Number Sixteen

“16. A knockout pill which can be surreptitiously administered in drinks, food, cigarettes, as an aerosol, etc. …”

One does not…

fall asleep “close to the Taliban” because one does not care. It would be his life on the line as well.

See how we always ask the wrong questions? Make the wrong assumptions?

He shot himself because he decided he’d rather die than put his fellow soldiers at risk because he could not stay awake.

The question should have been, “why wasn’t he sleeping?” Just a few months from getting to visit home. And the nephew of a Democratic congresswoman. (Hello, Pattern! Helloooo…).

(There’s a second similar story in today’s Times).

The bottom line seems to be…

…they hate us for our freedom.

The Not-So-Great Game


This concerns the mystery surrounding the boating accident that lead to the demise of William Colby as well as, of all things, a computer game.

The game itself concerns a mercenary corporation known as Procat (according to the game, Russian for ‘contractor’) and the men who run it attempting to alter world events. Colby consulted on the game (as did one of his Russian counterparts).

One side note: the player (as CIA agent Thorn) is pitted against a character codenamed Harmonica. Don’t recall exactly why that was in-game, but I wonder if it wasn’t a reference to Charles Bronson’s character in Once Upon a Time in the West who is seeking revenge for his brother.

In any case, it’s an amusing game and possibly one that contains a bit more information about how things work that may have been comfortable for some. For example, in the start of the game, one instructor, the older one, mentions the “double-tap”, that is, firing two shots into the skull as assurance that the opponent will not get up again. The younger instructor corrects him and points out that bullets to the head often have the tendency to pass right over the brain and exit the other side, essentially compressing the brain without penetrating it. He recommends instead one in the heart and one in the throat, ensuring a quick bleeding out.

Then there’s the obvious contractor issue. On top of that, it’s quite possible that, given the plot elements, that Colby inadvertently revealed a little bit about something that already occurred…perhaps even decades before.

As to the desire to go in a canoe alone, there are two data points for this. When G. Gordon Liddy was unsure whether or not his superiors trusted him, he let them know he would be at a particular corner at a particular time. Essentially, he was saying, “If you want to kill me, I’ll be here.” In doing it away from home, he was ensuring that his family would not be caught in the crossfire nor be the one’s to find his corpse. The hit did not come, so he assumed he was trusted and refused to cooperate with authorities in the Watergate investigation.

Similarly, I think there’s a bit in The Three Days of the Condor (don’t know about the book, …Five…), though that’s more about meeting someone the individual trusts. It’s just that there’s also the element of separating the individual from others by getting them into a car and driving elsewhere.

So, I think that was probably it. There was supposed to be a sequel to the game. Never happened because the consultant wasn’t around to help with it. I’m thinking the idea was he was getting senile, perhaps, and there were concerns he might let something else slip. In order to protect his family, he went off, miles down the river to be far from them when it happened, like a good soldier.

And that’s the kind of thing you sit around thinking about when you’ve got nothing better to do but be harassed by the intel community. (Let’s be honest; if it were someone else, it’d be stopped by now. Only logical conclusion to draw).

Blessed Are the…


One interesting thing to note about these tricks is just how easily they could be used to promote peace. I’m not sure I condone that. But it is far superior ethically and morally to using it for death and profit, that is clear.

Really, I’m living proof that it can be used that way, aren’t I? Sure, you can brainwash some schmuck into thinking opening fire on a restaurant full of people will somehow help him, sending anonymous explosive letters to the leaders in technology will slow the progress of the very research that drove him insane in the first place, or that sending anthrax-laced letters will somehow make the nightmares that someone else planted in his head less frightening.

You can try to convince the less prone to thinking for themselves that somehow Muslims are to blame for all the world’s ills. You can use propaganda—especially when it’s also in the form of good films—to do that. You can try to convince as many people as you can that we’re still the self-sacrificing country who stormed a beach for others. That’s not entirely untrue, there are many among the troops who I am certain prefer building schools and hospitals to shooting up neighborhoods. It’s human nature, really.

But you could also talk some of the angry people of the world down, out of the idea that violence is somehow the answer to finding a smoking hole where their neighbor’s home used to be. You could defuse situations instead of provoking and exacerbating them. Failing that, you could easily make a suicide bomber blow himself up early, alone, without harming anyone else.

But you don’t. Why?

Power would seem to be the primary motive. Whether it’s the power to crush your enemies, power to shape minds into believing in a God who enjoys watching his children murder each other, power to give natural resources to whomever you want, or, in the case of some of the people carrying out some of these things, the power to make your own pain stop for a moment by inflicting worse on someone else. When you put monsters in charge, can you be surprised when the result is monstrous?

The motive is not ultimately idealogical. It’s just what I said above. Which means that, eventually, when they run out of gays, atheists, intellectuals, and Muslims to demonize and destroy (or more likely sooner, when they just get bored with doing so) they will turn on those who helped them gain that power. Those who carried water for them. Those who turned the other way when they should have spoken up for what they know is right, but continually lie to themselves that it’s all somehow justifiable. It’s not about loyalty. Can people without mercy be trusted to show gratitude after a significant portion of their goals are achieved? History is rife with examples that it always goes this way: they will turn on you as well. It’s about power that they won’t really need your help with when they finally get their way.

Yet another irony here is, it’s not that I cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality that’s the problem. It’s that I can tell the difference between fiction and reality too well. I have no illusions about what you’re capable of. I don’t let, for example, my enjoyment of a show like NCIS distract from the fact that there is still something horribly rotten in the Department of Defense. It’s idiotic to think we have to ever paint any group of prior with one brush of good or evil, beneficial or malevolent. I don’t deny that there are “bad guys” out there. There are. Just like there are bad guys here.

It’s not that we should do nothing at all. It’s that we have so far over-reacted (and as pointed out before, 9-11 could have easily been prevented in the first place in several ways) that we have caused financial difficulties that are going to take a long time to mend. You, by over-reacting, nearly did what Al Qaeda could not do alone, ever. You did exactly what Bin Laden wanted you to do, drag you down in the muck with him.

You sacrificed good will, a commodity more precious than money (largely because when we don’t have it, it costs us money instead buying off foreign powers to do what we want done—and even then you get foot-dragging and resistance like we got from Pakistan over the location and handling of OBL and others). You either thought that being feared and hated would somehow make us safer, or—far more likely—you knew it wouldn’t and you seek to capitalize on that very lack of safety that you have created.

And yet, no matter what you do, no matter what you take from me, no matter how often you arrange painful reminders, no matter who else you murder or ruin, you won’t get me to do what you want. And the fact that you don’t understand why is proof enough for me that you are not whole people. You are missing something. You are malfunctioning machines that are not beneficial because you are capable of atrocities. You are liabilities because that is all you can do and you have done the exact opposite of what was your charge: to protect. You did the opposite of that and then swept in pretending to be storming Normandy.

It does not matter what the outcome is on that other thing. Doesn’t change anything. Doesn’t matter at all. I would do the same again no matter what the answer is.

And now, I’ve got time on my side as well. You only have a few options left to you and not a lot of time to make a decision. I have the upper hand here. Your silly little tricks (which again only prove you have no interest in peace and prosperity for the majority of the American people) don’t change that. You’ve already lost. You’ve already lost because you surrendered a long time ago, before any of this started. You surrendered to hate, to your baser instincts, to the enjoyment of watching others suffer, of watching people blown to bits. You became that which you claim to abhor.

You are terrorists. Really, it’s that simple.

He’s A Credit To…

…genetalia. From Truth-Out:

The defendants allege that ICE agents and Metro Nashville police officers forced their way into their homes without warrants. When residents asked the officers to show a warrant, one agent reportedly said, “We don’t need a warrant, we’re ICE.” Then, gesturing to his genitals, the officer reportedly said “the warrant is coming out of my balls.”

In all seriousness, it’s this kind of thing, this making-it-personal, demonizing unprofessional behavior, that makes it clear that this is about having an excuse to be a dick and not about helping one goddam thing. It’s about releasing psychos on the populace so some old money f***s can get their cheap labor out of white people who will be scared s***less watching what happened to the brown ones. Act like a nazi or be a victim, those are the choices they are offering you, 99%.

Besides, everyone knows it’s only Scalia and Thomas who produce legal documents from their balls, or somewhere south of there.

For Example…


There’s this (based on James Bamford’s work).

For some of the most delicious irony and proof that we are screwed no matter which way we turn, take a look at who helped to fund the show (bottom lefthand corner of video cover).

Yes, it seems there’s a contest to see who can be the most evil f***ers in the galaxy. I assume Hitler, being dead, is out of the running.

But back to the point about how absurd and upside down things are… Imagine tracking the hijackers for over a year, pretending there was no one you could tell what they were up to and not only retaining not only your charter but your so-ironic-it-hurts name of National Security Agency but you also get an unprecedented increase in funding so as to spend time provoking American citizens in the hopes you can somehow justify the increase in spending you already got.

And you get to play re-run on all those programs that were made illegal in the 70s. And, if anyone asks any questions, you can just murder them, ruin them, or say some bulls*** like, “You don’t know how bad it is.” And then drop some hint about some Rotary Club somewhere in the Midwest planning a terror attack over brunch.

You almost make the kochtopus sound sane. (Well, not really, but it’s a good phrase for a button and dramatic effect).