It is June 2010. His fan is not working properly. It’s slows down to a almost stopping and then finally does stop.

It’s after business hours for the tech support and customer service for the manufacturer who happens to be local.

He, just for jollies, unplugs it and plugs it into the opposite wall. Voila! It works fine.

An hour or so later, the power goes out completely. That was the actual cause of the problem: an overheated transformer in the neighborhood.

He discovers that because the landlord knocks on the door and explains that. He also says that it will be at least 10:30 PM before it is repaired.

Not relishing the thought of sitting in the dark during a power outage, visions of black clad paramilitary dancing in his head for reasons he could not at the time explain, he goes out for food.

On the way, he finds one of the troublesome bridges over the Mississippi crowded with people and police cars. Not just city, but county and even a state trooper.

He listens to the conversations and finds out that there was a jumper on a bridge further upstream. Again, for reasons he could not understand at the time, the idea that it’s someone he’s been expecting, looking for, comes to mind.

While continuing his walk across, he happen upon a witness who was on the bridge the individual who jumped was on. In fact, the witness was rather near when the jumper jumped.

“What did he look like?”

The witness paused.

“Just a young dude.”



A temporary wave of relief washed over Powerless.

“Maybe twenty-five.”

Now he wasn’t so certain. That this event also coincided with, shall we say, the cessation of stuff that has yet to be proven to be a naturally occurring phenomenon, was the point.

They wanted him to think he was dead so that he would follow suit. And I—I mean “he” would never have found out about the jumper had he not been pushed out by the outtage.

There was no mention of finding the body then and there nor in subsequent news, so whether Navy seal or they drove someone else to suicide, who knows? It’s Federal property there, by the way, so guess who gets ultimate jurisdiction?

This is the sort of thing that has befallen many reporters and witnesses. This is one of the ways it’s done. (Overheating the transformer: multiple ways to do so, laser being one. It was hot out, not difficult to push it over to burnout. And of course the decision making tree is via one of those sound devices).

That and all kinds of games with doppelgangers. (link now broken because that’s how they do business).

And, that, ladies and gentlemen, is what your government and it’s private subcontractors and puppetmasters have become. This is fascism, folks. It’s here.


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  1. […] me where the operative or dupe who showed up in that deli on January 3, 2010. Recall, there was a jumper in Minneapolis in June 2010 and I only found out because of a power outage in my building (that post was written when I was […]

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