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The Democratic Party who, true to form, tried to take advantage of the current chaos by sending out so damn many requests for cash as opposed to actually doing a goddam thing to help anyone. The implication of asking for money is, if you just send enough, they’ll actually perform something that they have often talked a good game about.

They seem to think they can garner enough money to take the GOP dollar-for-dollar if they just sit back and allow things to get bad enough. Isn’t it wonderful being a statistic that these cowardly f***s can point to in outrage and then ask for money to pretend they are actually going to something about it.

They will never succeed as long as all aspects of the system are as corrupt as they currently are (though they seem to think that if they try hard enough and cajole, intimidate and lie enough to the right individuals that they will just somehow become what the GOP has been for the past thirty years: the winner).

Nope. They are actually going to have to start making some difficult decisions. Hey, just put corrupt politicians and bureaucrats and the corporate psychos who love both into the military tribunal system and order up some “guilty.” Believe me, at this point hardly anyone will be surprised or particularly disturbed. I mean if you’re accepting of this level of bulls*** justice, why not that too? Guaranteed re-election if for no other reason than providing entertainment to the victims of your go-along-to-get-along system.

(Note: though I am clearly pissed at an administration who, like the last one, is only interested in prosecuting Democrats {a good start}, I don’t mean to belittle those actually engaged in trying to come up with a solution to the debt ceiling problem. Working the weekend? It’s more than one could ask of some former presidents, isn’t it?)



So look at me now
I’m just makin’ my play
Don’t try to push your luck, just get out of my way

Ripples. Tiny ones. Big ones. They can all be noticed, but most only notice the rocking of the larger variety. They chalk it up to the phases of the moon; a tremor; something they ate; a spiritual disturbance.

From the human perspective, time is an ocean, a vast, landless waterscape. The boat, ship, whatever one perceives oneself to be riding on, that’s the now. That’s the x, y, coordinates of the “now.” That’s the spot where one “is.”

The imagery was just as metaphorical as any of the others, but for the purposes of making the best decisions, it often functioned well to see it that way.

Others saw it as being able to gaze into the subatomic, to see the status of that which cannot be seen. The speed and direction all at once. They could flip or alter course individually or as whole groups in unison, like a school of fish. It was a quantum universe. Little bits swapping 1s for 0s, 0s for 1s.

But water fit time and events as a visualization model better, at least most of the time.

The small waves are more difficult to perceive. It can be done, but only to the negation of all other perception. Not a good place to be for long.

You can see a coming threat, a newly arrived brown recluse that set up its silk butcher shop right in the spot you like to stand and, of course, it’s extremely dark when you notice…barely notice.

But if you don’t pull yourself out of “the zone”, you’d be bitten even though you noticed it by virtue of being “in” it. You jump back to terra firma and prevent habit from getting yourself bitten. Again.

But the big waves, well everyone notices those. They just don’t know what they mean. Possible future outcomes. Possible events on a massive scale.  Whether they are for good or ill may depend on where the ship is once you reach the source of the disturbance. You might be riding high, looking down on an avoided catastrophe, or you might be at the trough of the wave, looking up at your demise about to crash down on you in slow motion, knowing it is now unavoidable.

It’s a game for some to pick up on the waves, and somehow, uncannily, manage to steer the ship away, speed up, or slow down.

Or try. Sometimes the more “steady” among us, those rooted in place, those who fail to recognize the signs and, when presented evidence that, yes, they just murdered their father on the way into town, and, why not?, diddiled their mother too but refuse to see the truth of it because now they’re king, who most often stand in the way.

Few could comprehend all that they had given up to serve. They had given up everything. Not just their previous lives, their families, their friends, their co-workers, the house, and the rest. No. They had given up their identities as well. The very essence that had once made them who they were, made them individuals.

Maybe even what made them human at all, but such contemplation was rare for them. The half-finished thought between near total dedication to the job.

There were perks, for certain. There were no secrets from them for one. But the disadvantage was there was no one to tell, no one to share the knowledge with, the Truth that would, if somehow simply injected instantaneously into the average person’s head, would make their head explode or melt like a movie Nazi meddling with things he couldn’t understand.

For another thing, they no longer had to wear the telltale black suits. There was no memo, no discussion, no debate, no bureaucratic red tape. They simply all woke up one day and stopped wearing them, the instructions coming from…wherever it was they came from.

But they weren’t thinking about any of those things today. There was something unusual going on, something deliciously unexpected.

They couldn’t see the outcome. They didn’t know what to do. For once, they were as blind about upcoming events as any normal, any baseline.

Yet they didn’t judge. They weren’t even afraid. This was something unusual, true, but then they dealt in the unusual. Maybe something was about to change. Maybe the whole paradigm was about to shift.

Or maybe the end was near.

It was the not knowing this time that made it all interesting. Nothing boring about current events. Meddling this time around had provided unforeseen consequences, and that was strange in itself.

It was with just the faintest smile that a pair of them grabbed their sunglasses and hopped into the car. It was for them a bit unprofessional, but these events were more suspenseful than baseball, more terrible than a hurricane, and more hilarious than pranking the powerful. It was a game of 3-D chess, moves incomprehensible to most people—even the braintrust at Langley and the wannabe jokers from Maryland—used to viewing things like it was all checkers, just a matter of distracting the players and the audience so they wouldn’t notice the cheating.

But lately the thought that simple might be best given the new weird, the new unpredictable had been bandied about in the language of symbols in which they communicated (silently) and calculated what needed to be done. Yes, something was different.

They still had nobody to tell, but, who knew? Maybe that was about to change as well. It was after all, as near as they could recall, the largest wave any of them had ever seen coming. That must mean something.

Of course, sometimes the waves could come from behind as well as in front. Perhaps they should spend some time seeing if something from the past was attempting to catch up with the present. Maybe all three—past, present and future—were somehow converging.

You Asked For It

Family Jewels – Journalist Surveillance

Kinda like I witnessed being done to Jeremy Scahill in Brooklyn? Man, this stuff just writes itself. Need to contact someone about that, I guess.

EDIT: Done! 😀 – 27 Rifles Stolen Right Under Counterinsurgency National Training Center’s Nose at Fort Irwin

See how easy that is?

Patience…decidedly not one of my virtues.

All of That…

…and I’ve barely scratched the surface. I can do this forever and a day.

By the way… Over-confidence? That’s a weakness too.

You undoubtedly have my list of requirements for surrender. The list is only going to grow as time marches irretrievably onward.

Best get moving.

Or shall I actually start reading the family jewels and just pick them at random? Start posting about the largely uncovered articles at

I’m just getting warmed up. Choose your next move carefully.

Over-Extension of a Strength

That’s what a weakness is. That’s what they will try to exploit. They will try to enalarge the strength, effectively creating a weakness.

Whether you’re a politician who perhaps already likes the ladies a little too much (in which case they may drug you and hook you up with a high-powered professional escort or arrange bizarre meetings between you and a donor’s daughter)…


A patriot like Bruce Edward Ivins. Ivins cared too much, was so concerned about the prospect of some sort of bio attack, that he (very likely) did some himself to prove his point.

Except in all of these cases, there was “help”. People hiding in the shadows, prompting, encouraging, setting events in motion until they get the result desired.

Ivins worked at Fort Detrick—just like Frank Olson… died of an apparent suicide—just like Frank Olson… was involved with experiments—just like Frank Olson. He also reads a lot like Kaczynski toward the end, or any other number of serial killer types.

Really, the machinations of the Harvard and Yale fascist elite in the brain-cell of the Langley LSD-beast are just as harmful to democracy as their West Point and Annapolis counterparts in the Terrorist Factory HQ at the Pentagon. Neither desire true freedom. Neither respect their charters, the law, basic human decency, economic stability, and peace. Both profit from piles of bloody limbs, pools of gore, poison, drugs, oil, kickbacks, perks, and treason.

In an odd way, they do behave like a or the devil, don’t they? They poke and prod, looking for that weakness to exploit and turn the target to their own nefarious ends which they convey through innuendo and lies via waveform.

Like a little devil on your shoulder. It would be funny if it weren’t so true and accurate a description.

And that’s why there are going to lose. They are without remorse and beyond redemption, and unless they can turn the entire world into “converts”, they are going to find a very large tide turning on them. Hell, it’s already started. I couldn’t stop it now if I wanted to.

And I don’t.

More Re-Writes {Updated}

Ted Kaczynski AKA Unabomber

February 2009:

He also participated in a multiple-year personality study conducted by Dr. Henry Murray, an expert on stress interviews.


He had a few brief contacts with mental health systems and only underwent psychological testing as part of a routine study of young men while attending Harvard.

Who wrote the latter, a chimpanzee?

CourtTV is now TruTV. How truthy. From now on, the Department of Justice must be known as the Department of Cosmetic Arrests, the Department of Defense as the Terrorist Factory, CIA simply as LSD.

Bonus links: The Atlantic – Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber
Counterpunch – CIA Shrinks & LSD

JFK was right. Smash it in a thousand pieces.

21 April 2014 update:

The February 2009 link is now broken. The phrase I copied and pasted in 2011 apparently no longer exists. Instead, we have the very creepy and you-bet-your-ass-aimed-at-me-and-other-COINTELPRO-victims this:

Monday, April 21, 2014

Pysychological Evaluation of Theodore Kaczynski

Dr. Sally C. Johnson’s psychological report describes Theodore Kaczynski, the confessed Unabomber, as a man whose early brilliance was ruined by paranoid schizophrenia.

Johnson made her evaluation after interviewing Kaczynski, his family and people who knew him, analyzing psychological tests, and studing of the Unabomber’s journals which document over 40 years of his life.

She cites “an almost total absence of interpersonal relationships,” and “delusional thinking involving being controlled by modern technology” as examples of his illness.

Kaczynski increasingly withdrew from society as he grew older, and his journals reflect a feeling of social alienation, suspicion and anger he found hard to express. The report says one of his motives for writing the journals was that he intended to kill people and did not want society to think he was mentally ill.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled that the psychiatric report should be made public in order to provide a better understanding of the Unabomber’s motivations.

Note the date. This is the’s January 2008 version:

For the first time in a while, I think I’m actually winning.

Odd Similarities


Where did Norwegian Terrorist Anders Breivik get his weapons of death?  Right here in the United States.  Turns out – Breivik used ten high-capacity magazines bought from a US supplier to go on his killing rampage last Friday.  They were the same 30-round magazine used by Jared Lee Loughner in the Tucson massacre earlier this year that killed 6 people and critically wounded Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.  After THAT shooting – Democrats called for a ban on high-capacity magazines – but NRA-owned Republicans in the House did nothing – and violence struck again.  Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney  – one of the proponents of the ban on high-capacity magazines said, “There should be a lot of shame…We’re sending a death warrant to other parts of the world.”  She’s right – we’ve become the world’s one-stop shop for death and destruction.