The Combination…

of these pieces of Legislation, there can only really be one explanation: the Senate wants the DOD to take over the duties of the DOJ, to be able to detain anyone indefinitely without cause and charges, and to be able to torture them on American soil.

Levin-MCain (already mentioned here) and Ayotte’s amendment (co-sponsored by that wonderful example of homo sapien Lindsay Graham) to the Defense Authorization Bill (have to get far in past the opening on hooding to find the waterboarding).

Is there some other explanation? I’m having trouble imagining how and why any other story is bigger than the Senate goose-stepping this far to the right.

Silent Conversations

The Greek historian, Herodotus, relates how Periander, who inherited the throne of Corinth from his father, sent a messenger to Thrasybulus, tyrant of Miletus, asking for advice in ruling his subjects. Thrasybulus took the messenger for a walk in a cornfield, where he chatted about minor matters while breaking off all the finest ears that overtopped the rest and trampling them underfoot. He then sent the messenger back to Corinth.

There. Periander was eager to hear the answer to his query, only to learn that Thrasybulus had given none. All the messenger could talk about was the nonsensical way in which the Milesian tyrant had destroyed the cream of his corn crop while indulging in idle chatter. Periander, listening intently, recognized the point that the messenger had missed; namely, that his fellow-tyrant wad advising him to crush any of his subjects who were ambitious to rise above the common herd.

The Fine Art of Spying (1965), Introduction

(This is also a fine example as counterpoint to Randian thought: it’s not always the herd who conspires to stop an individual but rather a powerful individual or individuals who are of the same fearful mindset that Rand decries in the poor. A country who tolerates the maltreatment of exceptional talent by powerful special interests is asking to be lost in mediocrity).

There Is No Escape…

from Stalag Levin-McCain

Truth-Out’s Coverage

Wonder How…

Wonder How He Got That Way

BREAKING: Prosecutors say psychiatric evaluation finds Norway killer was insane during July 22 attacks. -EC

When I Read…

When I Read a Story Like This…

I just imagine all the stupid s*** DHS is bound to have done over similar things. I’m guessing willingness to bust some skulls and douse eyeballs with caustic chemicals comes before grasp of the English language and knowledge of the contents of the First Amendment.

Scumbag Contractor…

Scumbag Contractor Trashes Medal of Honor Recipient

and tries to sell weapon systems to Pakistan.

Of course he doesn’t have any chance of winning. These people get their friends in CIA and DOD to use the same tech (Frey effect / microwave auditory effect) to affect the thought processes of juries, judges, lawyers, etc. Essentially, they do the thinking for them. People think they are having an inner monolog when in reality, it’s some jackass on the other end of the device transmitting those words into their heads.

Imagine if they can do the same on election day. Isn’t fascism in the 21st century a hoot?



(or words to that effect)
—Joseph Heller

“Well, Wolf, the entire thing was only revealed moments ago. This entire project has been under the tightest security of anything we’ve seen since the Manhattan Project.”

“What can you tell us, Anderson?”

“We were briefed just moments ago. As you know, Wolf, Congress has been promising us a very big story for years now, an explanation as to why the graft and corruption in Washington has been at unprecedented levels and why they have been asking us—and we agreed—to keep it all under wraps that entire time.

“We can now tell the American people exactly why this was—and I gotta tell you, Wolf—I think it all finally makes sense!”


“It sure is, Wolf. This project has been under way, as I said in the intro, for years. The majority of parts were manufactured right here in the good ol’ U-S-of-A by ordinary Americans in factories covering most of the fifty states. Of course, the people who made these things had no idea what it was for.”

“And what was that, Anderson?”

“A spaceship. It seems, Wolf, that Congress was briefed in 2004 by then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld that the Earth would soon be uninhabitable. The Bush administration offered Congress the option of being able to leave the planet for some place more hospitable…let’s see here…

“Ah! Ceres-542! A planet now believed to be capable of sustaining life as we know it.”

“Anderson, this is incredible. How on earth did Congress keep it quiet so long?”

“Well, they didn’t really have much choice, Wolf. If they spoke to anyone about it, they would not have the option of getting a seat aboard the spaceship. In which case, they’d be stuck here with you.”

“Me? What about—”

“Oh, I have some very good friends, Wolf.”

“You knew? All this time? And said nothing? What about all the camping trips—”

“Sorry, Wolf. It’s really expensive. And you have to know the right people in order to even get to bid on a ticket.”

“I see.”

“At any rate, Wolf, I only have a few minutes before boarding, so I’ll make this quick…

“Essentially, Congress has been soliciting bribes from anyone and everyone, passing laws they haven’t even read that are essentially written by whoever is willing to contribute to their safe passage fund. A successful bid gets the bidder and one passenger a seat aboard the ship to safety.”

“And I suppose—”

“Yes, some legislators decided to take their…friends, rather than spouses.”

“I see.”

“So, the entire last, what, ten years…?”

“A sham, Wolf. They didn’t care about any of that stuff because they knew they wouldn’t have to be around to live with the laws they passed anyway. In fact, some made a game of it. They wanted to see how far they could push things before even the most uninformed constituents noticed.”

“And what was the result of that, Anderson?”

“Most of them still didn’t notice. In fact, they are probably watching this right now and it still hasn’t dawned on them that they built this ship so that some really filthy rich and powerful people and their mistresses could escape the very planet they helped to destroy by selling out to special interests. Many CEOs of which, I am told, also managed to book passage. And, as usual, the working class folks who saved these people by building it don’t get to go.”

“I see. Well, what is there to do on board the ship and how long will the voyage take?”

“The voyage is supposed to only take a few weeks. The technology being used is very cutting edge, we’re told, and somehow manages to make the journey much shorter than it would be by anything we’ve seen before.

“As for what there is to do, well, it’s a lot like when the RNC comes to DC—”

“Ah, lots of ‘social interaction’, then.”

“You got it. They neglected to bring their wives for a reason, Wolf. I imagine there will also be political discussions and a power struggle to see who will be king of Ceres-542.”

“Do you have any favorites?”

“Well, I hear Rush Limbaugh is onboard. I think he could definitely out-wrestle most CEOs and senators I know for the title.”

“So, a king? Not a president or—”

“Absolutely not, Wolf. They have all pretty much agreed it’s everyman for himself, and that they are all pretty much sick of the whole democracy thing anyway. I have a quote: ‘Overrated and outdated! If we allowed that, would we have seats on this ship?'”

“Who said that?”

“Joe Lieberman.”

“At least the human race will go on. Our fearless leaders have acted decisively to see that the Anerican way will continue. Things may be bleak, but we can all rest easy as The End nears knowing that they weren’t the crooks they seemed to be so much as they were stealing to save the human race.”

“Yeah. Whatever, Wolf. Been great working with you.”

“You, too, Anderson. Take care and safe travels.

“Oh! One more thing. You said most of the parts were made in the US. There was some exception?”

“Apparently, we needed some chips capable of working in a quantum computer. So, naturally we turned to the Chinese. Brilliant mathematicians, those folks.”

“I see. Well, good luck, Anderson. Happy trails. And good luck to you, the viewer. Tune in tomorrow when we explain on the big screen what exactly it is that drove the rich and powerful to this journey and what your last moments on Earth will be like. Also, we’ll have a few disgruntled folks who managed to place bids and did not get seats aboard the ship.

“That’s all the time we have! See you tomorrow!”

“You sure about that, Wolf?”