The Situation Room

So, I’m sitting in the dark here. Power outage. Just got home from discussing the power outage Summer 2010 that led to me getting out and about to discover that a 25-30 year old dude jumped off a bridge.

Overheard someone in the hallway say there was a “boom” on the third floor. (I’m on the first).

Also waiting for the bank to return my call so that the landlord can get the rent and I don’t have to vacate. (The reason for those sporadic, recent “cut the financial crap” posts).

This is desperation, I’d say. I really don’t see any other reason for it. They got cajones, no disputing that. Just not too bright when it comes to resolving it. Why don’t you clowns just hang a sign, “We’re guilty as sin!”? It would be less obvious.


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