So. Lab rat.

As noted elsewhere on this blog, there were two male interns from the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival who both (friends of mine) wound up getting caught with underage girls in the mid 90s. Both were married and got divorced. One did some jail time.

It’s 1992 and I’m 27 and an active member at the Manhattan Church of Christ. I am so in large part due to the weird s*** I saw and experienced at the NJSF in 1989 and 1990. I could not explain it rationally, and therefore assumed it must have been supernatural in nature. Had no idea that the Frey effect even existed, much less it’s more modern cousin the microwave auditory effect.

Anyway, one day (and I’ll be leaving out significant details, sorry) a fifteen year old male hit on me. Long story short, nothing happened. I’ll just say that he was a very attractive fellow, I was single, still in the closet, etc. but I still chose to say no.

A few years later (95?) something similar happened. This time it was some random kid and it was New Years. He wanted beer and was willing to do whatever in order to get it. I again refused. He was probably 17 or so.

Besides the two other interns, there’s WMD expert (and let’s be honest, he’s very likely former CIA) Scott Ritter who had accompanied the UN inspection team to Iraq on several occasions, who tried to explain that the claims in the run up to the invasion were bogus on CNN only to be interrupted by then National Security head Condoleeza Rice saying the exact opposite. Since then, you’ve also got a few members of Congress who resigned from an inability to keep that thing in their pants or, in one case, hitting on a major donor’s young daughter.

See the pattern? It’s brain chemistry. It’s intentional on the part of some CIA or NSA subcontractor (and that’s why I rarely bother with trying to figure out which; it doesn’t matter. Hold the contractee responsible, it’s the only smart way to handle it. And they are both clearly guilty).

Why didn’t it work on me? I really don’t know. Possibly the same reason it has only been marginally effective to try to prompt me to violence against others or myself now. I’m just not sure what that is. Is it perhaps because I know the rules of the game? Do an act of violence and they win? Or is it some form of undying hope for something better? Some internatlized moral code that’s unshakable? Or am I at heart a coward who’s afraid of being put in jail?

Don’t really know. What I do know is it is having the oppopsite of the intended effect. I will see these people brought to justice. It will happen. The American people will demand it. They will demand answers. They will demand it stop. It’s a moral certainty.

Additionally, as is between the lines in the narrative above, psychological operations were used to drive me to religion. Think about that one for a moment. These people use religion to try to control people. Sad that it seems Marx was right about that. I see a lot of good coming from some minority within the religious sector, such as anti-war, anti-poverty, anti-torture, and anti-disease political action. That so many others wind up simply following evil men as a result of fear hidden behind religion is a problem.

It’s not that they can’t or haven’t gotten me to do things, little things, against my “will” (whatever that ultimately is), but they haven’t gotten me to blow anything up nor shoot anyone, and those, above all, are what they wanted.

Nor have I, nor will I self-immolate myself in front of the Capitol building. This was one of their recent attempts and rather clever, really. It would, in theory, have the advantage of gaining national attention, making Congress take me seriously, and no one except myself would be harmed in the process. See? They are clever.

But not that clever. It only took a few days to “reprogram” that idea right out of my head. Here’s what would actually happen: FOX and the GOP would call it terrorism and many double-digit IQs in their audience and constituencies would agree out of a serious inability to think for themselves, and the DNC and DCCC would continue to clamor for money and say, “See what the GOP and Tea Party did?” to the same effect it has now: absolutely none.

So, CIA and DOD, take your forced self-immolation idea and shove it up your a**. You lost the ability to pull that off last year when you not only drove several young gay men to suicide and violent deaths using the microwave auditory effect within a two month period, but you made the insanely stupid mistake of pointing out to me via the microwave auditory effect that you did so. This was, of course, to drive me to suicide because your direct MAE tauntings weren’t working.

(Now do you see why I say these people cannot be reached by any other means than fear of death? It’s they way they live… by the sword and all that. Traitors can and should hang. End of story.)

This also brings up the real dilemma I face in posting these things: the damned-if-I-do/damned-if-I-don’t thing. By revealing that CIA and DOD murdered those kids just to kill me, the less-intelligent among us may blame me. Hopefully, once you see the “master plan” these subhumans have in mind, you’ll see why you’d be barking up the wrong tree. I fully intend to see them all brought to justice, legally and soundly.

Up next, more toys used for death and destruction.



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