It is February 28, 2011. I am returning “home” from the funeral of a final visit with my grandmother (who is on her deathbed losing red blood cells faster than they can be infused) on Delta flight 3948.

To give you an idea what she was like, she once visited me in NYC in the 90s and brought my son along. We went to the Bronx Zoo and while there we happened to see Newt Gingrich and his entourage. She took one look, recognized him, and said she wanted to puke.

I was shocked at that. Number one, I had no idea that she was that political and number two, the extreme reaction. It was solely (or nearly so) due to the then Speaker’s desire to privatize or eliminate Social Security (and one assumes medical coverage). But maybe that’s how the Hatfield-McCoy feud of her great-great something started.

Anyway, while on the way to the funeral, I had spoken to my sister in brief about the situation in which I am oh-so-fortunate to find myself in. The second leg of our respective journeys were on the same connecting flight.

After I told her the story, she joked, “And you took the same flight as me?!?” Though I wonder just a bit as to how much she was joking since she repeated it later at least once.

In any case, that flight had been just fine.

However, on the return flight, hilarity ensues. First, the first plane is delayed. First a half hour, then an hour, or some increments like that. Then, it’s not coming at all. No. We’re getting an entirely different plane altogether.

But we get on eventually. All seems just peachy, until…

A lady sitting a few rows ahead of me feels faint and we had to land in St. Louis (I think that’s the correct city). She was sixty but in good health and in fact breaks and rides horses for a living or fun I heard her say.

Local police got on the plane to examine her seating area before we were allowed to take off again. Didn’t seem to find anything.

Of course, I would not have gotten those details without having switched seats with some person who was separated from her friend further back…

I was laughing (but only a little) when the man in front of me was being incredibly impatient about the two delays. I was thinking, “Better late than never, and never feels like a real possibility today.”

There were at least four returning members of the armed forces on that flight. Hence my well-founded belief, they just don’t give a s*** about the troops.

No “there’s something on the wing” moments, undoubtedly to the chagrin of the cockroaches.

But then there is something on the wing of Liberty. 🙂



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