So, as already noted, someone accused me of choking them. Absolutely absurd, I assure you. Did not happen. Drunk, but that hardly explains the repetition of the meme, does it? No. For that you need the microwave auditory effect. How do I know it’s the CIA and DOD?

Because of where I live.

1) Large Somalian population with people who still have ties and communicate back home.

2) Same with the Hmong (CIA’s secret army during Viet Nam).

3) Heard this rumor three or four times and have just a little indirect confirmation of it, the University of Minnesota is one of the largest in terms of defense contract research spending. My indirect knowledge is having worked with a pre-med student who was also working on finding a drug to help save shot soldier’s from bleeding to death (I suggested something along the lines of the hydrocannabinol acetate or whatever it was they were giving me surreptitiously on and off for the past several years; it gives a feeling of well-being, which should slow the heart rate which would slow blood-loss and dulls pain).

4) Observation and experience. This place (though it’s no longer just about geographical location anymore, not with the MAE being usable via satellite) crawls.

Besides that, I’ve heard things that I haven’t heard for over twenty years repeated. It was true even back in the early to mid 80s. Whenever the topic of working in the intelligence community came up, some old knowledgeable person would say, “When they do the background check on you, they can find out everything.” “How?” “They talk to everyone you’ve ever known.”

So, it should come as no surprise, for example, that they could get the same choke-accuser to say they heard my mother say something on the phone a few weeks ago that she actually said twenty years ago via a New Jersey Shakespeare Festival payphone… the now hilariously ironic: “You need to figure out what you’re doing with your life.”

Let me be plain. I know I’ve joked about it. I’ve even exaggerated the threat a bit to make things clearer (plus, I am a bit histrionic, or as they refer to it in theater, I’m a bit of a ham). But CIA and DOD have made it abundantly clear: there’s no way in hell they’re going to allow me to live. They just aren’t. Even with the best possible outcome (traitors dangling from ropes after being soundly convicted of treason), that’s the way it will turn out.

Oh, sure, if I was willing to let this all go, pretend to be insane, go away and live with my parents or just actually (their preference) truly become schizophrenic like the guy who lives down the street who very closely resembles a CIA agent working in Central America (who know? The way they treat their real employees, it’s not impossible that’s what he was at one time).

In any case, that realization is freeing. I have nothing to lose at all by pointing out that, for example, they hired Nazi scientists after WWII to help with their mind control, biological and chemical, and rocket programs. That’s right, f*** Godwin right from the very start. It’s accurate. They think behaving like monsters is somehow a position of strength. It isn’t. In fact, it’s the clearest indication I can think of that the primary motivation besides sadistic fun is fear. These are the tough-talking types who pee their beds.

No, I know exactly what I’m dealing with. They do not have a single ounce of mercy among them. They are, for lack of a better word, evil. Sociopathic, if you prefer. They torture not because it carries any potential for actually getting accurate information, but for the pure fun of it. If there’s one thing most of us need to wrap our brains around, it’s that. They do this because they enjoy it and there are no negative consequences for doing it. Congress pays no attention (they lie to them with impudence anyway) and the Executive branch has no control over them.

So, when you ask yourself, “Why?”, the answer is “Wrong question.” It’s “Why not?”

What else happened? Three young men, separately, all went out of their way to bump into me. One did so in what I would have to term hilariously. He went fifteen feet or so out of his way, essentially walking sideways, just to elbow me (lightly) in the stomach and, the incredible part, he had no idea he was doing it and barely seemed to know he had done so afterwards. This repeated in different parts of town three times and a fourth who just sat on a bench glaring at me as I walked by as though I owed him money. All four were African American.

The psyop intention was to try to make me think this was a message from the Prez himself. See how they muck about? See what disrespectful pricks they are? See how they manipulate the unenlightened to the tech? See why they have to be shut down?

Perhaps even more hilariously, this place, which has seemed largely like purgatory or hell for the past year and a half, suddenly recently started behaving like Mayberry-lite. They somehow have deluded themselves into thinking it’s as simple as carrot-and-stick. It isn’t. They declared war, so war it is. Pretending to give a damn that I made a phone call that caught a terror cell is an obvious ploy. They don’t, and in fact would prefer if the terror cell had carried out its plans so they could continue to carry out theirs: the end of civil rights, absolute control, unending warfare, cheap labor, etc.


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