Liddy In the Sky


Some may recall that G. Gordon Liddy and other conspirators planned to place LSD on the steeringwheel of reporter Jack Anderson (to make his car crash) or that of a congressman to make him behave strangely at a public event.

Instead, they got into a bit of trouble over illegal bugging/wiretapping (once considered a crime, now apparently a minor infraction if caught).

As an alkaloid derivative, LSD can cause permanent problems. It’s been used to ruin many a life, sometimes even to end them. The results of its use in the 40s, 50s and 60s on those unsuspecting had wide, varied and unpredictable results. Sidney Gottlieb himself said the drug was not suitable for recreational use.

Recently, scientists managed to emulate schizophrenia in a neural network. In essence and layman’s terms, the ability to recall “too many” memories and the inability to “let go” of a particular piece of input caused the computer to behave erratically. LSD (and other alkaloid derivatives) can cause that in human beings.

(Interesting side note, hair loss can apparently be associated with longterm exposure to the drug, but I have yet to find the scientific info behind that, merely the anecdotal evidence suggested by those who follow the subject closely).

That we are now embroiled in a political cold war in this country, where, for some reason, operatives of both major parties enjoy some sort of immunity from prosecution, is a testament to just how lost this country has become, how broken its system is, and how thorny and difficult it must be to even try to straighten it out a little. In a country where Wall Street big shots can purchase a change in their primary adversary’s personality, resulting in a career-ending scandal, is proof positive that things have gone too far for a simple fix.

Speaking of which, I mentioned elsewhere on this blog a WMD expert who refuted point-by-point the claims about Iraq’s program (or lack of one). I hear he was caught in a pedophile sting. Really, what are the odds?

I suppose some on the Left think they can “win” by ayib tit-for-tat. Besides the pragmatic issue of being horribly outspent, there’s the only real advantage they (sometimes) have over the “know-nothings” on the Right: truth. To surrender that is to become the other side. (And sometimes that is exactly what it looks like).


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