4-For-1 Stock Split for Your Thoughts

BBC, “Surge in US ‘brain-reading’ patents,” 7 May 2015:


Matt Wall, of the Centre for Imaging Science, at Hammersmith Hospital, said: “There probably are some decent companies doing work in that space, but there are a massive number of neuro-marketing companies that have sprung up in the last few years.

“Because of the wide availability and low-cost of the EEG hardware these days, they all seek to define their [unique selling point] and intellectual property (ie patents) based on their fancy analysis techniques and claim to measure things like ‘engagement’ or ‘interest’ from EEG signals.

“Any EEG researcher knows this is absolute rubbish, but they do succeed in producing fancy sciencey-looking graphs and results that appear convincing enough for the marketing people they’re selling it to.”

So mostly marketing bubble bullshit.



Mostly BS. Headline below is not really indicative of the article contents.

NBC News, “BRAIN Initiative: Scientists Control Mouse Behavior With On-Off Switch,” 30 April 2015:


The technique used to control neurons is called DREADDs (designer receptors exclusively activated by designer drugs). Brain neurons are genetically engineered to produce a custom-made — “designer” — receptor. When the receptor gathers in a manmade molecule that fits like a key in a lock, the neuron is activated. Because the receptor does not respond to other molecules, including natural ones in the brain, the only way to activate the neurons is via the manmade one. DREADDs allow scientists to manipulate neurons without implanting anything in the brain. DREADDs, invented about a decade ago, had been used to turn neurons on or off, but not both. DREADDs 2.0 are the first to do that, scientists led by Bryan Roth of the University of North Carolina reported in the journal Neuron.

The article touts mental health as the focus, but of course medical purposes is old-hat cover for military and intelligence uses such as found in the Church/Tower hearings on a fish toxin which CIA decided was biological when told to destroy stockpiles of chemical weapons and chemical when told to destroy stockpiles of biological weapons and then switched to enough to assassinate an army as being for ‘medical research.’ Much of MKULTRA was performed at universities and hospitals under much the same guise.

In this case, you can expect your multinational and Top Secret America {aka, the Deep State, the Double Government} overlords to require accepting DREADD-locks as a condition of employment. * Do right by the company? Be rewarded with cheaply initiated euphoria beyond your wildest drug, sex, and rock’n’roll dreams. Tick off your employer and find yourself unable to think of anything but self-destruction. Neurobiological Heaven and Hell brought to you by the Central Intelligence Agency and its longstanding fondness for all things Nazi. It’s Huxley and Orwell combined for you, you Pavlov working dog, you.

Sarah Knapton, “Mind-reading device invented by scientists to eavesdrop on ‘inner voice'; Scientists at the University of California were able to pick up several words that subjects thought using a new mind-reading device,” The Telegraph, 30 October 2014:


The reseachers [sic] also tested the decode and algorithm with Pink Floyd sons [sic] to see which neurons respond to different musical notes.

And I thought I was bad with the typos.

I’ll say the same thing about this that I said about surveillance: They aren’t really so concerned with what is in your head as what they can put in there. Surveillance and mind-reading are not nearly so disturbing as mind-writing, behavioral modification, brainwashing, brainhacking. The former can lead to the other, as peeping in windows can lead to rape. The former, brain-reading, is creepy, intrusive, and short-term disturbing; whereas the latter, brain-writing, is traumatic, can make profound changes in the target, and is an act of violence upon the individual. Deep State regularly engages in both.

Just a matter of time. Tick. Tock.

* The kind of thing you’ll find especially in Peter Watts’ 2nd book in the Rifter’s Trilogy, Maelstrom {2001}.

Not Committed In Secret

Mentioned NCIS before for its daring in mentioning ECHELON. I’m not a regular watcher. In fact, I’m not a regular watcher of anything.

But I happened to catch this one:

CBS, NCIS, “Psych Out,” Season 9, Episode 12


The info spewed was coming so quickly that I missed some of it. What surprised me was how much stuff there was similar to some I’ve been suggesting has been happening domestically and just how little of it gets mentioned anywhere else I can think of. INFOOPS, PSYOPS, and most especially using drugs to drive people to suicide.

Doing this in reverse order–that is I suggest you watch The Internet’s Own Boy before you watch the episode above–you’ll find that the MSM narrative that Swartz was simply trying to get stuff behind a paywall into the hands of the people to be a little shallow and missing an important piece. He likely was trying to do that, but his previous similar effort with PACER revealed statistically that court decisions were increasingly becoming more and more in favor of multinational corporations and weakening protections for the average citizen. That is, it’s not just the Executive branches and Legislative branches of governments on all levels who have succumbed to special interests like ALEC and the Deep State. It is also the Judicial and Citizen’s United is merely a latecomer to a longer term trend.

That is motive. The episode above explains in some detail, including at least one drug mentioned by name, potential weapon. Recall again that one must now also consider what the Army said via FOIA about specific microwave modalities and low energy field exposure being analogous to drug administration. Possible to disrupt the body’s own natural neurochemical state from a distance and tracelessly? Apparently, yes. *

May as well mention Gary Webb while we’re at it. And three others here.

* And speaking of…

It has been found that exposure of the animals to one modality of radiofrequency electromagnetic energy substantially decreases aggressive behavior during exposure. However, the opposite effects of microwaves, in increasing the mobility and aggression of animals, has also been shown for a different exposure modality.

…just have to wonder if someone didn’t have a bit of “fun” in Waco recently.

Jon Herskovitz, “Waco police say 170 people arrested for deadly Texas shooting,” Reuters, 18 May 2015:


Waco police said on Monday they have arrested and are booking 170 people in the wake of a deadly shooting between rival motorcycle gangs in a restaurant in the central Texas city.

The figure is revised down from 192 that had been given by police earlier on Monday.

Over a parking spot.

Coincidentally, of course, this is the town where the Branch Davidian showdown was as I made reference to in Inthrallis less than a month ago.

BBD – Robber Barons {Updated}

17 May 18:20 update: And, of course, Ye Olde Nail in Tire.

I’ve moved. I am temporarily with the parents to help them get ready to sell their home and move elsewhere.

Knowing full well how the crooked Deep State spooks think, I had planned to tell give them one…just one…piece of advice how to avoid having their home equity stolen out from under them.

Just. One.

And of course it turns out that my piece of advice is a year-and-a-half too late. Once again I am held hostage, forced to watch a train wreck that has, in my mind anyway, already derailed. Yeah, I know, that’s not the best analogy right now.

I won’t be going into more details until this unfolds further. It’s just amazing that, given I thought to myself there are probably dozens of ways for the US government and its private partners to steal my parents’ home, it was the one I was going to use as example that that they are going to use. Downright amazing. Downright ridiculous. Downright predictable when all there is is a criminal cabal and the thugs who protect it.

AND the power just went out. *

In any case, the US government/Wall Street effort to expand the terror market from Muslims to gays, while siphoning off all of the Middle Class wealth at the same time, is ongoing. More when the derailment begins in real time.

* Otherwise this would have been up hours ago.


Nothing to See Here {Updated x2}

15 May 17:40 update. NBC reports another Amtrak train that left same station had windshield shattered by projectile and it is suspicion of NTSB was something happened to one that derailed. Engineer reports memory loss after leaving station.

13 May 12:35 update. At least 6 dead, one an AP video tech. And Congress about to vote on yanking a large chunk of Amtrak’s funding.

Y’know, a busy twitter day, largely dealing with the question of Seymour Hersh’s credibility and whether or not what he suggests is conspiracy. Never mind that exactly what the government described, tracking couriers and torture, is likewise conspiracy. More and more outlets, including NBC News, have supported at least portions of Hersh’s version of events.

And then the crashed hopes for a quiet evening. Been doing some updates to Wicked Game, mostly adding footnotes, chapters 4 and 6, correcting some grammar, and removing some contorted language, chapter 16, I think. I even inserted Holmes into the Loughner paragraph. You know, how that might have been about intimidating FICO into STFUpping about LIBOR and all its myriad implications about the top banks and the worth of what they say and decide. And how scrutiny of the Treasury and the Fed would be the natural result of learning about UK’s scandal. We’re talking some very serious money to some very serious financial top dogs. A few deaths to control the narrative is really no different than sending someone else’s kids to war if you have no conscience to start with.

And then this.


Who is Janelle Richards, you ask?


To be honest, I sometimes have trouble believing they did things like this largely because there don’t seem to be any negative consequences to being a shitbag in the direct or indirect employ of the military industrial complex to begin with. Really, if anything, there’s usually a reward.

But then logic and reason were never really the driving force last time we went through this.


Having been through traumatic experiences myself, I can tell you that the irrational “What did I do to deserve this?” is part of that process. I haven’t much written about the hours and days wasted searching my soul for an answer of guilt because there wasn’t one. It was in fact that that lead me to the conclusions in Wicked Game, that this was about someone else’s crime with me as scapegoat.

So, no matter how rational people at NBC are, they will make some connection if only internally, if only unconsciously. It is human nature to try to figure out how to better survive, part of evolution.

Once you reject the divine and pure accident/bad luck, what remains? This is what they mean by chilling effect. Emotional contagion, cognitive infiltration will happen. It’s a meme infection; a disease of lie-by-covert-op-example; a PSYOP.

I got nothing.

BBD – Me: 5, Spiders: 1

Six months later, a CIA document noted, “The feasibility of remote control of activities in several species of animals has been demonstrated…. Special investigations and evaluations will be conducted toward the application of selected elements of these techniques to man.”

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, chapter 12.

First, an update to the previous post. Turns out that it likely was the chief of the Office of Technical Services who drugged Stanley Glickman. There was a lawsuit–delayed by CIA for sixteen years–that finally took place after Glickman died brought on by his sister. Gottlieb died as a result of the stress…or whatever…during the trial as did a judge. This is bit like Q performing an assassination.


The other thing, and if I weren’t so lazy and doing other stuff that interests me, I’d bother to confirm the species, but during discovering the above last night, I had my fifth or sixth encounter with spiders, the third or fourth with this species. The real danger–though the bite is listed as “medically significant”–is contracting necrotizing fasciitis,  commonly known as flesh-eating virus. These meat-eaters just don’t brush their mandibles.


It decided to take a walk up and down my leg as if chasing some prey that wasn’t there. Assumed it was a fly, I was awake at the time, and was surprised when I saw it wasn’t. Third or fourth with this kind because I slept through the first time when I walked around for a week feeling a bit Jonah Hex back in 2010.

Which I am relatively certain I’d posted a photo from that just before Gay Pride Minneapolis event in 2010. And yet it’s not here. So here’s one from a few days after. Was much more purple than the photo indicates as I recall.


In any case, IF this is more than coincidence, the notable part is that such an act–if it had a human on the other end of it–is designed to make the target appear and/or be paranoid and/or crazy.

So much for that. Lol.


PS, News today: Sy Hersh on the OBL raid–google duckduckgo it–and 15 year old Omar Khadr’s experiences with America:

A few months into Khadr’s detention — he was, keep in mind, still only a child — guards chained him to the floor of an interrogation room. They pulled his arms and legs behind in a “bow” position, until his limbs strained painfully at their sockets. This was known in the officially sanctioned American torture guides as a “stress position,” and victims often pass out from the pain. Over several hours, the guards contorted Omar into different stress positions, each time shoving him into a painful position on the ground. Eventually, inevitably, he urinated himself.

The MPs returned, mocked him for a while and then poured pine-oil solvent all over his body. Without altering his chains, they began dragging him by his feet through the mixture of urine and pine oil. Because his body had been so tightened, the new motion racked it. The MPs swung him around and around, the piss and solvent washing up into his face. The idea was to use him as a human mop. When the MPs felt they’d successfully pretended to soak up the liquid with his body, they uncuffed him and carried him back to his cell. He was not allowed a change of clothes for two days.


This is what Obama called patriotic.

Additional Details on CIA Victim Stanley Milton Glickman

Recalling the passage from A Terrible Mistake, here…

Jack Kilpatrick, “Another CIA LSD Test Revealed – Another Life Destroyed,” Deseret News, 1 January 2001:


The legal questions offered to the Supreme Court in Kronisch vs. U.S. may be dishwater dull. The underlying story is something else. This is a case haunted by the ghosts of a time gone by.

The time was October 1952; the place was the Cafe Select in Paris.

Stanley Milton Glickman, a promising young artist, had been drawn to the cafe by an acquaintance who wanted him to meet some American friends. For several hours they engaged in contentious debate on political issues. U.S. Circuit Judge Jose A. Cabranes tells the story: “As Glickman prepared to leave, one of the men offered Glickman a drink as a conciliatory gesture. Rather than call over the waiter, the man walked to the bar to get the drink, at which point Glickman observed that he had a clubfoot. Halfway through the drink, Glickman ‘began to experience a lengthening of distance and a distortion of perception,’ and he observed that ‘the faces of the gentlemen flushed with excitement as they watched the execution of the drink.’

Clubfoot? Was this Sidney Gottlieb himself?


Rather than ask the waiter, the man himself went to the bar and brought drinks back to the table. Glickman noticed he had a club foot.

Thirty years later he learned this was a physical characteristic of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, who headed the chemical division of the technical services staff with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Aaaand Ford Foundation’s Richard M. Bissell and his use of Gottlieb gets mentioned there. Round and round it goes. Footnote 7. :)

You a Cop?

Not sure what this is nor what it means yet, if anything, but just weird enough to post.

Matt Hamilton, “Aide to [California Attorney General] Kamala Harris, 2 others accused of running rogue police force,” LA Times, 5 May 2015:


An aide to state Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris and two others are accused of operating a rogue police force that claimed to exist for more than 3,000 years and have jurisdiction in 33 states and Mexico, authorities said Tuesday. …

Reminds me of Seymour Hersh describing some members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of US DoD back in late 2009. Gawd’s Warriors know no jurisdiction, you know.


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