In Defense of Sleep Deprivation

Truth is, as someone wiser once said, even the most progressive among us want the police to do whatever it takes to keep us “safe.” A day or two of depriving a “hard case” of sleep makes a certain amount of sense. It can provide a true confession. (EDIT: If that means railroading and torturing an innocent man whose daughter was raped and murdered, well that’s just part and parcel of building a bridge to the future middle ages.)

When, however, it takes place over a series of weeks or months, it’s just for fun providing a false confession. There is (are) no other purpose(s). It’s to chase a ghost who, thanks to political opportunists, got away with it. Provides a false sense of “doing something.” (EDIT: Except I forgot the obvious other use: to create domestic terrorism for the purposes of maintaining power and healthy bottom lines. Takes a bit more than lack of sleep to accomplish that. Fortunately, we had Alberto “Don’t Recall S***” Gonzalez to clarify that government can perform psychological harassment on US citizens with impunity and “The Replacements” hardly seem interested in rocking Al’s boat. Couple that with disillusionment in the ranks {well, how would you feel knowing that the real, powerful criminals get away with it?} and you have the likes of Hicks and Balding working together to create a better tomorrow Inquisition).

But keep telling yourselves we need it for “national security.” There’s only one outcome of continuing this and ultrasonic harassment. And it’ll be biblical in the Old Testament kind of way. Just watch.


Shuffling people around like pedophile priests will have the same result: more time and more peeps screwed.

Words have no meaning if they aren’t backed up by action.

Speaking of Change

“There’s a nickel’s worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans. If you put a nickel on the table, a Democrat will steal it from you…and a Republican will kill you for it.” —Barry Crimmins

Of course the book that’s from is a decade old now and it needs updating. They’ll both rob and kill you now but not before ass-raping you, your family and friends (EDIT: and pets…mustn’t forget them). Why let precious peons go to waste? It’s the new green.

Running Out of Excuses

You know, at some point it becomes reasonable to turn to violence. I know, it’s only a temporary solution that actually makes things worse in the long run…

But we’re running out of long run anyway.

Story of Jerry Hobbs and another reason why Nancy Grace is a c***.

Note the use of sleep deprivation. You’d almost swear Balding was responsible, but really, what are the odds. Sure that the rolls are filled with psychos who abuse their power for the only real sexual pleasure they can get. (But that’s just me playing Nancy Grace. {And you thought I didn’t know what I was doing…}).

What’s annoying is how government, rather than look in the mirror as it suggests others should do, stalls, stonewalls, weasels and denies rather than do the right thing. “Only five years.” And tortured. Blacksited.

Who would Jesus frame up?

Noises On

More about that. A few weeks ago went shopping. Saw at least one person screaming and cursing uncontrollably. Tried talking reason to this absolutely non-homeless-looking young man. He absolutely could not calm down. There was no reason for his behavior (beyond the toys clearly being tested, that is).

Not even a block away, another young man on the ground inside a storefront being kicked by a semi-circle of police and mall cops.

But what’s happening in Egypt is completely unrelated.

Noise Compliant [sic]

So the neighbor below me apparently put up with two months of noise from me that sounds suspiciously similar to the noises I’ve been hinting at here about the neighbors above me.

With a couple of exceptions. 1) He’s hearing workshop noises. Granted, I do have an electric coffee grinder that sounds a bit like a drill. Plausible. But he was convinced of a workshop. Once a day hardly seems to fit that bill. 2) Moving furniture. Unless that’s code for hours of…um…”exercise” (bet you wish you were here to touch yourself, Balding?), there’s just no way. My stuff is very light, on carpet and I hardly ever move it. 3) He mentioned a particular timeframe that I knew precisely what I was doing: watching a movie and the volume was far lower than I prefer. He said that was an especially loud period. No way.

So—this one I have to admit seems crazy—satelite? Really? For moi? You really spared no expense in this idiotic and pointless experiment of yours. Wonder how long you pricks have been aiming such devices at the Middle East and Afghani-Pakistan? Wonder if that hasn’t contributed to unrest. Maybe even recent unrest that you will try to, naturally, lay at the POTUS’ feet. I mean, Hostage Crisis 2: Revenge of the Pharaohs? Who are we kidding, old birds?

Yet another bizarre occurrence… Around the same time as some previously noted. April or so 2010. “Heard” a kid throwing a temper tantrum directly over my head. I moved. He moved. Ridiculous scene worthy of a Steve Martin flick, I continued to move and he followed. Had no idea what that meant until a few days ago (see, slow on the uptake) but it provided a great deal of laughter before the unconscious took over and handled the how on the backburner.

Though I did have a guest who said he heard some of the stomping (which sounds like a kid with bricks tied to his feet) some of these sounds may not be real. Probably the same for the werewolf sex. Have been hoping that would be repeated. Projected via ultrasound, microwaves or infrasound. Don’t know. This is what we have scientists for.

I experienced it and I still don’t quite believe it. Too ridiculous. But then, the world is run by clowns, isn’t it?


Not really. Just “code”. Those of you who “need to know” where I am know where I mean.

Interesting place. Must thank Ed Vogel (helpful fellow, kind of like the Welcome Wagon and No. 99 all rolled into one, a gift that keeps on giving—yes there’s more) for pointing out the musical history of one of the city’s highest landmarks. Had no idea. At all.

But what a coincidence. I mean, “Who Mocks the Mockingbirds?” I’m sure you catch my drift.

As if that weren’t enough, there’s the fact that my former collaborator “chose” this city for the re-location of one of my characters in the story (from Oklahoma, which on second thought would have been just as “interesting” a choice from a paranoid political perspective… Timothy McVey and all that. EDIT: Chose OK because I thought TX was too obvious. But then I didn’t really write it anyway, did I? Not the details anyway.)

Then there’s the demographics. City has two major unusual minority populations: Hmong and Somalians. Both are… Well think Cubans, Miami and the 60s and you get the idea. Spook Central.

Semi-finally there’s the “choice” that Nina Gislop or whatever her name is also chose this place as home. Bizarre.

Then there’s the fact that it wasn’t even my idea… Not everb superficially. Was something my ex “heard at work” (a place that it’s said has a higher death rate than the Canadian army and is on WaPo’s list of NSA subcontractors. Those two things being a coincidence, I’m sure).

And there’s the fact that, as I recall—could have some details off—has the FBI office that discovered people were learning to take off but not land in another state but were prevented from investigating that by an a-hole in the counterintel side whom it has been suggested was actually with CIA. (Or maybe it wasn’t a decision made without the aid of electronic toys. At any rate, the excuse was fear of being sued. B-U-L-L-*-*-*-T.)

Could have been easily prevented. No need for borrowing so much money. No need for building a police state. No need for invading Iraq and possibly not even Afghanistan (I say possibly because that had to be dealt with at some time, somehow).

(Is that enough weirdness? There’s more. But that’s all I’m saying ’bout that.)

So while I’m certain some folks love it here, for me it’s a combination of being on burn notice, under witness protection, and the main course for someone else’s banquet all at the same time.