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HuffPo – Army Can’t Get Enough of Facebook

U.S. Military Launches Spy Operation Using Fake Online Identities

The technology would not be used in America, or by American owned companies–which include major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. “We do not target U.S. audiences, and we do not conduct these activities on sites owned by U.S. companies,” Speaks told the Washington Times.

You lie! (Or should I say, “You spin.” Read it carefully.)

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EDIT: “We do not target U.S. audiences” Translation: we never intended for US citizens to find out what we were up to. Targeting individual Americans? You betcha! Also note the full dedication to protecting US corporations while assf***ing US citizens and s***ting on the Constitution.

Sellouts protecting the Military Industrial Complex/Top Secret America/Corportate Polluter trifecta. Get it? 01, 02, 03? Hey, it’s a much larger retirement fund when you help out criminals than taxpayers.


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  1. […] person using that software that allows one person to pretend to be ten. There were articles on it (and I mentioned it here on the blog). The primary use us to try to control the narrative, create false concensus, leverage […]

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