“Vraiment, quelle est la cote?”


It is December. He’s on the balcony facing the street. A grey-headed man gets out of a vehicle parked directly in front carrying a file. He spits three times in the direction of the church nearby, though the object of the man’s feigned disgust is lost on the Watcher until many months later, as is who exactly he was supposed to be.

Mendoza? That’s so corny…

It will also remind him of an old episode of Project Blue Book AKA Project UFO which was based—perhaps sometimes loosely—on actual USAF investigation files. People saw something (lights in the sky or found a piece of something) in the late 40s and early 50s and were visited by several men whose very behavior was designed to discredit the witnesses. Like the first listed goal of the defunct MKULTRA program from the 1977 Senate hearing.

Made some sense at the time, didn’t it? Didn’t want the Soviets paying attention to the spy plane being developed.

However, now the point is to embarrass a president who is unpopular with the subject of Eisenhower’s warning: so much money was made during WWII in the war industry that some people have gotten a taste for it. That wars might be fought in the future simply to keep them in the life style they have gotten used to was something the former military man and Republican president saw coming.

In order to achieve that goal, some of these industrialists and their friends in government are attempting to create homegrown terrorism and foment a civil war by growing distrust through media outlets, PsyOps, and very probably their technology that has come not from some distant galaxy but right here on Earth on college campuses and in corporate laboratories. That it might sometimes seem impossibly advanced is because you don’t much see this stuff on Discovery.

They’re playing the parties and liberals and conservatives off against each other. They’re trying to aim their targets, their potential killers and terrorists at either side, doesn’t matter which. By doing so, it not only undermines things like the right to health care (thereby gaining silent support among other industries headed by people who largely pay no taxes at all and enjoy exorbitant bonuses as a result) but also makes the government more dependent on these secret police startups, creates the illusion that government can’t handle the job, pushes us toward further privatization.

Essentially, it’s blackmail and extortion.

Nevertheless, having been visited by someone who might have been an actual MiB… Would be pretty cool if it weren’t for the circumstances surrounding it all.


He’s on the balcony again. It’s dark and cold.

A younger man, strawberry blondish exits the large apartment building nearby (where for some reason the Watcher never discovered, many fast cars—one with a license plate “YES OFCR” or the like—have been coming and going like with locker keys he saw in front of his place and elsewhere).

Strawberry begins laughing and hopping up and down like the Joker from Batman. He aborts abruptly when he (or someone on his team) realizes that the Watcher was not on the balcony alone. He gets into a VW Beetle and drives off.


Again on the balcony. For some reason, the model of a bridge (which seems to get stomped on a bit more every time he leaves the apartment and returns) is still there. The garbage men have left it at least twice.

The bridge was some child’s school project he would late learn. However, that it wound up there at that time was merely a mystery to be later solved: the Frey effect.

This time sanitation pulls up and appear to leave it once again, one of the workers notices the Watcher standing on the balcony and sort of kicks it toward the truck and finally, his heart clearly not in it, puts it into the compactor.

Were they trying to get him to plot to blow up a bridge? To go after any number of people who seemed to be supportive and then later betray him? To push him to leave the state in order to go after some other displaced writer?

That could never happen. Sometimes appearing to lack good sense doesn’t mean it’s entirely absent. As a friend once said, it’s often those who deal in and consume fiction who have the keenest sense of the difference between it and non.

For example, in fiction justice still exists.


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