Chapter 33 – Seas On, Off the Witch

Chapter 33 – “Seas On, Off the Witch”

December 31, 1973 – Harold Roarke’s yacht, 46 miles off the east coast, Atlantic Ocean

Roarke caught himself pacing. It was not the kind of thing he liked to show, especially to his formidable clientele.

It was one such person who, Roarke realized, was much of the reason for his impatience. Unlike the Russians and the Chinese (who he just had to get drunk to get them to loosen up and have good time), Nema did not drink. Nema did not laugh. Nema did not have a good time. In fact, Nema did not even eat very much. He watched. He listened. He learned.

Roarke hated men he could not control. But he knew, at least for now, he had little to fear from Nema. As head of the Iranian secret police, he had a great deal to thank Roarke for. He had after all, shown him how to make an assassination appear to be a heart attack. That had proven useful to Nema’s boss, the Shah, when it came to removing anyone the populace might consider as a replacement for his highness.

As annoying as Roarke might find the rough, unrefined attitudes of many of the other guests, he preferred it to Nema’s damnable piercing gaze. And so it was he found himself waiting for the loudest, rudest, most brutal of them all: Idi.

Roarke had supplied Idi with all he needed to depose the former president of Uganda. He had also put him in touch with certain individuals from Langley who had learned the trade of persuasion through extreme discomfort from documents covering the debriefing of captured nazis after WWII. He shuddered to think what Amin must have gotten up to after they and their British counterparts spent a few weeks training his people in the art of prolonging agony.

Amin had, however, refused Roarke’s offer to sell him a submarine and had gone instead with a Chinese sub because it was less expensive. Roarke had tried to explain that quality and reliability mattered, American made, and all that.

Idi was a cheap, black bastard. But he filled a quiet room with energy and noise, which was how Roarke liked it. He could offer Idi any new toy and he would dive in without hesitation provided it’s use was sufficiently twisted or novel enough to instill fear in the populace. The result of that had been that the others would follow suit, and Roarke made more money selling them whatever it was, a new assault rifle, tank, torture device, etc. It was fine therefore that he secretly sold it to the Ugandans on a secret fifty percent discount. It was a commission for the dictator’s help. Idi seemed like a complete madman when he got to having a good time, but he hadn’t gotten to his position failing to notice opportunity. Idi knew how valuable he was to Roarke, had noticed the trend almost as quickly as Roarke had.

Sometimes the craziness had cost Roarke a bit more as well. Idi had disliked the furniture layout in the ship’s main hall and had dumped some very fine imported couches into the Atlantic. The Chinese intel and military entourage had found that so funny that they joined him. All told, that had cost him six figures.

The world was run by clowns.

Roarke had been upset at first, but realized it meant he had to keep his guests entertained better so they wouldn’t allow their bestial instincts to turn toward their surroundings. He needed to stay on his toes and somehow top himself every time they got together for business, drinking and fun. They rarely, if ever, even visited the torture rooms below deck anymore. Roarke figured they got enough of that at home.

But now Idi was late. Had the Chink sub just sank? Developed mechanical problems? Or was he following some mad whim, about to pop up any second and shout—

“Harold! Hahaha!!! How are you my friend?”

Apparently it was the latter. Roarke relaxed but that goddamn Iranian noticed. Idi was standing on top of that cheapo submarine just off starboard.

Show time!

“Welcome! Wait until you see what I have for you this time, Idi!”

“Oh, no, my friend. Wait until you see what I brought you! A little fish that was swimming too close to your boat, yes?”

A pair of Ugandan guards dragged a man above deck. The man was dressed in a black diving suit. His gear was stripped from him but Roarke could see a single large eye painted on the front. Idi was holding the man’s helmet. It looked like something out of Jules Verne. It was shaped like a head of an octopus. No, a squid. The Squid had the courage to make eye contact with Roarke.

Good. It would be fun breaking him.

He also had some kind of listening device. A spy dressed like it was Halloween. Wrong holiday.

“He looks familiar… Well, come aboard. We have much to discuss.”

He could kiss that crazy monster. He had not only caught one of those costumed imbeciles with a misguided concept of justice, but made a dramatic entrance for his other guests and provided some fun for the New Year’s celebration.

Roarke smiled into Nema’s stony face. It was all going to work out fine.


©2011 Christopher C. Knall

Chompin’ Straw

Chompin’ Straw

It’s a big enough umbrella…

“I thank you very much, Mister Chairman. I will keep this brief and, if there is no objection, will yield the rest of my time to my esteemed colleague from Georgia.”

“There is no objection.”

“Thank you, Mr. Chairman.”

The transcript would read better than it sounded, to be sure. There were missing r’s and extra y’s in various words as a result of French influence in what was the Louisiana purchase.

“I have but one question for the witness. In your view, sir, is global warming manmade?”

“I thank the Senator for the question.

“In my view, it is confusing to the layman, to the public, to refer to the phenomenon as ‘global warming.’ It leaves one with the correct but imperceptible impression that…”

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but that’s not what I asked.”

“Yes. Well, it’s complica—”

“Manmade. Yes or no?”


“It’s a simple question, sir. Yes or no.”

“Yes or no…”

“Yes. Or no.”

There was a titter in the room during the pause.

“If a tornado ripped through here right now and destroyed half the building, randomly killed some representatives and the staff of others, would we rebuild the building, hold special elections, and hire new staff members to replace those lost?”

“That is not what I asked, sir. Mr. Chairman…”

“The answer is ‘yes’, is it not?”

“That global—?”

“No, to my question.”

“If it will get you to answer my question, then, yes, we would rebuild, recover, etc., etc.”

“Why? The tornado wasn’t manmade.”

There was a pause and the shuffling of papers, the snapping of photos, a cough echoing through the room. The committee sat silently for a moment.

“No further questions, Mr. Chairman.”

You Knew It Was Coming

You Knew It Was Coming

“I never say that and I don’t like people who do.”

(Anyone who thinks I’m doing this for fun or the sheer joy of it, well they’re the one’s who need their heads examined. Though why I still think there’s a need to try or bother also makes me question my own sanity).

Just spent some time reading the top four or five articles over at my old e-penpal’s site NO QUARTER.

While I share the frustration having seen what must have been the biggest ripoff in American history of the American people (meaning the housing bubble and other financial shenanigans), it is the height of hypocrisy for James Carville to be the messenger in my clearly not-so-humble-I-must-admit opinion. You know why. Former President Clinton patching things up with Mr. Scaife? Spending a great deal of time with Bush-41? While I admire the sentiment (which is exactly the sentiment of the current president), it’s facetious for the Democratic elite to do one thing and then turn around and accuse the current POTUS of doing the same as if it’s a bad thing.

(Additionally, Weiner was extremely well-liked in his district. Something is fishy there from start to finish. Unless it’s that his constituents are POed at the DNC for not backing him up for the election result. 43% is still more than double Dick Cheney’s approval rating.)

As ought to be clear by now, sure I would love to see some frog marching in handcuffs. We watched justice drown in a vat of bulls*** during the previous administration and it’s not only disheartening but also frustrating as hell to see that little or nothing has changed after the 2008 election.

But Obama is doing exactly what Clinton did/is doing. You can’t have it both ways.

For example, I would love it if there were repercussions for the remaining seven of eight congressmen who sold nuclear technology to Israel through Turkey. But if you’re going to go after the six Republicans, you have to go after the remaining Democrat and investigate the one who died as well.

Similarly, I think it’s a travesty that Private Bradley Manning, who was clearly set up for political and religious purposes by the seven or eight nutcases who sit on the JSOC or their henchmen, be incarcerated while Blackwater / Xe gets a slap on the wrist and fines (that are a drop in the ocean with regards to what they make off of government contracts) for doing worse. Selling secrets and violating international law is a serious crime that any one of us would be slapped so hard for we’d never recover even if innocent because that’s just how final the Fed likes things to be when it’s you or me.

But when it’s someone with wealth and power the government suddenly looks like weak or in cahoots. It acts differently toward those people, and it’s as clear as can be that this means there are two different sets of rules for Americans depending on something other than having been created equal. Bernie Madoff got nailed because he screwed other rich people.

I would love to see the Rule of Law restored, without question, without reservation. Yes.

Here’s why I think it would be a good thing:

1) Corporations are like spoiled brat children: they need rules, a firm hand, and someone watching them nearly every minute of the day. The single biggest success of the wealthy and cynical has been to turn that truth on its head. Watching is not interfering, that’s a fallacy.

2) It does set a bad example. Heck, I’m about 75% certain that half the reason Top Secret America is so corrupt and parts are getting away with murder (figuratively and literally) is the same reason: they have, by lack of repercussions been told it’s “okay.” (3, below, is the other half…)

3) We are all in the same big boat with climate change. The elite believe that money is going to save them. It might, but only if they spend it the right way, and right now, attempting to grab all the oil left in the world which only exacerbates the problem, and treating people as expendable because they think reducing the population will alleviate things. (I suppose it could, but at what cost? Who decides who lives and who dies and will they make the correct decision?). We have to look at the big picture and I urge Democrats to see that the party is still stuck in the 90s and has no intention of changing course in time, that’s clear. It’s about throwing you a bone, sure, but the big picture will remain the same.

4) There are times when you have to purge the “bad blood.” Now is it. Finding and going after scapegoats isn’t, hasn’t, won’t work. Has to be some real criminals. May I suggest the folks who decided allowing 3,077 people to die one day to go grab the bulk of France’s oil*? Not those who failed to notify but those who ordered that lack of action. Sorry, but the Nation will eventually demand it anyway and if you want to change the way people think, you have to reveal the truth. We don’t have fifty years to wait for the rationale to come out (peak oil, economic morass, daddy needs a new pair of shoes, etc.).

So, it’s not blood thirst but necessity and propriety that makes me agree somewhat with the deductions but not the rationale for them nor the choice of messenger who is clearly compromised in the credibility department. Would Hillary really have gone after all criminals, or would she have done what Rove/Gonzalez did and only go after the opposition? I think it’s a no-brainer. (Still like her mind you, but I know what I’m getting there. We’d have bread-and-circuses but the DNC would still be raking in cash and making excuses why it’s just not enough to make “real change” to those they made empty promises to).

Justice, not vengeance. Vengeance is, as we all know from every long running feud and dispute in history from Cain-Abel to Hatfields-McCoys to Israel-Palestine to North-South Lotsa Places, only begets less cooperation and currently only distracts from the real problems (like extinction or decimation). And, really, who’s likely to win in a fistfight, cavemen or astronauts? In that arena, my money is on the cavemen.

That said, I fail to see how we can rationalize that sociopaths will ever be rational, agreeable, trustworthy, etc. I’m just not getting that part. They really don’t care about other people. What could possibly alter that? Is it that someone thinks restoring their hope will change it? Even I doubt that. The Comedian is a fictional character and the reason for a lack of hope in real people is brain chemistry, not a lack of vision or intellect.

(* Yes, they owned the equipment and had a sweetheart deal with Iraq. Sorry, calling it like I see it. I’m sure we threw them something afterwards as consolation prize.)



Warning: contains references to medical stuff and anal bleeding.

Since HPV has made the news in the most interesting way (Perry and the mysterious vaccine mistake), I figure I need to document what the real purpose was and how it happened that I have a lump in the side of my throat (I suggested some time ago on the blog that it might be HPV and since there’s no test there’s no way to know for certain. Just a little nudge toward increasing the risk of cancer for me and anyone I come into “contact” with. Mighty White of them, don’t you think?).

It was July and I was eating freedom french fries with tzatziki sauce from Santana’s deli, just a block and a half from my apartment. The very first one did the trick. My left throat lymph node swelled up immediately and I “heard” via the MAE or similar tech, “I wonder what that could be?” 

This is what I was supposed to think it was:

The pain was so intense for several weeks that I was taking three or four different pain killers twice a day to get through it. Could feel the pressure in my ear all the way up the left side of my head. 

Went to the doctor a week or so after on July 17. He prescribed an antibiotic which did nothing. (Do I need to remind again about the 1977 Senate hearing document explaining regarding “malingering symptoms” with regards to MKULTRA goals? I hope not by now.) 

Additionally, I wrote a quote of the day on my blog back in June 2010, “Watch out for your cornhole, bud” (a quote from Office Space, humor induced by whatever drugs they were slipping me). Earlier this year, _____ reported on Facebook that he was getting a checkup to find out why he’s bleeding out the hinder.

I wasn’t actually referring to _____ at all, but rather those who will one day join Saddam Hussein on the gallows or enjoy taxpayer funded stays in private prisons (and maybe Cory Doctorow who pissed me off for unrelated reasons), but that’s neither here nor there.

See, that’s been the game. _____’ bridge event occurred on my wedding anniversary and would not have if he hadn’t been delayed two days with car trouble. There are other instances as well, like the infamous bridge-under-construction crossing which was seemingly the result of a _____ blog post and a matching catalog I received in the mail.

(Of course a side note here is to try to make the target(s) believe this is all God’s doing. I think that’d be a big no-no with a theoretical Almighty, maligning His or Her Name that way.)

Moving on… Was told on the phone that, despite the state shutdown issues, I could not get healthcare back until November due to late payment in part due to the shutdown. Disputed it via letter and got a call that a memo went out three minutes after my original phonecall ended stating that due to the shutdown, they were to forgive late payments, and of course they didn’t call me back to reverse the original call.

Playing people off against each other… If there are political “fixer” mercenary corporations out there operating domestically (and really, why wouldn’t there be?) imagine how much they make during the four-year election cycle.

Bonus: Wolf Blitzer, without realizing the mic was on, said to Perry, “We’ll talk about it at your place.” I really think the CIA-News-Network needs to remove it’s cranium from whichever pelvises it’s stuck in.

THE BLACK BOOT DIARIES – All About The Watchtower*

THE BLACK BOOT DIARIES – All About the Watchtower *

(* With apologies to the Jehovah’s Witnesses who are at least peaceful as conscientious objectors and were even banned from several countries during the World Wars ’cause they’re just too darn peaceful. It’s just that i can’t pass up a good pun. Besides, as you’ll see, it’s about some other folks.**)

(** Some of us could do with a little less door knocking though. But as a former canvasser for politics—the other thing people hate in their face—I’m a little hesitant to bring that up.)

It is September 2, 2010. I am at a favorite spot in Prospect Park (no, the other one, the one in MPLS, not Brooklyn). A man, a photographer, strikes up a conversation. He is also a security man at a local megachurch. He explains how easy it is to get a gun for that job. (I had been recently looking for work and considered security or PI work and looked into what it would take to get a firearm license if required for nightwatchmen work. Seemed a good fit for a writer at the time).

He also mentioned the birthplace of Bob Dylan. We were after all standing next to the infamous inspiration for the song, the water tower with the “witch’s hat.”

However, the word “Hibbing” also had other significance for other work I was doing. It was a password.

Anyway, today I got an email selling security services to churches. Here are the potential threats to a church that urge What-Would-Jesus-Pack? thinking:

Ever thought about these situations? What would you do? 

– A child goes missing from the children’s department
– A violent or unstable person enters and disrupts your place of worship
– A person becomes seriously ill during service
– A non-custodial parent takes their child from a classroom
– Your receptionist is confronted by a hostile person
– A person shows up at your church with a gun

Is it any wonder with dangerously unstable religious zealots*** running large swaths of our government that this kind of thinking would “trickle down”? The last one is especially ridiculous since that very person packing heat will undoubtedly be everyone if they had their way.

(*** The link is there for irony and quoted for the  BS within. Is Opus Dei the same as Knights of Malta, for example? I believe Hersh said, “They think they are…”. Does this author address any of the meat of the matter? No. Profit and religion is an old, old story. Heck, the Big Guy even struck people dead with lightning for less according to the book you claim to read, understand, and wish to foist on everyone else. 

Looking forward to seeing who you kill with electricity. I know you lunatics won’t disappoint because you’re so damn certain God approves of your murdering.)

In any case this post is not an attack on religion as a whole, merely the radical elements who think guns, psy ops, allowing terror attacks on American soil, etc. are the way to convert the rest of us who have no interest in joining what amounts to a cult and forking over all our money to their war machine.

I also have to hand it to Catholics in Alliance who not only object to torture but also the “let them die” attitudes among the insane and mammon-luvin’ Right. (And, yes, expect another K-M-A DNC scum post any day now. Prove me wrong.)

Finally, for the perhaps-well-meaning-but-too-smart-for-self-good: Franklin. Quakers. Slavery. (That said, still nothing I would change about pre-res Holmes).

It’s Not a Thrill Ride

It’s simple: torture (as defined by me and perhaps even the law in the US, depending on the as-far-as-I-know untested legal definition of “custody”; that’s the only missing piece, intent and permanence are obvious…).

I mean, imagine if your “favorite” (that’s sarcasm) person could “call” you via microwave auditory effect any time, day or night, and you couldn’t stop it. And he may even know what you’re up to and choose an opportune time for maximum psychological impact.

That’s what the evil clowns who run things do, mercilessly. And any politician you happen to turn to for help asks for money.

It’s like that thing that happened in NYC on a subway platform at least once: woman raped in front of a hundred or so people who did nothing.

What appears to be otherwise is merely attempting to keep the endorphins, etc. high enough to avoid succumbing to despair, which is the only sane reaction to the current situation.

And now that that’s in writing, they will exploit that, too. See how that’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t?



This one goes out to the cockroach who requested it. He thinks…well, you’ll see. Makes some sense since last post made me look like I actually know what I’m doing.

It is the mid aughties, 2003 or 2004, I think.

I’m dining with co-workers at a Brazilian restaurant on Ninth Avenue. There is a man who looks familiar sitting nearby. I know I’ve seen that face before but cannot recall where other than the vague feeling that I should worry.

Thinking it better to be safe than sorry I go back to the office and check the most wanted list online. The face is similar but not precisely the same as one of the people there. I’m thinking the photo has been reconstructed, maybe photshopped to make it clearer and that’s why the shape is off. Maybe he’s lost weight. Something like that.

I report it, just in case you know. Not the right person at all. In fact, it was not until last year that I place the face—BUT!—I still don’t recall where I saw the very similar face in the first place. Iran-Contra hearings maybe. Why did I associate him with terrorism at that point? Reasonably certain this was before I was aware of the facts about the neoconservative philosophy. Weird.

In any case, my head is already being mucked with. That’s why it happened. And assuming the lady I spoke to on the phone initially is not Dina Corsi, I do apologize. Even though it’s not my fault that someone thinks human experimentation on US cititzens is justified. It’s a man’s world, as was obvious from the gent laughing who took the phone from you. Sorry.

What else you got, traitors? Just keep poking, you got nothing other than lies and failure after failure.