Happy Halloween


Image one. The fact that there’s not a lot of detail and it’s out of focus is unimportant. It’s a reflection of the third floor landing of my apartment building off of the building across the street. The focus here is the light in just about the center of the photo.

Image two. A direct shot of what is poorly reflected in Image one.

There, under the light, last Thursday evening, 27 October, I saw in the reflection what appeared to be a figure. No definition, just really a black silhouette (most closely resembling in shape of the outline the iconic photo of the fellow standing on a box at Abu Ghraib with the hood on and wires attached to him. I’m sure you recall it).

As you can see from Image two, there are at least four ways it could have been done. Assuming there was no person there, merely an object designed to resemble one, it could have been quickly pulled up through the roof hatch, through the door, or under the door. The fourth way, presuming there was a person in costume, they fled quickly through the door.

None of that is particularly remarkable. What’s remarkable is the following two things:

1) It was easy as pie to sort out a few nights later, but not the night in question. This is one of the uses of the microwave auditory effect or similar tech: to disrupt thought. I simply could not, as easy as it was (and really, geometry has always been easy for me, should have been a cinch) match the correct place in the building that matched the reflection. I’ll come back to why this is important.

2) That I do on occasion send myself emails. On this particular evening, before the Halloween surprise, I sent one stating I was getting a little sick of the same tricks over and over and largely didn’t see the point of it. This was the “reply.”

Which means it’s someone who’s reading my email. Seems obviously, doesn’t it? NSA or a subcontractor. Who else could it be?

Now, back to the first item, #1. This is what I’ve suspected for some time. Whoever has this tech can easily disrupt the thoughts of investigators. Reporters, too, I should think. And why not politicians? We all think we’re special. Can’t happen to us. We’d see right through it. They can’t interfere with how and what we think.

Well, you might all be special. But not in that way. Seen it too often. No one’s immune.

As for who actually carried out the charade, could be some kids having some fun. Which is the case in point: they thought they were doing it for reasons that they had no idea had to do with harassment from s***heads in government. It works pretty well.


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