the 1950s {see Subproject 4 for links to it; you can actually buy it now}, the basic ways to drug a person involve sleight-of-hand and dispensers disguised as ordinary objects. Coins, for example. The officer would squeeze it and a drop or two of whatever would fall into the target’s drink after diverting their attention. CIA officers did this or something similar to an American living in Paris, France.

Today it is no doubt quite different. The ability to get a human being to choose a particular gallon of milk or particular piece of meat from a buffet is now doable. Really. You wouldn’t even know there was any interference with your decision-making at all.

How whatever substance appeared in the food is another matter. Another shopper, not even necessarily an officer but an asset, could inject, spray, or spill whatever is required.

The Langley Shit Dragon sits back with its proxy army under control and does as it pleases somewhat comfortable with the idea that nothing that happens can be traced back to it. It’s a great racket for psychopaths. Your average serial killer/rapist wishes he could enjoy such power and seeming invulnerability to scrutiny and justice for his actions.

Ignoring this is not going to make it go away. Becoming frightened and paranoid isn’t either.

Asking questions, ignoring the lies and the distractions, recovering from what they do, and accepting the fact that heroes are punished and villains are rewarded at Chez Shit Dragon is a huge step. Educating oneself on its methods is another.

And no longer accepting what the mainstream media calls true and false is also. Because generically speaking, their sources are shit.


“There’s always been a CIA and there always will be a CIA.” –A complete ignoramus. CIA was formed in 1947. Many agencies have come and gone and been reformed since.

John Wilkes Booth was a favorite subject of Paul Barry, the founder and director of the Dodge Foundation-backed New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. As I’ve noted before, the NJSF was where CIA ran some field training using the staff at the Festival as love training dummies as well as recruiting some of us as “mind control” puppets. It doesn’t and didn’t work like it does in the movies. It’s more like you think you’re doing what you want to do but you have someone else’s heavy influence “helping” you to decide. It wasn’t about the heavy lifting of infiltrating some Russian company’s military factory or assassinating some head of state. It was more about controlling Hollywood, Wall Street, and spying on them, occasionally harassing them, using us as distractions and scapegoats for their attempts to control it all.

As a side note, I’m confident that there’s some odd way of documenting things that defies FOIA. There’s been talk that assassination operations have always been somewhat paperless to begin with. I believe there’s some kind of tech that allows electronic data to be held but is somehow impossible to duplicate and is not attached the regular networks. This is how the really nasty stuff gets planned and executed. Classified technology itself is a FOIA exception, so imagine actually keeping non-technology related information in that format in order to hide it. That’s how they think. They learn from the past problems like Marks success in court that lead to his book The Manchurian Candidate.

But back to the point about Booth. Booth, an actor, thought that his act against Lincoln would re-start the war, reverse emancipation, and he would be welcomed as a hero in the South. While of course some were more concerned that their free labor days were over and applauded his act, take a look at what some others had to say. From Wikipedia, taken just now, before it gets edited by some anonymous IP, mostly from Kunhardt’s book:

We can set aside the debate regarding the general act of forcibly removing heads of state for a moment. The point here is, Booth’s radicalism prevented him from seeing two things clearly: First, people were sick of war. Second, it was actually Lincoln who wanted to take it easy on the South, and was holding back his cabinet who wanted to smother it in some self-righteous indignation that was more likely about their own business interests in the North which would enjoy a more even playing field since the South would now have to pay its laborers.

In other words, it backfired horribly.

Now, you might be thinking, “Well, Chris is an actor. ‘Assassinating’ a government agency {which is not really what I’m doing; I’m just grabbing some catharsis due to what they did to me while someone else does that} could easily backfire. The premiere HUMINT agency might be needed in the near future. We might have another major terror attack without them.”

Nonsense. Their name isn’t Mudd, it’s shit. They thought that everyone would be happy after they facilitated 9/11. They thought that the resulting cash cow would be more than enough to quiet anyone who wondered about an agency willing to murder so many of the citizens of the country it is supposed to be protecting would let it be. Wars must be fought. Prisoners must be tortured.

And so-called mind control must be perfected in order to reduce labor to a zero-dollar game once again. Who would complain? The elites stand to gain everything. Why worry about it? This is what is at stake.

Because, like Booth, the Central Intelligence Agency assumes everyone else is like them. To a small extent, we are; we are all pirates of some kind. We are all imperfect.

But we don’t all drown our conscience in the bathtub. We don’t all think honor is something quaint. We don’t all think an oath is something to be broken along with not only all the laws of foreign countries but our own as well. And we don’t all completely lack empathy and think slavery coming back is a good idea.

And now FBI has been drawn in. Again. As COINTELPRO really stemmed from CIA’s MHCHAOS, FBI’s got Hollywood stars in its eyes and thinks sister CIA is once again the greatest thing since sliced apple pie. It probably still isn’t getting what’s happening. Which doesn’t really bother me that much. As I noted once on Twitter, aeration is what can cause a second ship too close to one that sinks to sink as well. In many ways, it has some serious systemic institutional problems and a problematic, racist history that may be best served at least symbolically by shutting it down as well and making something else from the ground up.

The irony that CIA didn’t really understand the rest of us is, well, ironic. It is changes and challenges, such as paid labor presented to the South, that stirs up competition, and competition is what makes the economy move. Right now, still, after 17 years, fear is running the economy. Companies and investors are afraid to invest heavily because of the atmosphere CIA {and Micheal Ledeen and Saudi Intelligence} created when they made 9/11 happen. It’s stagnating the West. They are pretending that this would have happened anyway. No. It is their doing.

And I’m confident that history is going to show that getting rid of it was not only a good thing to do, but necessary. It’s in the way of every kind of progress imaginable and at the same time destroying things that ought to be preserved.

What good it is? Flush it. Flush the ChIt drAgon before it has a chance to strike again.

It probably does have contingencies planned for having its plug pulled. And we may not find them all and stop them all. But if that mentality isn’t eerily akin to “Is Paris burning?,” what is?