Almost Two Years

Almost Two Years…

And still unsolved.

Below is the text from a mirror of an article regarding the Conways’ fire (all of the orginals were pulled by NSA or FBI), which was started by a firebug utilizing a home made laser that he used to overheat the power strip through a window (making it appear as if it overloaded) and was “controlled” by CIA/DOD via the microwave auditory effect or tech similar to this patent.

Rescuers pull 2 from B’klyn blaze
Last Updated: 9:46 AM, December 24, 2009

Firefighters rescued a Brooklyn woman and her father yesterday morning after the two were knocked unconscious as a blaze ripped through their Park Slope apartment.

An overloaded power strip sparked the fire in the top floor of the four-story building on Third Street near Fifth Avenue about 2:30 a.m., officials said.

Firefighters Rob Mitchell and John Fisher, along with Capt. Dennis Murphy of Ladder Co. 105, rushed into the building. They found Michael Conway, 58, passed out in a hallway. His daughter, Kate, 29, was found unconscious nearby. Both were carried to safety.

Michael was in stable condition at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn. Kate was taken to New York Hospital-Cornell Burn Center, where she was listed in serious but stable condition with burns to her legs.

“It’s the best reward you can get,” said Capt. Murphy, a 26-year FDNY veteran. “It’s a good feeling, especially during this time of the year.”

So, f*** you a**holes for doing nothing. That’s just one of many intentionally unsolved crimes related to the NKINTRA situation overall and the only indicator I have: coverup.

You think I give a s*** about your bulls*** politics when this is allowed and condoned by an utter lack of action? You are nothing more than bullies who only go after ordinary citizens and the mentally ill for publicity. You couldn’t face down a real “bad guy” if your f***ing lives depended on it. Fortunately for you, you are so inept it probably doesn’t… I expect they like keeping you around for the comic relief.

Got that, folks? The inspectors general think that arson and attempted murder via proxy is not a crime. Neither does the only federal law enforcement entity we have with jurisdiction to investigate. And don’t expect any favors from Bloomberg…Kate dared raise money for someone intending to run against him in the last election (sort of).

Wall-to-wall scumbags. That’s what we got!



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