It’s Sin City


From Frank Miller’s blog regarding the Occupy movement:

Maybe, between bouts of self-pity and all the other tasty tidbits of narcissism you’ve been served up in your sheltered, comfy little worlds, you’ve heard terms like al-Qaeda and Islamicism.

My post:

Dear Frank,

You have your head up your a**. Sure AQ is a threat, but assh**** who live here clearly failed to prevent it because the Military Industrial Complex (is Eisenhower a hippie?) wanted some cash. See Buzzy Krongard: August 2001 running around fixing the smoke alarms at Langley, his former trading company shortsold airline stock on 9-11, and he got a seat on Blackwater’s board after getting them the no-bid contract under which they “miraculously” got on the ground in Afghanistan three days after the attack. (When it came time to investigate all that, it was his brother who looked into it. No stepping down for conflict of interest makes it look even more suspicious).

You wrote some Batman stories. Explain those facts where somehow it doesn’t make some folks in government and the private sector look like they’re ripping us off by pretending AQ is the Third Reich.

Frank’s work is topnotch as far as I’m concerned. He has more cajones than pretty much anyone any writer* I can think of and I admire that. He runs around, dances and does somersaults where others fear to even look much less tread.

But he’s been sucked in by the same propaganda that has brainwashed the shadow operatives who have been plaguing my life and those of others as pointed out on this blog. The removal of civil liberties is precisely what Al Qaeda and their ilk want. They have very nearly succeeded in destroying the US but—as was predicted by people much smarter than I—could not have done so without the help of sociopaths here at home. The utter inability of the corporation (generalizing here–there are many who say, “Tax me already” and I assume none but the most strict adherent to the John Birch Society would say that Warren Buffet is not a capitalist) to do the patriotic thing by paying a little taxes (280 of the top traded companies pay less percent than the average individual, 30 of the top paid none at all, despite world-record-breaking profits).

They use the Muslim bogeyman, gays, liberals, intellectuals, etc. (as if it was any of them who provided mortgage-backed securities and warrantless wiretaps) as a distraction from the fact that our defense, security and war spending is so out of control that it itself has become a security issue. In giving all this money to the likes of Halliburton and Xe Services (and the 2,000 NSA subcontractors—some of them so bent on stealing tax dollars that they have tried to create homegrown terrorism, civil strife and generally sewing terror—AKA committed acts of terrorism) we have undermined ourselves like the USSR did in Afghanistan and by attempting to keep up with the so-called US Star Wars systems. You have to make some damn thing that people can hold and occasionally actually need in order to be profitable longterm. That means, for example, investing in education. Seven- or eight-to-one China cranks out engineers to US.

America isn’t and never was great because it ran around saying so loudly nor because people wear flagpins. It’s bravery (sorely lacking today, where people wet their pants at the mere mention of anything Muslim) and the can-do attitude, AKA Yankee ingenuity.  That latter thing doesn’t happen when you become proud of being uneducated and ignorant as so many people on the Right seem to be. That’s how cults thrive: making members willfully ignorant.

So, to me, our situation more closely resembles Sin City than anything else. Corrupt officials and moneyed interests are the source and cause of the anarchy (though you have to throw in the microwave auditory effect and some other tech). As noted above, we had at least half a dozen opportunities to prevent 9-11. Greed and power grabs are the only rational explanations (okay, some misguided idea that the US would somehow find itself with $2.75 per gallon gas as well one could argue—where is it?) for that lack of action and, the record is clear on this, actions taken to make sure it did happen.

The Weekly Standard paid Frank a backhanded compliment by essentially saying, right idea, wrong reason. They think we need “bad men” to “save us,” not that this is about a war with Islam. Same thing that justified the original MKULTRA program (and that is being used currently to justify the NKINTRA programs) except it was the Red Scare.

It’s bulls***. These assh**** are what’s destroying America right now. They are dividing us and if that wasn’t Osama Bin Laden’s wet dream, what was?

* Goddamn editor. 🙂


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