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Must have caught the truth bug…

So, 1989-1900 I witnessed MKULTRA type human experimentation at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival.

This means one of several things:

1) It was not shut down as testified to Congress and the Senate but instead continued, perhaps inside the Department of Defense or perhaps in some private corporation with connections to DOD, CIA or just a goddam political party.

2) It was reactivated by the Reagan administration. (Possibly as listed above).

3) It was reactivated by the first Bush administration. (Possibly as listed above).

The fact that an old acquaintance wants to set himself up (or is being set up as, with or without his approval) as a one-man limited hangout is the only logical answer. No way he did all of this alone and the very idea is itself preposterous.

Zoom to today. It continues despite Clinton’s apology and executive order(s) after taking a “vacation” in not-always-sunny Canada.

The people behind it are so entrenched and so powerful that the current POTUS is powerless to stop it (he’s also in the middle of reliving the Carter administration’s phony energy crisis, replace “energy” with “jobs”. The wealthy jerks are so afraid of actually having to pay taxes on all the BS things they’ve managed to profit off of that they’d rather wait it out until the next cycle than “suffer” a 4% tax increase, but that’s another post).

So, what to do? They’ve got a private army, secret police, corporate assassins galore. It’d be easy to suggest shooting someone except for the problem that they in turn use that to create more contracts to “solve” the problems they themselves created.

That’s right. The brainiacs at the likes of Blackwater/Xe, SAIC, etc. are creating terrorists faster than Osama Bin Laden could dream of. In  essence, they are terrorist organizations under the control of the National Security Agency (per the Washington Post, could be any other of the agencies or even corporate sponsors if there’s even a difference any more between the two).

So. Where are we? We’re on the precipice of Civil War. The conservatives want it because they think it will shoe-in another neocon administration (which in turn will be worldwide disastrous, but they think they can hide in ivory towers and fortresses). The ultra-liberals want it because they think it will bring about enlightenment for the survivors (it won’t, history has shown us it’ll just be tyranny by another name, with a different face). The lower level folks at these various organizations and companies want it because they want to know what it’s like to murder and torture people. (Which is the problem when you allow biologically- and psychologically-inspired sociopathy to run rampant in order to prepare for a war that never came).

10 In essence, we are f***ed.

20 Is there a way out? There are three that I can think of but there’s not a single person with the foresight and/or cajones. And none of them are pretty.



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