BBD – Pawn Pitting

I’ve held off on putting this in writing for a long time. I suppose it’ll be obvious why. Not the goal here to embarrass anyone. The goal is to shed some very necessary light on the methods–in so far as someone on the outside can know them–of our no-oversight, largely for-profit, out-of-control intelligence community. Saying what I’m going to say: You have to understand this or there’s no point trying to change it; you’ll still be doing exactly what you’re doing ten years from now with no progress, in fact the opposite, if you fail to get it. {Of course you might not twenty years from now because it will be so bad you won’t be able to do what you’re doing now.}

After the Squidgate stuff began, as I’ve noted before, I ran into Jeremy Scahill and had a discussion about it and a few other things. That was where I learned about Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman’s strange interaction with Canadian border guards as noted in Wicked Game. Jeremy suggested Twitter so I got an account, started following and getting drawn into all kinds of stuff. This is pretty typical for a political junky, or any other kind of info junky, eg, sports, entertainment, etc.

On 31 December 2009:

For whatever reason, I looked Buzzy up. He had also landed at one my firm’s largest clients: DLA Piper. After various mergers, for example, Piper, Wolff & Rudnick with DLA Something-or-other and various other acquisitions–which meant office spaces were being modified and my co-workers were sometimes busy seeing to that–they became the world’s largest law firm. Difficult not to think of the fictional Wolfram & Hart at this stage of my life.

Some days later, perhaps early January, I was standing on our balcony in the evening having a smoke when Jeremy walked by with one or more folks. I said, “Hi.” I think he was in the middle of some intense conversation because he said hi back and then added, “You seem to be in the lap of luxury.”

Now, I know exactly what he meant. And I took no offense. I had been poor, let’s say lower middle class, from about my junior year in high school forward. My dad lost his job and the jobs that followed never really paid as well. I had come to New Jersey in 1989 in a mid 70’s Pinto with $400…a chunk of which got eaten up on the way when the muffler fell off and had to be replaced in Ohio. I had spent my first night in NYC in a crack house and the SRO where I moved to after that was not a huge step up.

But that was behind me. I had built a career in essence living off of Wall Street.

Within weeks of these two events, I was locked out of my work building pretty much without explanation. As I’ve noted before, there was some craziness there beforehand involving the People’s Bank of China and my boss of ten years whom I’d known for 18 or so, who became increasingly agitated and unreasonable. Contrasted with my drugged-silly state, there was no doubt in hindsight where that was going to go.

And it worked. I doubted Scahill.

For about 15 minutes.

By way of apology for doubting his sincerity, I dropped off some coupons for a restaurant. In hindsight, I’d have picked a better place. My Valentine’s Day dinner there was disappointing and had marked the death of my LTR. But it was conveniently located.

And now I’m poor again, have been for some time. Last year marked the first year where I made less than–much less than–the poverty level as defined by the IRS since 1990.

But there’s a lot of detail here that is superfluous. The point is the following:

How easy it was to get me to notice the tweet, do the search, get me on the balcony at that moment with Jeremy walking by, and to prompt Jeremy to make the comment. Then make it all come crashing down in order to try to get me–harassed, confused, drugged, and PSYOP’d until bleeding out the ears–to blame him and perhaps even obsess and/or go after him violently.

This is how it is done, people. FBI was doing this–sort of–in the 1950s without the more advanced techniques, budgets, methods and manpower available to them and other agencies today post-9/11. From Church/Tower:

Unsavory and vicious tactics have been employed–including anonymous attempts to break up marriages, break up meetings, ostracize persons from their professionals, and provoke target groups into rivalries that might result in deaths.

And Ames is not wrong here:

Salon, “James Bond and the killer bag lady: New clues and a powerful Wall St. skeptic challenge the official story of CIA financier Nick Deak’s brutal murder,” Mark Ames and Alexander Zaitchik, 2 December 2012:

BUT…while actually getting one person to shoot at another is sensational and perhaps to some amazing or unbelievable, it is actually the more insidious, less obvious nudges like the timing of the events in bold above I’m referring to. What they can achieve is only limited by their imaginations, and the lack of same from the rest of us. It’s not just about suckers born every minute; it’s about wolves looking for better ways to manipulate the sheep and they’ve been at it a very long time.

Saying what I said: How can you ever hope to overcome things like mass surveillance, the conversion of the US system to essentially a mix of oligarchy/plutocracy/fascism/theocracy, or whatever other political goals we as people may have, if at any time they can trick people into thinking what they want, engineering events to distract if not outright undermine the truth? You can’t. It will be impossible and no real progress is going to be made until these kinds of topics are taken and examined in a serious manner. If Zero Dark Thirty, American Sniper, and whatever that other thing was called, as well as spectacles like Ferguson, etc., prove anything, it is that the clock is ticking on people even caring by the time the truth comes out. That last was something that concerned Snowden. I can see why. The bad guys are aware it will one day come out; their goal is to see that Americans just don’t care enough about other Americans by the time it does.

Tick. Tock.


Kevin Gosztola, “In FBI Terrorism Sting Against Mentally Ill Kansas Man, Informants Built Bomb & Provided List of Materials,” FireDogLake, 10 April 2015:

Dan Froomkin, “The FBI Informant Who Mounted a Sting Operation Against the FBI,” FirstLook/The Intercept, 15 April 2015:

Karen Wetmore, “Fifty Years of Secrecy: Investigating CIA Mind Control Experiments in Vermont,” FireDogLake, 16 April 2015:

Again, the manufactured assassin stuff shouldn’t be our focus. It’s all the other little things.

BBD – Barf Imitates Sites

{Well not entirely, but y’know, headline pun junky.}

In June of 2009, while I was in the middle of attempting to get the first in a series of what I hoped would be a three-issue comic produced, an anti-abortion group picked up the same URL but with .org that I was using for the comic miniseries with .com. Wasn’t the first time something similar and odd occurred. In The Wisp I had a couple of Greenwich Village progressive activists using Boston Tea Party methods and memes…well before I had heard of the TP movement.

Now, the Squidgate juror has a website to sell her wares as I think I’ve noted before. Her URL, with very little tweaking, resolves to a cannabis seller’s site. Imagine the confusion among intellectually challenged nothing-to-do-but-prey-on-Americans intelligence/private prison system perveyors…or an “intelligent” computer system that can’t think for itself but makes spooks look busy so as to justify their bloated budgets and contracts.

Thought of the day: Compare and contrast the real-world ALEC, hidden from public view from the 1970s until the 2000s with the fictional, disinformational Illuminati conspiracy theory organization.

And Inthrallis 54

Ch. 54

BBD – The Downward Spy-ral

Yet another slo-mo train wreck as I watch friends deal with severe financial problems and am unable to help in any substantial fashion.

The lesson, it seems, from the Obama years, will be never help anyone, just always look out for yourself. Not surprising, I suppose, coming from Chicago and DC, but just so very much at odds with the rhetoric that it becomes difficult to imagine someone so very comfortable with speaking so eloquently on social justice and having his people incessantly engaging in every form of injustice imaginable. How did we get from what appeared to be a gust of fresh air when it began to the same only more pungent? How does one listen to fairy tales in addresses and deal with horror shows in the real world that seem so foreign from the former? A promise that if you try to make a difference, you will be crushed, pulverized, willingly and gleefully by the sociopathic system that gets advertised with labels like “patriotism” and “necessary”, “free market” and “progress.”

They want it all. And they’re gonna get it no matter who’s in charge.

So whatever you do, don’t care about anything or anyone because the political/corporate machine will destroy it. That’s the bipartisan lesson to us all.

And Another Inthrallis Chapter

Chapter 52

New Inthrallis Chapter

Phony Choices

Someone brought up a new push for privatizing police. One can see why, with the shootings and lack of accountability.

But what happens when they no longer serve the public at all and become full-time corporate mercenaries?

1} You’ll have to pay-to-play. The poor will have no legal recourse at all. This is, by the way, how MI5 radicalized ‘Jihad Joe,’ according to CAGEUK:

British security services have systematically engaged in the harassment of young Muslims, rendering their lives impossible and leaving them with no legal avenue to redress their situation.

So as a desirable oligarch side-effect, being poor will be an even bigger crime that it has historically been. Vagrancy will equal suspicion of terrorism and that will result in abduction, torture, droning, etc. Can’t figure out why the Democrats want this, since libertarianism doesn’t really strike me as their thing, but I suppose it aligns well enough with the interests of multinationals that do, since that is their thing.

{Reminder: Corporations are not actually job creators, they are job killers. As productivity increases, the need for job decreases as does the need to pay decent wages.


So that is a bullshit excuse designed to make pols feel better about selling their constituents down the River Styx.

Maybe life wasn’t supposed to be lived at 120MPH at the bottom of a corporate ladder.}.

2} It will be politicized. You will live in constant fear of being abducted and taken to a black site on made up charges simply because frowned or snickered when you heard bullshit issue from the mouths of some powerful politician. Your politics will be informed not by your conscience and reason but by force.

This was one of the points I tried to make in The Wisp, I suppose. Hilarious to think of all those people who once took the likes of the original Red Dawn to be a likely scenario. Likely the same people who think ISIS * is about to come roaring down the street and force them into living under Sharia law today.

But it will be like having an occupying force here. They’ll just be Americans. For all the difference that will make.

The point? All roads lead to the same place. Leave the police system as it is and continue to watch people shot, beaten, tortured without legal recourse. Try to fix it, and your fix leads to mercenaries.

This is the game. Give you “options” on what you think you want, get you to fight for it, only to find it was worse than what you tried to fix. A bit like “forcing a card” in stage magic:

You then “force” this card on a victim who thinks he is picking of his own free will.

Things just aren’t always what they seem, folks. The difficulty is in recognizing, acknowledging, accepting that you really are at this point considered an enemy of the State by default and not allowing that knowledge to radicalize you or make you paranoid or insane. Power and wealth are being concentrated in fewer hands than before. The natural result of this is power plays among the players with the rest of us as pawns, assets, and at the same time a source of more wealth and power.

* Forget when I wrote the stuff above; soon after the previous post. More news cycles have–to a small degree–shifted existential threat from ISIS to some banana republic.

I can sort of understand how busy people could be so uninformed. They rely on entertainment news for information and those are pretty much all controlled by DoD and billionaires as is anything else of note and influence. But that at least I get.

What I don’t get is how there’s not the slightest inkling of suspicion when we go from these trumped up phony threats over and over. It’s like some demented Keystone Cops short where everybody runs one direction then suddenly another in a sped up dramatic, panicked pantomime. I suppose if being paraiahed out of your social circle has an advantage, it is being outside enough to view the effects of groupthink.

There’s been a lot made regarding the claim that the Obama administration has dubbed itself the most transparent administration in history. Certainly such a claim is laughable when you view how and what they have blocked from being viewed by the public and the legal-shakiness of how they accomplish such blocks.

But, viewed another way, in a sense, they are the most transparent. We now know that power has absolutely no regard for law, promises, and human decency. We know that torture and killing people in order to secure the future of warfare is more important than education. We know that protecting the crimes of previous administration’s, even if not doing so could have been used to further stated goals, is the most important thing of all.

I tend to now only pay attention to what pols actually do and not what they say except to point out the discrepancies. Stated goals have no meaning when they are not coupled with complementary action.

And the only actions I see are unending, unbelievably intrusive mass surveillance, the militarizing police who shoot unarmed people all the time with little to no consequences, legislation specific to protecting a single food monopoly from prosecution whereas as lame as it was DC used to bust up monopolies, domestic PSYOPs approved by Congress and the POTUS under the NDAAs, COINTELPRO redux, false-flag violence, via psychological harassment and denial of means of redress, drone-ready preparation roll out at every airport in the United States, black site torture not only by the Federal government but by State and Local governments as well, baldfaced lies designed to cover preposterously obvious criminality, and rampant greed and failure of responsibility of elected officials regardless of party. See for example Christie and Rahm both ripping off their constituents and not even caring that the public knows.

That’s the point. The public has been trained. The fascists learned their lessons after Vietnam and quietly built the bullshit machine to counter every single thing that went wrong the first time they tried to convert us to fascism while hiding behind representative democracy. It isn’t that we don’t think, many of us, that we’ve elected crooks. It’s that we often don’t see how it affects us and don’t believe that we could change it if we wanted to bother.

Then there’s the people who are constantly projecting their own values on to others. They hear the words issuing from Cruz’, Paul’s or Obama’s mouth and think the words mean the same things to the speakers as the listeners, as if these people ever really mean what they say in the first place. Faking sincerity: Still the best skill a politician has.

Well, that and better means and methods than you see on stupid spy and cop shows to abuse people with. That’s the other problem: Too many people think if X existed then they certainly would have heard of it. Like the black swan, just not always so.

All roads lead to Dystopia and power loves it.

And a small update to the “What’s Persona Management” post below. There’s a relatively popular account that appears to be just a very, very Dem, gay-married, religious, boy with a cop father.

Seen the photo change periodically. And they don’t seem to the same person. I suppose if I were more interested in Twitter followers than truth, I might use a phony photo as well.

But then you gotta wonder if the other details are correct.

And then maybe whether there’s a real person belonging to the account or not.

I tend not to ask that. There is little difference between a paid political party operative or a GCHQ or CIA operative using a fake account and just a person who has been conditioned to say the same things that the people controlling those other orgs want you to say, think, and, as a result of that, do.

Catch my drift? Frankly, I think the operatives might have more depth, would tend to be more helpful having not only access to answers, but to your private questions as well.


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