MKULTRA Tip of the Day

Fun with surveillance teams – Do occasionally place a small blank piece of paper under a garbage can or other spot where someone might leave a message for someone to find. They will watch the spot for three days waiting for your nonexistent contact to pick it up and eventually check to see that it’s blank and contains no hidden messages.

(Why this is important an why it works: in order to get the other agencies to harass you, one has probably planted false information about you. This is known as RUMINT, or Rumor Intelligence, and is a form of disinformation.)

Additionally, you can blast patriotic music in your home if you think you’re being listened to there. It will remind them what country they live in even though it may mean little to the meatheads listening.

See the chapter on humor for more ideas.

On the flip side, do not pick up keys to airport or bus station lockers. This is an attempt by them to turn you into one of them (i.e., a terrorist). If you cave to their attempts to prompt you to violence, they win. That’s the “game” you’re being forced to play.

MKULTRA Tip of the Day

Don’t sink to their level. That’s what they want. Terrorism is a losing strategy (not to mention immoral and blasphemic in the eyes of a theoretical God). Just because these few loonies push sociopaths out front of them to ruin your life (a lot like Al Qaeda) doesn’t mean you should fight fire with fire. Instead, adopt a peaceloving attitude like Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Bob Dylan or Jesus (whatever works for you). This is precisely why they will ultimately lose: they have secretly adopted the same tactics that they publically eschew. You’re not the criminal, they are. Show the world that’s the case!



You’re going to have to conquer fear. Which really means you’re going to have to defeat your instincts, you’re inner animal if you will.

Every phobia is a potential pressure point that they can and will exploit to drive you just a bit closer to doing something irrational, a few inches closer to the grave.

Speaking of which, fear of death is the big one to overcome (followed not too far behind by fear of the unknown). You know that saying about cowards dying a thousand deaths? It’s somewhat true. You’re up against people responsible for a lot of deaths and government / corporate sponsored psychopaths. The odds are against you for the most part. There many, many ways they can hobble, humiliate, harass, torture, and ultimately kill you. Get used to the idea.

Mourn yourself. “Become as one already dead.” It’s incredibly freeing really. You don’t have to be a slave to fear or death. Laugh in his bony face. It will eventually happen to us all.* You’re in good company. There are many great poets and writers, statesmen and stateswomen, civil rights leaders, etc. who have faced “impossible” odds, dealt with the subject of human existence and our ultimate demise who are now buried.

One of the greatest tools these evil people have to use against you is your own brain. Besides whatever drugs or devices they’ve used and will continue to use on you, it’s your own self-preservation instincts that can do the most harm. Panicking at the wrong time can both reduce your effectiveness as a witness against them (by discrediting you…one of their primary goals because they don’t want to get caught) and get you arrested, injured or killed.

This is not to say you shouldn’t give a single thought to protecting yourself. You should. But do so reasonably. It’s like looking both ways before crossing the street. We all do it when we’re paying attention and none of us consider doing so paranoid, irrational or unreasonable. In your case, you’ve got a good reason to avoid being mugged or walking into a drug deal gone bad. You’ve got a very good reason to take some extra care to see your home doesn’t burn down.

Take the steps. Be careful. But don’t worry. Kind of pop zen, isn’t it? If you study martial arts, you may already understand the concept. If Christian, you’ve got the “in the ways of evil be as children but in your thinking be as adults” going for you.

The other piece is the unknown. If you’re lucky enough to figure out precisely what’s been done to you, you’re in better shape than the author.

But simply knowing something was done was enough for him to stop worrying about figuring out exactly what it was. The basic concepts (Frey effect, brain chemistry, psychological harassment, torture principles, etc.) were enough to put that to rest. You can easily wear yourself out thinking, which is part of what they are attempting to do to you.

Once you’ve confirmed that you are a target (and not simply or only dealing with some other cause for brain malfunction), let it rest. It can be fun (term used loosely) to try to figure out how a particular thing was done, but don’t obsess if you can help it. The author has done more than enough of that for all of us.

Also, once you’ve confirmed it, stop asking yourself if it’s really happening. You know it is. We’ve been taught it doesn’t or only happens to other people, perhaps people who deserve it. Those assertions are false even though many reasonable people believe them.

Doubt leads to fear. They will hammer you with false leads, disinformation, and doubt. “Walk” through that like you would a patch of briers. Slowly but steadily. “Does that latest explanation add up, fit the facts? Nope. Forget it, then.” Repeat.

Philippians 4:8:

…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Whether you’re religious or not, that’s good advice for someone surrounded by enemies. If you permanently give in to doubt, fear, hopelessness, cynicism, you’re done. Put in biochemical language, you have to maintain a higher level of seratonin to maintain confidence and avoid despairing even though suffering psychological harassment (AKA torture), endorphins and other natural goodies to feel good enough to take care of yourself and avoid their traps and the attempts to reprogram you in their image. Calm, cool and confident. Thoughts and feelings usually follow the biochemistry in the brain, but what you think about, what you “program” for yourself influences that.

If you have to “take a walk on the dark side” that’s perfectly normal. You’ve been/are being tortured. It cannot help but affect your view of humanity as a whole. That’s human nature to react that way.

But don’t stay there. Take note of small kindnesses, beauty in nature, the little wins, small advances toward justice. Take heart in that there have been many other people who have gone through similar experiences. You’re not alone even though it will feel like it most of the time.

And this is where, again, kinda zen, I suggest lying to yourself. What do I mean by that, really?

What I mean is assume things will work out for the best even though every indication is that they won’t.

Believe in the rule of law and it’s value even though we see daily that the powerful often get away with murder (sometimes literally) without repurcussion (in those instances when they do get caught and prosecuted, it tends to be when they have harmed or are a threat to some other powerful figure. Bernie Madoff and the former IMF chairman come to mind as recent examples).

This is in part because of the very same things you are contending with. The microwave auditory effect can affect investigator’s minds like anyone else’s. It can lead them to the wrong or false conclusions, or even if they know about it, they might be afraid to go after the big fish due to that and his powerful friends.

But you have to believe in it anyway. You have to act as though it works. There is a great deal of power in belief. It can at times even cure disease. That’s not (only) from the Bible, but accounts from many doctors who have seen patients heal as a result of their belief in the treatment. The effectivenss of placebos is remarkable as well, recent research indicates.

So this is partly for your own wellbeing and partly for the desired result. Your enemies want you to despair. So why should you accommodate them? It has an effect on our health and you need to survive to have your day in court (that might be literal or figurative). You also have to hold law enforcement, politicians, hell, the whole damn system, accountable for failing you in order to get it to function properly. I believe these people want to do the right thing, but “evil clowns” with too much influence and power are getting in the way. Let them know (rationally, carefully, peacefully but firmly) that that is unacceptable.

Despite the exotic, bizarre, perhaps rare (but not as rare as some think) nature of the crimes against you, treat it like any other crime or infringement. If someone damages your car, you go after their insurance company. If someone steals your wallet, you report it.

Fear of future reprisals is the only thing stopping you. They’re going to do that anyway. Burn that on your retinas if you have to. Hiding, running, pretending, begging, cow-towing, none of those things are going to stop them. You haven’t done anything to deserve what they’re doing either. Therefore they are clearly in the wrong. They on some level already know that but refuse to acknowledge it. The only thing they derive from you trying to reason with them is pleasure from your fear reaction. As I said, they’re insane. You cannot reason with them. So don’t.

Additionally, they are going to threaten people you know and love. You can’t let that control you. It seems cold and callous on the surface, but it isn’t. Again, they are going to do that anyway. Also, if they succeed in all of their goals, this is not going to be a pleasant place for your loved ones to live anyway. You’re fighting for them and their future. You will not win by surrendering because these people don’t take prisoners, so to speak.

You have to be brave if you want to save the people you care about. You have to remain optimistic if you want to win.

Positive thinking in the face of unfavorable odds is what makes that small percentage work when it does. Giving up or giving in is largely forfeiting a psychological game of chicken and your enemy knows that. That’s why he’s trying to break you.

On that note, that one way to avoid being broken by your enemy is to already be broken. You’re incredibly flexible in that case. Can’t break what’s already broken. What that means to you is something you need to discover.

I envision that late scene in Kill Bill where Bill knows he only has five steps to take before dying. We’re all that way except the number of steps is larger and unknown. Accept it. Be at peace with it. Then you’ll be a formidable adversary for these unbelievable s***heads.

Remember, just because the people you care about don’t believe you (or, worse, they do and they turn their back on you anyway) doesn’t mean they aren’t worth caring about. These people are good at driving wedges between people and playing them off against each other (and then sitting back and laughing about it…kinda like the Devil—whether you think such a being is fictional or not). You have to forgive your old friends and family and remember what and who your true enemies are: fear, despair, mental and emotional issues, and the creeps who are inflicting those things on you.

One of the other things they will do is pick you up (give you glimmers of hope) and then drop you again (take it away). It’s part of attempting to break you. They will repeat that over and over. It’s one of the reasons you might consider being a little skeptical of good news when it pours your way. Celebrate it, but be mentally prepared for the rug to be pulled out from under you. Like I said: evil.

Music is one thing to hang on to for morale. They will try to ruin that for you as well. Part of what they are doing to you is brainwashing.

If you’ve seen the film A Clockwork Orange, then you may recall that Alex, the main character is brainwashed while listening to his favorite classical music, that of Ludwig van Beethoven. As a result of the treatments, he becomes ill when he hears it. What they’ll do to you will probably be less dramatic and effective, but whatever it is, it’s also temporary. You’ll be able to stand it again at some point, so again, hang in there.

Death, where is thy sting?

* I sometimes wonder if the people who should know better are simply waiting for some of these old farts to die off. TIME magazine recently ran an issue that talked about 2040 being the year we conquer death, that science will create eternal youth and cures for common deadly diseases. Given the widespread misconceptions regarding the true state of other technology and biological advances, I assume that potential is coming much sooner than 2040. Some of these people think they may live forever and are actively working to make that a reality, I believe. They may be right. When you hear a neofascist “protesting too much” on a particular topic (like stemcell research), you can bet he or she secretly supports it fervently, just not for the you and the rest of “the masses”, only the “select few”. So don’t put too much hope in the old generation dying off and leaving a great new world for the rest of us. Besides, they’ve trained and created new generations of psychos to take their place. This all has to be resolved soon or the toll is going to be incredibly high.

MKULTRA Tip of the Day

Document every strange event no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time. It may be important later.

Also, no matter how many people “randomly” mention your camera and question why you’re carrying it, keep using it. Nothing ruins a neofascist’s day more than being caught and leaving traces.

This is a little potential embarrassment up against survival and their eventual exposure and defeat. Works wonders.



This is a large, complicated and sticky topic to try to simplify enough to explain what to do in every situation.

The first thing you need to know is that, once you become aware of what’s been done and being done to you, they will try to get you arrested for something… anything. The reason for this is fourfold (at least).

First, once they have you in a controlled environment, they can do things that they might not be able to do on the outside to escape attention.

Second, as a convicted felon, your ability to convince people and garner sympathy from them that you’ve been a victim of human experimentation drops dramatically. You’ve lost law enforcement completely and that of many potential advocates in your case on the outside. In essence, they have diminished your effectiveness as a witness.

Third, they’ve got you bottled up and can control and limit your communication with the outside world to prevent exposure of their tortuous and murderous deeds. You wouldn’t be reading this if the author had fallen into any of the many, many traps that could have gotten him arrested and convicted.

Finally, they can kill you at their leisure should they decide it’s in their best interests to do so. You’ll be shivved, strangled, beaten to death or they will fake a suicide for you. That’s how it’s done. They don’t even have to bribe a fellow inmate to do the dirty deed, just hammer him with the microwave auditory effect (as described elsewhere in this book), make his or her life unpleasant, and convince them that you are somehow to blame for that or just throw you in the inmate’s path during his or her rampage. It can be done and easily at that.

So, the bottom line is don’t break the law and be reasonably aware of potential traps that could make it seem that you’ve broken the law even when you haven’t. You have to predict and as much as you can, think clearly. Remaining calm, cool and collected are key here. You (probably) haven’t done anything wrong and definitely did nothing to deserve the treatment you’re getting from the psychos responsible. Even if you have made mistakes in the past, well, if you’re religious then you may already think everyone’s a sinner so, again, forgive yourself and don’t allow these murderous maniacs to use that to their advantage.

With the reasons for avoiding jail and prison out of the way (and note that such a move has multiple goals. That’s how this “game” is played) let’s talk about why you won’t be believed but you should report at least some of what’s happened to you anyway.

First, all of us are programmed to think these things don’t happen. It’s unthinkable. This is the United States of America and we don’t do that.

All of that is on some level true to some degree. This is not something a lot of people can or would engage nor approve of if they knew it was happening. However, as I reiterate time and time again, there are radicals who absolutely will and sociopaths who absolutely can.

I once visited Dachau. That’s the Nazi concentration camp in Southern Germany. As you walk toward the museum, you cross a great expanse of white gravel. Once inside, they tell you what the gravel is made of: human bone.

It’s nearly impossible for most of us to wrap our heads around that. In order for most people to go along with something like that (many did) required the most extreme peer pressure and repeated lies perhaps ever seen by mankind. They had to create a herd mentality and maintain it. If anyone stepped out of line, they would get publicly and severely punished (or even more chilling, simply disappear). This was psychological manipulation on a mass scale.

It is an often unfortunate fact that most human beings are what is known as authoritarians. That means that very often it isn’t so much what a leader says but how they say it that determines whether or not they will support such a leader. This makes us vulnerable as a society to modern day sociopaths, to neofascists. 

It is only by questioning, by looking at what leaders actually do as opposed to what they say, that you can make an informed decision. And you can only know what it is they actually do if there is some level of transparency. Governing by secrecy and lies is dangerous.

All of that is to try to explain why it is you most likely won’t be believed if and when you report any of the strange activity to law enforcement. We are all taught that people who suggest the government (and therefore, by extension, it’s private subcontractors) are harassing or experimenting on them are insane. This despite many examples of exactly that occurring.

For example, many people are aware and realize that the Tuskegee airmen were mistreated. A common myth is that they were given syphilis. What happened according to the record is just as bad but it’s always best to get the facts as close as you can. These men went to their doctors and were told they were being treated for their maladies but weren’t so that the doctors could track the progression of the disease. So much for the hypocratic oath.

There are dozens and dozens of other similar stories. Inmates, orphans, the troops, people in drug studies, etc. all trusting those charged with their care but betrayed.

We don’t like to think about the dark portions of our own history. Slavery and passing diseased blankets to Native Americans (part of our own genocidal history) are two such topics. Because the mainstream media rarely covers such topics (again, no single reason for this but a mix of things) most of us think things are messed up but have no idea just how messed up they really are. Cops are no exception.

Additionally, both due to what they have done to  you, both the experimentation part and the psychological harassment part (AKA the torture), you are going to have difficulty communicating clearly and calmly with your law enforcement professionals.

Keep in mind also that they deal with particular crimes on an on-going basis and that what you are reporting is in all likelihood outside that experience. There is also the possibility that you have misunderstood what was done or how it was done.

As noted in CHAPTER THREE – “THEM”, there is an entire class of incident that involves perfectly normal people. For example, you may have a neighbor who makes a lot of noise. They could be slipping he or she caffeine in order to deprive them of sleep, resulting in their being loud, obnoxious, and irritiable. So are you. These people are simply trying to pit two innocent people against each other through trickery because it’s probably a training exercise for the younger potential psycho coming up in the ranks, it’s research and testing (which they will pretend is for use in the War on Terror), and because this is great fun for the potential Ted Bundy’s of the world who found a different niche for themselves.

Again, remaining calm and putting up with it as much as you can is important.

But the other point is, you might report your noisy neighbor to the police as someone who’s watching you or attempting to drive you out of your mind. If they are not actual operatives but instead are victims of the exact same technology that you are, you’ve just cried wolf and reduced your effectiveness and believability with the local precinct.

Let’s say the police investigate and find nothing. Now they put you on the crank list. You must avoid that.

At the same time, as noted above, you must report crimes or potential crimes just as you would before you became aware of being a test subject. If you don’t, the investigators may eventually come back to you and consider you an accompice for having knowledge but not having reported it.

See what I mean about it being compacted? Ultimately, the rule is to behave exactly as you did before, only better. If you used to break the speed, limit stop it: they will use that to get you into trouble. I also suggest stopping smoking marijuana unless you need it for medicinal purposes. It again reduces your effectiveness as a witness and is a potential way to get you in prison and whacked.

If you did unknowingly break the law, cover yourself as much as you can. For example, if you find that you spent an evening looking under manhole covers with several strangers, and later discovered that one such cover was along the back, unmarked side of a Federal Reserve Bank, I suggest writing the very same law enforcement division who arranged that trap for you after you realize that those individuals you spent the evening with were informants for the same. They don’t want the negative press and, ultimately, your only hope of getting the experimentation to stop lay with convincing them it’s happening. Remember, the scumbags ultimately responsible have probably convinced law enforcement that you are a criminal (or worse) and that Johnny Law is merely, probably doing his job as he’s been told to do it. It’s not personal to them, don’t let it be to you.

If you do happen to wind up in prison or court, remain calm. Listen to and trust your attorney. You don’t really have a choice. You’re going to have to fight the legal battle on the same playing field that “normal” cases are fought and won. The judge is in all likelihood not going to accept mind control and/or a “conspiracy” as an excuse.

However, do be creative when questioned. Don’t come out and say you saw government agents watching you at some point unless you have some evidence that that is actually the case but instead accurately as you can, describe the “strange people” you saw, their clothing, the vehicle they came and/or departed in, etc. Let them draw their own conclusions for small events like that unless you have enough to show otherwise.

Or you might just calmly write a letter stating that you believe you have been a victim of an MKLULTRA type operation and that you are available to discuss it with investigators at their leisure. Provide all relevant contact information and keep a few copies of the letter on your PC in electronic form, in your email, and in paper form filed away, and a flashdrive or external hard drive either or both of which you keep somewhere else when you’re not at home such as on your person. They can and will try to remove the evidence if they can by many methods (pickpocketing and fire to name two). Don’t let them do that by taking reasonable steps to prevent it.

This is going to be noticed by those responsible, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Once they know you’re on to them and are calm enough to tell law enforcement, they will eventually back off some, though likely they will first intensify their harassment first to try to prevent you from doing it again.

Finally, the sad truth. You cannot trust law enforcement.

“What? You told me to!”

True dat. What I mean is, bdsides not being believed, you’ve got two other potential problems. First, they may simply assume that if (for example) the National Security Agency is making your life hellish, that you did something to deserve it or they may understand all too well and know that to get involved will in all likelihood result in career suicide (at best). Second, you might be talking to a corrupt individual. Despite what you may have thought, contrary to popular opinion, and in defiance of the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the so-called intelligence czar position, there is still mistrust and competition among these agencies. There are at times very good reasons for this.

For example, a drug dealer may also have terrorist links, be forging money, have links to larger crime syndicates, and smuggling alcohol and weapons as well as drugs into the US and war zones. He’s on the radar of DEA, CIA, FBI, ATF, the Secret Service and military intelligence. Some of these folks want him arrested while others want to continue to learn about the network(s) he’s a part of in order to more effectively achieve the agency-in-question’s goals. Naturally, they’re going to want to tend to see that goal fulfilled to the possible detriment of their sister’s goals.

As a result of this, some of these organizations may even have informants inside the other organizations. It’s not unheard of.

So, you might think you’re speaking to, for example, an FBI agent but he might secretly also be working for or with CIA, NSA or INSCOM against the goals of the Bureau. A remote possibility, but one to be aware of. They may simply be trying to prevent embarrassment for their agency, department or bosses or there might be something more nefarious going on.

Being aware of that possibility, you still have to treat him as though it’s not the case. It probably isn’t anyway, just possible. The point here is to try to convey as much about the people torturing you as you can without further compromising yourself.

For example, if they put a dangerous spider in your bed, just tell the agent or officer that. Don’t talk about how you’ve always had nightmares about spiders and you nearly had a heart attack when you felt it crawling on you. They will use that knowledge to further harm you.

(Just so the author is clear: that didn’t happen to him. Merely an example. He did however once pretend to be afraid of spiders. The result was, as is often the case, disturbing, humorous, and further confirmation of psychological harassment. You can sometimes outwit these people; that’s the humorous part. They ain’t all that and a bag of chips! Cynicism and mental illness—even given the cold, calculating mind of a sociopath—don’t always protect them from being conned. In fact, in some ways it makes it easier. As far as being human is concerned, they are incomplete and dysfunctional).

As if all of that weren’t enough, cops have bosses to please, too. These bosses have bosses, too. I don’t think there’s anything in this whole shebang more complicated and difficult to predict than how that washes out. They’re walking the fine line of pleasing the boss and doing what they think is right when those two things don’t always align. They will pick and choose their battles as a result. So should you.

In a similar way to how you must write your representatives despite their potential, implicit or direct involvement (as described in the previous chapter), you must alert law enforcement of these activities if we are ever to have a hope of ending these practices and stopping what is shaping up to be WWIII, Civil War 2 or some combination of two.* Just don’t expect results in either the obvious or immediate categories. If they are taking you seriously or not, they probably won’t let on. Don’t let that depress you, just keep chugging.

Just the facts, ma’am. **

* See how important you are? Other people are depending on you surviving to tell your tale. Lots and lots of other people.

** The author has from time to time violated this rule, sometimes due to an inability to control his outrage and sometimes in favor of injecting some humor. Just do the best you can.



The chapter title is in part an attempt at humor. (As you’ll see elsewhere, that’s one of the major defenses you must cultivate). It is at the same time a way of classifying the machine that is operating against you so that you don’t have to spend untold hours trying to solve the whodunit portion of your predicament.

Fortunately for you, I’ve mostly solved that riddle for you. Read on, friend.

Any useful discussion on human experimentation must include some discussion of who it is that conducts and orders such operations as well as who and what the people are you a the victim of torture comes into contact with. There are several answers and this chapter is probably not exhaustive by any means.

First, let’s discuss who orders it. This sort of thing is ordered by people who are by desire a bit on the paranoid side. Like a policeman who spends a lot of his waking hours dealing with criminals, neglectful parents and victims of same, both the military and intelligence community are always looking for threats and dealing with them on a daily basis. As is always the case, if takes its toll psychologically and at times they are going to see potential threats where there are none.

I’d like to briefly pause here to make my position clear. I am not intending here to rehash the discussions of the 1970s where the mere idea that, for example, CIA was attempting to assassinate communist leaders in the Third World. Though I find a lot of the logic behind things like torture of terrorists, mind control and biologically harmful experiments from past decades questionable and believe they may have in the long run done more harm than good, that’s not why I desire and believe that this topic is going to be big news in the near future.

Rather, it’s because (as touched upon in the Preface) about domestic policy, the use of harmful technology on political enemies and opponents, and the fact that the people in charge of our extensive arsenal (including the nuclear one) are f***ing insane. They’ve murdered people, destroyed lives, done the unthinkable and used the excuse of the War on Terror to stop reasonable people from questioning their activities and they have done so in part for selfish financial gain and a misguided sense that somehow the Almighty not only approves but asked or demanded them to do it.

In summary, I don’t think we ought to be testing drugs on detainees, but that’s something that could and ought be debated on the House floor and in the news. What we’re talking about here is treason. Evil, if you like.

So, the past was a desire (not entirely unfounded) about keeping up with Soviet mind control experiments. The West’s enemies were engaging in it, so the US decided that the ends justified the means in order to keep up.

But now some of these old warriors have become cynical, selfish, greedy, and gone off the rails all at the same time. A perfect storm for trouble, a clear and present danger to American society, security, economy and that of her neighbors and allies.

In essence, they are terrorists, they have become their enemy. They are attempting to create homegrown terrorism so they can grab power, keep the American people frightened, and charge us as much as possible for the privilege of “protecting” us from monsters they themselves have created while ignoring our many domestic problems and the dire longterm costs.

That’s the general mindset of the top-ish members of the top brass, intelligence community and their private private subcontractor CEOs and corporate officers.  (One assumes this is a relatively small number, but fear and visions of mushroom clouds as a result of terrorist attack carry a lot of weight with people who might otherwise be more reasonable. Additionally, it is the nature of a corporation to protect its bottom line first. CEOs have a fiduciary responsibility to do so. It’s not evil, just the way things are, though many psychological studies in recent decades have suggested that sociopaths tend to be the people who float to the top in such areas, and no wonder. Laying off 10,000 people and still being to sleep at night is not something all of us are cut out for.)

Also, there are professors, scientists, grad students, etc. who are conducting perfectly innocent research and are being watched mostly without their knowledge for breakthroughs on things that have potential for use in mind control or other military applications. They are mostly only important to your understanding in order for you to learn and read about what’s possible. I suggest reading some scientific articles and perhaps even journals. Probably, a lot of it won’t make sense at first but after a while you’ll start to understand enough to realize we are far more advanced technologically than the vast majority of us realize.

Now on to the mindset of the field agents and the doctors who regularly violate their hypocratic oath. Though I have only circumstantial evidence for this coupled with what may be faulty or phony conspiracy talk, it does make sense that if you want someone to do something that most people would find abhorrent, you look for sociopaths and radicals. The film La Femme Nikita is a good fictional example of the mindset. A criminal who kills without remorse is recruited to be an assassin in the film (there are many other similar stories including some about using military criminals to do suicide missions during WWII, for example).

In this nonfictional case, however, all these people are asked to do is slip a little something into your food, use a nonlethal (in the shortrun) device on you, or just muck with your head. Believing that you’ve done something to deserve it is one lie they will tell themselves and their superiors will reinforce that idea with false intel about you. They’ll also be told and make themselves believe they are somehow helping the country fight its enemies. All of that to distract from the true purpose of financial gain and power grabbing.

They are actively looking for talent and potential for unfeeling, unquestioning operatives to carry out their dirty work.

So, in case it’s still not clear, do not expect any sympathy from these people. They are really doing it because they enjoy it. The other justifications are just to clamp down on whatever tiny shred of residual conscience they may still have.

Another sidenote here. Personality is overwhelmingly a function of brain chemistry. These people are mentally ill. If you’re the religious type, you might want to think of the words of Jesus here: “Forgive them for they know not what they are doing.” That it’s true from both a scientific and Christian point of view one suspects is something Galileo would be proud to discover having had one foot in each camp as a devout Catholic and a scientist.

Next, are the people who don’t have a single clue as to what’s going on and are not part of some conspiracy. They might be, however, part of the operation that’s being run against you.

Now, how is that possible?

First, you need to understand the true state of technology. It’s far beyond where most of think it is. For example, the Frey Effect (and the other similar technology that grew out of that discovery).

During World War II, while experimenting with RADAR, scientists noted that when the machine was set above a certain threshold, people within range could hear a “click” in their heads. Rather than vibrating the eardrum, this “sound” interacted directly with the inner ear.

They realized that if it were possible to “hear” a “silent” click then it might be possible to communicate speech via the same or similar means. Research continued to see if that were possible from the 1940s until 1973, when it was perfected in the laboratory.

The sheer number of applications and potential effectiveness of this discovery were undoubtedly astounding. You could have operatives in the field receiving instructions and should they be stopped and questioned by the law enforcement or counterintelligence services of the foreign nation in which they were operating, there would be no evidence, no radio receiver.

You could pepper an enemy country with ideals surreptitiously and perhaps cause a revolution.

But for these uses, there might be a down side. The enemy might realize what you were up to. The wrong people might get the message resulting in unforseen consequences. Radio waves (which is what RADAR operates on) travels in multiple directions. If only there were a way to direct it to specific targets.

Aha. Microwaves come into the picture. The same general effect is possible with the use of microwaves that, unlike radio waves, can make a much tighter signal and be directed at smaller targets. This has been done.

(Additionally, SONY has a patent on being able to project images into people’s heads for the potential use of a future gaming system that won’t require a TV. There are many other similar toys, some projecting experiences like smell, sound, feel, etc. as well as some to muck with the storage of memories in the human head).

So. Your mother is suddenly saying odd things that only you know? There’s a good chance they’ve used the microwave auditory effect on her.

You see, it’s difficult to distinguish between one’s own inner voice and the voice coming from the device. If the user on the other end knows enough about you (and believe that they have, will, and can do so) they can talk to you or any other human being and plant thoughts that might seem reasonable without rousing suspicion that they came from somewhere else besides your own brain.

So, they haven’t planted a chip in your mom’s head, she isn’t being controlled by beings from another planet, and she’s not as you might think of it one of “them.” She’s the same person who loved you before but they are mucking with her perception of your condition to further cause you distress.


The best defense against this sort of action by the enemy is to not let it bother you. Create an area in your head where you understand the situation and forgive her. It’s not her fault. She cannot help it. Additionally, they have been messing with you, so it’s perfectly normal for her to assume you’ve got a biological problem in your head. We’ve all been programmed to think that’s the case when we see someone acting put of character, nervous, paranoid, or otherwise doing things we don’t understand.

So, it’s partly technological and partly psychological conditioning. You can’t change it, but you can alleviate the problem by not getting upset, by being calm and rational, by patiently explaining the situation, etc.

Also, don’t forget that your mom (or whoever we’re talking about) remembers you before this happened. It’s the mere unthinkable idea that a) this happens at all and, b) that special-but-not-that-special-you, that person who they’ve known and loved for however long they have could possibly be the target of something like this makes it hard to swallow. It’s entirely outside their experience (and most likely the experience of whatever doctor or mental health professional they will try to send you to as well). Forgive.

That’s the purpose of this book, to explain in layman’s terms what’s being done, by whom, why and what you can do to survive it and ultimately put an end to it.

Finally, you are going to run into the same kinds of a**holes that you did before this all started, the kind you would have forgotten about five minutes after having an unpleasant experience with before you realized what was happening to you. Because of everything else that’s happening around you, you won’t always be certain which events are and are not enemy action nor which people are operatives, other victims, or just not very nice people. That’s okay. You’re going to make mistakes on the way, there’s no avoiding that. Just learn from them and forgive yourself for making an ass of yourself. It’s going to happen and that’s okay because even people who are not the direct target of these evil f***ers do that from time to time. It’s human nature and that’s fine.

Don’t let the bastards get you down.



Greetings. If you’re reading this, then (I assume) you’re alive. Congratulations. If you are a victim of human experimentation then you’ve managed to—thus far—achieve the first goal of surviving the darkest and most insidious dirty little secret in American history: staying alive.

The goal of this book is to share some advice and hard-learned wisdom with regards to what was once known as MKULTRA (among other similar sub- and side projects) otherwise collectively known as “mind control” experiments.

As you’ll see, there’s a longish, sad history of such operations that were conducted largely by private front corporations for the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Defense. They also simply paid close attention to (often) well-meaning experiments at colleges and universities across the country (and very probably around the world).

Though the origins of such programs were to a large degree well-intended (keeping up and ahead of the East for fear they would and could place sleeping assassins, agents provocateur, saboteurs, etc.) it is the fact that not only have these experiments been and continue to be conducted on unsuspecting citizens of the United States, Canada and other friendly countries but also because the purpose is now not to fight against the spread of Communism nor in the War on Terror. On the contrary, these people seek to provide an atmosphere where cheap labor is the only option, rampant pollution continues unabated, perpetual war brings in billions to what President Eisenhower once wished to refer to as the Military Industrial-Congressional Complex (he dropped the “Congressional”), and that God has put them in a position of power in order to prepare for the Rapture, Armageddon, or the Apocalypse.

In summary, these people are f***ing nuts.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking they actually care about you, the country, democracy, civil liberties, or have an ounce of mercy in their bodies: they don’t. They don’t care about the troops either. In fact, it’s often the troops they use for experimentation without their knowledge and consent and the safety of troops on the battlefield is secondary to the kickbacks and perks they receive from their friends in the private defense sectors.

This is the first and most important lesson: once you’re one of their guinea pigs, there’s no end to it. What’s primarily keeping you alive is that they enjoy watching people suffer (it’s one of a sociopath’s only joys in life) and getting reports on however whatever it is they did to you is working out.

But there is a smattering of hope. First, they, like the cockroaches they are, are afraid of the light, the truth, exposure. That’s right, as a victim of their sadistic pleasures you have the potential power to bring them into view, to expose their worst excesses and to see an end to what is in this author’s opinion the biggest set of tools in the neofascists’ toolbelts: black ops, psychological operations, advanced technology, and biochemical knowledge.

They are afraid of you. They’ve taken great precautions to keep themselves at a distance from what was done and/or is being done to you. They have the budget to do it, too. They buy, intimidate or psyop congress to get the money. They lie and exaggerate threats in order to frighten the few who still bother to question what they ask for.

Probably the one burning question you have if you’re a victim is, “Why me?”

The answer I’m afraid might be as simple as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, working for a department or corporation who engages in such experiments, being a member of a minority group*, having witnessed something else that they did, or no reason at all. Remember lesson one. They don’t have to have a reason…they’re a**holes.

Perhaps another question many people have is, how could they keep such a thing secret, am I suggesting a vast conspiracy?

The answer to that is no and yes. There’s are several reasons why no. I don’t see a large organization where everyone knows and understands the real goals and knows what’s going on. Instead, they are manipulated by their superiors. The military chain of command is designed to prevent questioning orders in the first place. Second, they can simply label you a terrorist, Communist, atheist, faggot, or some other incendiary name and their jarhead underlings will be more than happy to dispense pain on you despite the fact that you are perhaps a US citizen. Like it says above, they don’t give a damn.

Next, murder is actually a lot simpler in terms of making it look like an accident nowadays. Really. In fact, such events probably technically are frequently accidents. Take for example an employee of a prominent Silicon Valley corporation who fell off his boat. While the foul play portion probably had little to do with him actually falling, getting him to, for example, decide to go boating when the weather would normally give him second thoughts is incredibly easy, as might putting him in a position to lose focus at a critical moment. Drugs and electronics that generate microwaves, ultrasound and infrasound are all tools to hacking the brain like it’s a computer or a network. In fact, that’s precisely what it is, it just happens to be biological instead of made from silicon, metal, plastic, etc.

Another example is from the original documents on MKULTRA regarding “euphoria.” The human body needs sleep cycles in order to heal and regulate itself. Deprived of sleep over a long period of time, you may not only have problems thinking clearly but can develop other health problems. Given enough time, your immune system may even fail and you might succumb to the common cold. But do you see the legal limbo portion there? They didn’t actually give you a cold (the cause of death), but rather put you in a condition where you were susceptible to it. This is the kind of thing an Alberto Gonzalez would approve, violating the spirit of the law while dancing around the wording of it. Murder that is not from a technically legal perspective murder at all. Merely an “accident” as a result of experimentation that both those charged with oversight of such operations and law enforcement look the other way due to financial gain, cowardice or simply assuming those doing it are doing it for good reasons.

So, no, the majority of people who serve as career employees in government and likely those who work for their many subcontractors don’t always realize what they’re doing and likely believe they are helping to protect the country. In essence, they’ve been deceived.

As you’ll see it is this author’s opinion that we need lies to survive. When a question pops into the head of someone conducting torture (that’s what these experiments are…if you’ve been through it, you already know that) they are quickly reminded that they are “helping” and told lies about how you are some kind of threat in order to prevent guilt from stopping the operation. The sociopaths who order these things are master manipulators of not only Congress, law enforcement, and the American people as a whole, but those in their charge as well.

However, there is also the herd mentality at play. I suspect when, for example, four or five oil, Wall Street, or automobile execs show up to testify before congress all say the same thing that many of us assume they’ve spoken to each other beforehand in some sort of secret meeting. I suspect they haven’t. They simply think the same way about the subject at hand and it’s a no brainer to have the same often misleading things to say.

In other words, it’s not so much a conscious conspiracy as simply the “nature of the beast” that results in an industry taking the same stance on the same subjects.

Finally, I point out the larger goal of this book. Once they are done with you, they hope you’ll kill yourself. They can and will make your life a living hell and you’ll want to. Don’t.

One way or another the victims of human experimentation are going to have their day. The Truth will out eventually, and it will be some of those involved who wind up putting guns in their mouths, having accidents, going to prison, lying on the nightly news, murmuring “no comment” when a throng of reporters show up on their driveways and being questioned by a congress that will pretend to be surprise and outraged despite their pisspoor job of overseeing these f***tards and knowing goddamn good and well it’s happening.

That will only happen if people like you survive long enough and continue to shine the light of Truth.

Do not succumb to depression as William Hayward, producer of Easy Rider, did on March 9, 2008. Mr. Hayward was a victim of experimentation a la the family doctor. You are not alone.

Get pissed and stay that way if you have to. Refuse to give in to the false perception of reality these f***ers are painting for you. Lie to yourself if you have to. But keep telling everyone you know, anyone who will listen.

You’re far more resourceful and resilient than you think. The scum who order and carry out these inhuman experiments are going to find that out and probably a lot sooner than any of them think.

Hang in there, baby.

* According to several former operatives, the victims in the 60s, for example, were largely African American. One can very likely add gays, intellectuals, foreign born, Muslim, and progressives to the list.

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