Fawlty Power

If one applies the Beck/Palin/Limbaugh/Giuliani implied logic that states all Muslims must be terrorists or because Al Qaeda consists largely of Muslims one cannot build a mosque near the WTC, then all Christians must be abortion clinic bombers, abortion doctor murderers, racists, pedophiles, bigots, self-hating homosexuals, homophobes, etc. (They aren’t by the way).

Would FOX and company complain if a church were being built near a bombed abortion clinic? Near a primary school? No. Why? Because they’re attempting to use it as a wedge issue and none of them actually believe what they’re saying. This is as fake as pro wrestling but the stakes are higher: our freedom, our future and the direction the country and the world take from here. This is too important to wait for ’12. Get with it now.

The GOP…

Destroying a nation one lie at a time.

NYTimes – Building a Nation of Know-Nothings

Movie Rec

The Botany of Desire

Plants: they’re using us! 🙂

Life in Toontown

No matter how many times WEC falls off a cliff, he survives. But keep trying, it’s amusing as hell.


It’s Round!

When the goals of Al Qaida, the modern neoconservative movement and far leftwing techno-pseudojournos align, you know it’s not a spectrum but a circle with all three at the heart of its bottom. Anyone who wants millions dead for some revenue and power deserves what they get.

Fake IDs?

When you can’t even show a seal on a website, you gotta wonder why.

Cordoba House

Mosque in lower Manhattan clears hurdles (despite Rudy “Don’t Need NYPD and FDNY to communicate”‘s protestations).


…the name of Rauf’s proposed building: Cordoba House, named for the city in Spanish Andalucia where Muslims, Jews and Christians once co-existed for centuries in an extraordinary flourishing of culture and science.