Islamophrenia! and Escaping Lizards

Truth Out: Seven Foundations Fueled Islamophobia

The LOL moment:

Richard Scaife* foundations

This is why I highly recommend A Terrible Mistake by H.P. Albarelli. Explains how the Red Scare was used as a power and money grab and therefore how we got to where we are now with replacing Commies with Muslims. Also how big Pharma dealt/deals drugs as part of its business plan, and all those wonderful toys that were developed to do things like introduce disease surreptitiously.

Some things you may not know about Islam:

1) With over 1 billion worldwide, the percentage of terrorists among Muslims is as low or lower than that of other faiths.

2) They use the New and Old Testaments as well as the Koran in their worship (and really, who believes exactly the same thing among Jews and Christians?).

3) They are the number one source of intelligence against that small minority of zealots who want to blow things up.

But every rip off like this needs a bogeyman, a straw man to point to to control the likes of the Tea Party via irrational fear and anger. (Since I’m all into breaking the rules when the only exist for show and enemy squashing anyway, like the Nazis used the Jews as menace to try to take over the world…)

It is that given the absolute inability of the GOP to care, to accept that it is marching us toward ecological disaster that it believes money and power will enable the few elite to survive, that all of that is obvious and that there are better ways to approach the problem, that the solution will possibly ultimately come from some quarter that they consider expendable, that really shows the DNC as criminally negligent in their job as an opposition party. As should be abundantly clear, a representative cannot even trust the emails he or she receives because there are private- and intel-run PsyOps designed specifically to alter their perception of where their constituency actually is. Also, there are of course attempts to alter where the constituency is by interfering in public discourse where operatives pretend to be several normal citizens expressing their opinions doing shoutdowns.

Back when (or was it before?) this whole mess started, I posted on HBO’s website about how the biggest threat to US security was not Islam but rather the widening gap between rich and poor (one of the conclusions of the 2001 National Intelligence Estimate, released after 9/11 but in the works for about a year). Some jackass posted and accused me of smoking something with Bill Maher. The a-hole even followed me to my LiveJournal. Political operative, no question.

I read somewhere that some banks have a point system where they actually rate their employees as to how much of a threat they pose to the bank. The more they owe, the more comfortable the bank is in having power over them. The implication is that they do something similar with customers.

Jumping back to that ‘Mike’ fellow who I met a while back, former employee of an intel subcontractor. I mentioned the term ‘sheepdipped’ ** and he laughed. He said that essentially CIA and other agencies make sure that they catch or cause those in their employ to commit a crime so that they always have something over them. It’s why there’s much less complaints coming out of former employees than one would expect given the circumstances.

Forgetting for the moment the hilarity that could ensue if a former asset didn’t remember any such crime (it’s so obvious this is their storyline to justify keeping me here under observation despite my many complaints to my reps… I think it’s entirely untrue mind you, but in this business we don’t cut ‘funny’)…

They undoubtedly do the same with individuals. Writers, rappers, artists, professors, etc. There’s some sort of point system and once you’ve crossed the threshold by, for example, contributing to the legal funds of those wronged by the broken corrupt system, you are public enemy #1.

You can probably also earn your target badge by writing about realworld research into everything from biological leashes, earthquake weapons, surveillance satellites, corporatocracy, etc.

BUT!… I’ll bet some of the people they send to take care of “the problem” resent it if only a little and if only unconsciously. That brain just keeps finding ways to get around all the obstacles. “Life finds a way.”

It’s your country. Take it back by demanding answers, justice, and the cleaning up of Washington by kicking out the criminals who have stolen it from you.

* I’ve never seen a more sanitized Wikipedia entry. I congratulate them on somehow (apparently) burying the hatchet, if that’s what it is. Meanwhile, Americans continue to suffer via other peoples’ compromising. You cannot compromise with climate change.

** Euphemism for someone who has apparently left but is actually still working for, for example, the CIA or FBI. Like possibly the former FBI agent who pointed me toward Albarelli’s book. There might be others. Time will tell.


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