THE BLACK BOOT DIARIES – How Top Secret America…

…Can Set You Free…From Your Job

“When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”


(Don’t forget holding board meetings and making strange requests of Legal and yielding technology that the GOP pretends to eschew.)

It is December and then January.

Never mind that he’s known his boss for seventeen years. Never mind they are close. Never mind that the boss is the coolest, calmest person he knows, which is a good thing; he has high blood pressure.

He’s seen the boss keep his cool when the architect, client and contractor are all screaming at each other, ignoring what must be a strong instinct to “join the herd”. The boss manages to pull the discussion out of the fire and resume a semblance of professionalism.

But that is about to change.

The boss’ PC will be infected from some other PC the employee traces to Ford Motor Company in Deerborn, Michigan. When the employee calls Ford to tell them about the worst infection he’s seen in twenty years of doing this, he tries to ignore the fact that there is much static on the phone that he and the Ford IT guy have to shout over it to be heard.

He sends the email to abuse@ford as instructed along with the offending IP address and what some of the infections were. He can’t know all of them because they are numerous and the PC is unusable.

The employee doesn’t need to point out the  moving truck to his boss. The boss has already read the comic and makes the connection right away. “Red Fox Moving Co.”

The employee will later google them and discover they are out of Nashville.

In the scheme of things, a relatively minor “joke.”

Or so it seemed at first.

Next there are two terror attack attempts around nearby Times Square involving parked and abandoned vehicles. Everyone is on edge as a result.

Next the moving truck sits there so long it at last attracts police attention. No movers have been seen coming or going from the truck, and it’s a busy street in Rockefeller Center. The bomb squad was called, the employee was told, but they managed to locate the movers. They were called in by some law firm with offices in the area. The head of security won’t say which one.

The employee learns that his company’s biggest client (one of the world’s largest law firms) took on a new board member: Buzzy Krongard. Buzzy, who also sits on the board of Xe. Buzzy, who was embarrassed after 9/11 when it was discovered that his former trading company did some unusual volume in airline stock trading on 9-11-01. Buzzy, whose brother was the one investigating such things under the Bush administration. Buzzy, who made certain that the fire alarm system at Langley was repaired in August of 2001.

The employee and the boss are on the other side of the building now. A woman, commonly referred to as a “bag lady” approaches the employee and begins a conversation uninvited.

“You’re one of them, aren’t you?”

“Excuse me?”

It’s largely downhill from there. The employee cannot help laughing. It’s just too bizarre.

She says it’s “professional jealousy” that has motivated the government to place curses on her grandchildren. She has just come from the Canadian Consulate in the building, looking for some sort of support there it seemed.

“Sorry. I don’t believe in the occult.”

“You are one of them.”

Oh, the irony.

She eventually shuffles off for the last time after drifting and returning thrice.

The employee does find something familiar about it though. It reminds him of a friend two decades prior. That the woman doesn’t understand the how and the why—and often even the what—doesn’t mean there isn’t something to what she says. After all, we are all just here to please our corporate masters and their sellout puppets in government. The question isn’t so much “why” when dealing with sociopaths but rather, “why not?”

Except in the employee’s case the why is now clear: witness. 1989-1990. MKULTRA. it’s on the record. It happened. That it didn’t stop is the only detail that should be in question. When it was reserved for enemies foreign, well who’d listen anyway? But now that it’s about creating a corporatocracy, well it’s time to plug any potential leaks, to silence the witnesses and any pesky science types who actually understand how it works.

With torture allowed and rhetoric that frequently includes the demise of whomever the fascist speaking is targeting at a given moment, is it really that far of a leap?

That the employee might have been staring at a reflection of himself ten years down the line (or,
Hell, two!) did not escape his notice.

But that was then… He wonders if these craven psychos ever fought a man before. Doesn’t seem like it.

The boss becomes increasingly irritable. He eventually loses his marbles completely and the employee decides it’s time for a few days off. When he returns, his pass no longer works.

When he later applies for unemployment, he receives two letters the same day. One states he was fired for cause. The other says that he quit. Neither is true but he will have to overcome both in order to receive benefits in a s*** economy and without a reference.

And that’s why there’s no such thing as justice, just injustice. That’s why the moderates, liberals and progressives can’t get anything done: they have neither the foresight nor depth of thought to see that tolerating this kind of criminality is what’s holding them back, nor the courage to do anything about it.


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