Other Uses

Cause some firebug to choose a house at random and then, after he (or some other disturbed person is caught for other fires) to rant about the “demon eyes” that “told” him to do it

Make some almost equally disturbed individual think he’s being paid $10,000 for a hit (which is actually designed by whoever is using the devices to silence any friend of the deceased)

To convince all friends and associates of some poor schmuck that he’s either insane or correct (in which case they choose to save their own skins despite the schmuck having been there for all of them through thick and thin).

To frame someone (as alluded to before) in order to resume complete power in a phony “Luciferian conspiracy.” It’s right out of the neocon playbook and is documented repeatedly: accuse your opponent of your own worst attributes. The reason that the quasi-lie that fascism and neoconservatism began as liberal ideas is because those who chose those paths went to the opposite extreme, not because the ideals are similar. A grain of truth but the proof is in the pudding: cheap labor through bad economic policy, Hispanic-fearing, gay-bashing, racist, torturing, and otherwise anti-civil rights are clearly far right ideals. Period.

You see, this wasn’t about “cats and dogs” at all (unless you consider the ultimate target of these fascists to be “the Big Dawg”).

If you can’t catch them with that much, you never will. (Not unless LEOs can catch up and pass on the tech. Good luck with that absent some expert who cannot enter the country or e-quaintances of his who are or will be too scared out their wits to help). There can be no reconciliation with people who believe this strongly that what they’re doing is justified, not when they’ve gone to these extremes. The pre-emptive lesson, though: no “Abu Ghraibing” the little fish in a limited hangout. They were simply doing what they were told the way they were taught. The big fish or surrender; those are the only options.

Otherwise, they win. Fear wins. S____ wins (like usual).

Simply put: I can’t do it alone either.

Post Office May Not Deliver

December 30, 2010


Believe me when I say that this is not easy to write. I take no pleasure in being the messenger (even though it might have been more merciful to have found the old addage about messengers at work).

The National Security Agency has been lying to you. I’m now 99.99% certain this is the case.

First, the TIA system, which was defunded several years ago by Congress, was moved to NSA according to James Bamford (see his book, The Shadow Factory, pp.100-104). It is or was until recently still in use. It is without a shadow of a doubt, useless.

Second, please take a look at the following US Patents:


Let me assure you, they are all real and they work (to a lesser or greater extent). The reason they haven’t quite worked on me, turned me into a terrorist or criminal as NSA and it’s corporate henchmen in SAIC and elsewhere wanted to happen? The reason that “threatening” (and even deceptive non-threatening) voices don’t work on me? I’ve been married! (Cue laugh track).

Now, let me explain why it’s not actually funny. These items can be used for any number of things:

Cause a pair of pilots to think they’re landing at an aiport when they are actually a few miles away
Drive several young men who (it seems on the surface) just don’t feel accepted or some other plausible embarassment due to their sexual orientation to suicide
Cause a group of otherwise normal people to believe the most ridiculous of claims regarding who the “anti-Christ” is or that these are the “end times”
Cause a judge to have a heart attack just before a scheduled preliminary examination
Cause a jury or a supreme court to decide a case one way or the other
Cause legislators to change their minds about any number of bills before them
Cause people (me included) to, at times, behave irrationally
Cause people to ignore obvious safety measures to make it seem like it was a setup by the eco-friendly
Cause a young woman to think she’s hearing her dead father’s ghost two decades ago (check the older patents on which some of these are based; 1971 is the earliest I found)

What it cannot do:

Cause someone who loves (still, though I couldn’t tell you why) his country so much, that despite the fact that his former partner will undoubtedly get married to someone else (further reminding him how his own government destroyed his life), still supports gay marriage or same sex unions (however that turns out).
Cause someone who has spent at least the last ten months with these things being used on his cranium to still fight, even though clearly there is not one person willing to stand by him and do the right thing because they’re afraid or just unwilling to accept the truth.
Cause someone who knows he’s been screwed by practically all sixteen intelligence agencies and several of their subcontractors (and taxed for it!), political operatives and corporate special interests due to NSA’s lies and their own financial and political gain to still believe there’s hope despite every indicator that this cannot possibly be the case.

I do have to wonder, though, how could we possibly have so much strife when clearly this stuff could be used to sooth rather than radicalize people? That’s what just doesn’t add up. It’s not as if there’s any money to be made on security—


I humbly remind you, sir, that I turned to you for help around a year ago. Instead of finding help, things only got worse for me.

Destroying someone’s life but leaving them alive? Not merciful. It’s cruel.

I’m not going to make it five years waiting for the system to start working. Maybe not even one. Not like this. Not when they know the heat is on. Not when I’m tortured almost daily. Not when every indication I have is that nothing has been done, not even to solve a laser-begun fire that put into a coma and burned the legs of a sweet young woman recovering from a brain aneurism. Not when the sociopath who tortured another young woman two decades ago with drugs and technology gets to roam free under the guise of “national security,” because of his position, who his dad was or just because he’s such a good liar and manipulator and smarter than law enforcement. Not when a (trust me) kind and caring Canadian has to look over his shoulder because his novels are based on research that these criminals want to keep quiet in order to pretend to maintain order—the real reason being financial gain and power, of course.

You heard it here first: two acroynyms (at least) to add to the Terror Watch List: NSA and SAIC.

If you don’t believe me about the technology, just call SONY and have them set up a demonstration for you. Just listen to “the voices” for ten minutes. Then try to imagine it on and off for hours; for days, weeks, months.

What do I have to do to convince you? It’s real. It’s a problem. These people are heartless and don’t give a whit about the Constitution, American citizens, and security. The less secure we are, the more money they stand to make. (Which was the point about The Wisp graphic novel that—though it was not the beginning of my troubles—didn’t help my situation any and was undoubtedly part of the “proof” they presented in calling me a terrorist or whatever those false reports say).

That’s about as clear and concise as I can make it. Delay means other people pay the price. Failure means they can and will overturn any accomplishments. Is there something I’m missing?

I can’t wait ten years for Congress to get up to speed on technology and for the truth to come out. It took twenty-five years for the Olsons to see justice (such as it was). I’d be 71. Am I supposed to take comfort in the fact that “one day” after I’m gone things will be alright?

Is there some hidden religious piece of wisdom I should consider? When so many who profess to believe sit and do nothing? If that’s not the lesson of religion—to do the right thing even when worldly concerns say otherwise—what is?


You Know

Know I Shouldn’t, But…

From: “Myname”
Date: March 9, 2009 4:03:58 PM
Subject: Daylight “Savings”?

Mr. B3ck,

Just wanted to say I’m a little concerned that we always subtract an hour on SUNDAYS.  I know, I know, it’s been this way a long time, but it seems to me we can’t really afford to be taking an hour away from the Lord the way things are right now.  And I know we’ll be giving it back in the Fall.  But in the meantime, I worry that the Lord will be wrathful against the United States until we show him more respect.
Me Me
Mycity, NY #####

Don’t recall precisely what prompted that. He must have been especially superstitious prior to that.

I’ve obviously made a few changes from the original.



NYT: Early Struggles of Soldier Charged in Leak Case

At school, Bradley Manning was clearly different from most of his peers. He preferred hacking computer games rather than playing them, former neighbors said. And they said he seemed opinionated beyond his years about politics, religion, and even about keeping religion out of politics.

Does that sound like the sort of person one would put in charge of secret information? Assuming one wanted to keep it secret, of course.

If, on the other hand, one were opposed to repealing DADT and opposed Net Neutrality, wanted to curb civil rights in general in order to prop up an outdated, losing philosophy proven to be ineffective in accomplishing anything except for lining the pockets of a few criminals, that’s exactly what one would do. Give FOX news and dissembling politicians something to gripe about while hiding their bigotry. Beautiful, isn’t it?

SMN.au: US Army Launches WikiLeaks Probe

An army official familiar with the investigation told McClatchy newspapers that the six-member task force has been given until February 1 to complete a report that will look at everything from how Private Bradley Manning was selected for his job and trained to whether his superiors missed warning signs that he was downloading documents he had no need to read.

It’s a story at least as old as MiBs, Project Bluebook and U2 spyplane development. As old as running drugs to curb a change in racial quotients (and therefore the political party pecking order) while building “walls”. As old as a politician bugging his own office and accusing his opponent of it just before an election. As old as supplying both sides in a conflict.

In other words, such a cliche that it’s impossible to see it any other way.

Remember an old adage: the coverup is often worse than the original crime.

How’s That Holiday?

How the f*** is it, pal? Old friend? My soul sistah?

Wrong Holiday Video

The Doom Bunker

“Because there are no werewolves, Stephen.”

You sure about that?

I Am Lemoned

So. Man meets other man at bar closing. They chat. Let’s call the main character ‘Robert’. Sticking to the analogy (sort of), let’s call the other fellow ‘Rudy’.

Robert and Rudy walk and talk and head toward Rudy’s car. Rudy cannot find his keys. (He says he only had two drinks but behaves like he had five).

No problem. Must have left them at the bar, they’re still closing.

Barkeep tells them through the window the they’ll have to come back tomorrow morning to check lost-and-found.

No problem again. Robert’s apartment is nearby. Rudy can stay over and they’ll get the car in the morning. There’s a sign that clearly states parking ends at 9:30AM (and it’s a Baptist Church’s lot and it’s Sunday, so they probably mean it).

Next morning, Rudy’s two drinks still haven’t worn off, but, forgot to mention, Robert found Rudy’s keys on Rudy’s wrist. Like I said, Rudy is hammered.

Realizing that it will be an unhappy day for Rudy if something isn’t done, Robert takes the keys, hops a cab, and brings the car to his place.

When Rudy (finally) wakes up, he is at first panicky about the fate of his car and then joyous that it’s right outside.

Two weeks pass. Rudy calls and needs a place to stay. He cannot find his car.

Robert is thinking he really doesn’t want Rudy to spend the night again, but takes pity on his (yet again) drunken condition.

This time they go to look for the car together later in the day. This time the car is towed.

Robert explains to Rudy that he will need his license plate number to locate his car at the towing garage.

Rudy explains that he doesn’t know his car’s license plate number.


Turns out Rudy bought the car from his brother who in turn bought it from someone else. The second transaction took place so quickly after the first that Rudy’s brother left it to Rudy to do the title transfer into his name…and he never got around to it.

So, let me clarify. The car is still in the original owner’s name. And let me clarify that. That means that on paper the car is stolen.

And “Robert” drove it.

But to be fair, it would have been far more entertaining if Robert had found out the hard way, by being cuffed and whatever else. Maybe the car has yet to be used in some interesting way to make it more exciting (were that to happen).

I have to admit: for the first time in recent history, that was not something I could have written myself. Something as innocuous as driving a car as a favor? Never would have thought to turn that into that interesting of a trap.

As for the significance of the title pun, I leave it to you.