My Brunch With Phoebe


Today’s dramedy / tragi-comedy.

(Note: all quotes are paraphrased. I decided it best not to record the conversation even though I really, really wanted to. Also, I stumbled a lot more that is obvious from the writing).

As always, you have to put the disclaimers first. Being in the damnable position of being a federal witness against the federal government…Well, you cannot expect it to be an easy ride.

Naturally, someone foiled my plan for the most part. I was so hoping for the hardened, angry, imagonnakickyerbutt type to come waltzing down the escalator. I wanted to look them in the eye and say, “See what a man looks like? As opposed to a cockroach?”

Instead, of course, they sent the (probably) two nicest people they have. Foiled again!

I printed the Mother Jones article and circled a few of the pertinent points before going to visit. I opened with this:

“Apparently I’ve bumped up against a large terror network. 15,000 operatives being paid up to $100,000 for each terrorist created.”

Not unexpectedly, they did not find that nor the article amusing. We went through the expected questions about mental health. They did their best to try to convince me that FBI does not create terrorists and that all that money is OKed by Congress. I left that alone even though it’s very, very apparent that there’s no way there is proper oversight of something this large even if they wanted to do so, and clearly some of them do not (contractors giving campaign donations and political black op favors go a long way towards turning blind eyes). And the article shows the money incentive for informants to want to make terrorists.

That I left alone. The part where the very nice young lady said, “Both we and CIA would come talk to you if we had concerns over you committing a terror act, we wouldn’t let it go on for this long,” I did not leave alone.

“Not if it’s in the counterintelligence side, you wouldn’t. You’d be looking for contacts and so forth.”

I did not do well in terms of staying calm. There’s something about knowing so many people have been harmed by whatever it is that is ultimately responsible for this quagmire that it was difficult not to think of, for example, Kate’s legs and home being burnt, that smug f***er Balding harassing me, a dog dying of an unknown disease, etc.

But what can you do?

You can get a little poetic, I guess:

Me: “Well, if it’s not you, your subcontractors, your informants, then maybe it’s one of your sisters’.”

Male Agent: “My sister?!?”

Me: “Sister agency.”

Me: “Okay. Let’s say it’s some corporation. Someone who just doesn’t like the President. FOX News. The Koch Brothers. Rupert Murdock. How the hell are they getting away with it when we spend $1.4Trillion on homeland security every year?”

Agent: “Are you in fear of your life right now?”

Me: “Fearful? No. Concerned? Yes.”

And of course they got an earful about this being the 21st century and tech being further along than they realize. MKULTRA was mentioned, since that’s the means toward the ends.

Overall probably ineffective, but they did say they would put a note in stating that I seemed sincere when I said I would not shoot, blow up or otherwise seek to commit a terror act. The agent said that they do that sometimes to prevent “poison pen” entries from getting in. The barn door may be closing at last there but the horse is not only out, it died of old age miles away on that one.

(“Poison pen” is when someone presents false information for the purpose of revenge and is a well-known strategy especially with foreign countries where, for example, CIA would connect with a contact who would provide false information about a competitor, a rival, in order to get CIA to take the rival out for the contact.

Or when you really want to invade a country and you don’t have a good enough reason to do so…)

Anyway, I also threw in that if they knew everything that had been done to me, they would weep and wonder why I haven’t shot someone or blown something up.

And so another vain attempt to get the system to work is (probably) flushed down the toilet. But you gotta try anyway.

Overall they seemed the nicest folks. How do any of these organizations keep them like that when they’ve clearly got monsters lurking somewhere in the basement?


A bit more because it needs to be public.

They were of course interested in what evidence I have. Another clear sign of guilt if there ever was one. Anyhow, I mentioned being harassed by Balding:

“He could have been the milkman.”

“He could not have been the milkman because he was not delivering milk and he showed up at a doctor’s appointment. Sat right across from me in the lobby. I’ll bet my doctor remembers, he found the entire thing disturbing.”

Which means, of course, they will now harass my former doctor. This is what the terrorist factory does. This is how it operates. That s*** you see on TV and the movies is just that. These people live to make other people rich off of misery and will stop at nothing to protect it.

When explaining what the three “eco-terrorist” informants were doing last Summer with regards to the metal rod they left laying for me:

“Maybe they just wanted me to march in here with that thing in hand and look like Richard Jewel. I gotta tell you, right now, you guys look like Richard Jewel.”

Waving the article. Of course, I meant what FBI originally thought Jewel was doing (making it up). They were wrong as it turned out, and in fact those attacks as I recall were Rightwing inspired.

Funny and sadly probably accurate, but I don’t think this kind of arguing (nor the harassment and torture that provokes it) is getting us anywhere.

Also: I sent a letter off to Senator Klobuchar:


A recent report from Mother Jones states that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s spies get paid $100,000 per operation. Did it ever occur to anyone in DC that this might provide the wrong incentive?

I have been harassed repeatedly, the subject of a few botched attempts to get me dead, have had my life ruined beyond repair. The reason is money. The intelligence community is rotten to the core, Senator. I have had a frontrow seat to that effect. Subcontractors do things like burn down the home of my friend Kate Conway, set up a Canadian writer I know for assault on a DHS officer, kill my dog, ruin my relationships, drive me so crazy I am (probably already) unemployable.

I’m sorry, but I can no longer vote nor donate to the Democratic party. You have shown repeatedly that you want to one [sic] the one hand blame the GOP for everything but then say you want to “reach across the aisle” on the other. The party as a whole has failed me, Senator. The system has and is failing me.

For example, I had a ridiculous offer to go meet some people under a bridge between the Twin Cities last night. You think I don’t know that was an intelligence subcontractor’s attempt to get me killed or arrested?

This has gone on far long enough. I expect you also know you have other constituents in similar circumstances. I met a man named Mark, for example, very similar story. He worked for an NSA subcontractor who was defrauding their client(s) out of money. He, too, lost everything, has tried time and time again to get the system to do one little thing for him and it hasn’t budged.

To find the articles in question, Google “mother jones fbi informants” and “russian times fbi informants.” That we have to rely on such non-mainstream media outlets for the truth (they have documents showing it is true at MJ) says volumes as well.

I will be voting Green party in 2012 (that is, if the CIA, FBI, NSA haven’t succeeded in making me dead by then). No choice. If I’m going to throw my vote away it may as well be on a third party that hasn’t been shown to be ineffective yet.



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