All Saints

All Saints

“And by faith Abel still speaks, even though he is dead”

“Mother shouts her litany of boredom and frustration, but we know…

Ciara M. Durkin

Her mysterious death came just weeks after she told family she feared for her safety after seeing something on the airbase that concerned her. She told her family to investigate if anything happened to her.

Col. James A. Sabow

Colonel Rich, repeatedly stated: “There was not one shred of evidence, other than that proving, that Colonel Sabow committed suicide.” Three months after that meeting, Dr. Sabow received a package in the mail that included the following: 
Handwritten notes of a “script” of the meeting in which the plan was to convince Dr. Sabow and Sally Sabow that: “Colonel Sabow was a ‘crook’. Dr. Sabow may talk to the LA TIMES.” Later, Colonel Wayne Rich had admitted under oath that he made these notes while talking to officials in Marine Headquarters, Washington, DC while preparing for the meeting with Dr. Sabow.
A memorandum from the JAG Department of El Toro investigating ways to have Dr. Sabow’s medical license revoked, per orders of General Adams.
A letter from General Adams to the South Dakota Medical Governing Board asking them to revoke Dr. Sabowís medical license.

Col. Ted Westhusing

…Westhusing allegedly killed himself in Iraq in 2005. Before deploying to Iraq he taught English at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. But in Iraq instead of teaching poetry or writing, he supervised security contractors involved in training Iraqi police…

There are more. These are just two I recalled plus the interesting tale of Sabow. If that isn’t an indicator something may be horribly wrong (brass covering up black market arms deals, attempting to ruin family of the deceased, and still having a goddam job), what is?



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