The Good News

NYTimes articles from 2007 regarding the release of some of the CIA family jewels.

The video inlaid is the “for dummies” version (are you listening, *******?). It explains the good news, that only twenty or thirty years from now we’ll find out how there were multiple assassinations (both literal and figurative), arsons, break-ins, and other crimes carried out by our own intelligence community on our own (and innocent neighborly) citizens. It will be defended (“Can’t people see that there are secret Muslims everywhere?”) but the real reason is greed and power. Just like the Soviet threat was exaggerated so people would stop asking questions while, for example, members of Congress made a killing off of owning the ships that moved ammunition between here and Viet Nam, so the kick-back and campaign fund potential from Top Secret America and the likes of Blackwater / Xe Services and BAE OASYS Systems, LLC and it’s PAC and lobbying subsidiaries is just too much to pass up to tell the truth that not all (nor even a statistically significant portion) of the 1.3Billion Muslims want to blow things up any more than all Christians do because of Timothy McVeigh or Eric Rudolph.

Yes, the good news is when it no longer matters, it will be “resolved” by just sorta throwing the documents out there with the implication that somehow things have improved all by themselves.

The video also makes clear two other important points: both Nixon and Johnson asked CIA to find a link between anitwar protestors and foreign governments. They could find none.

Which means these people simply cannot accept that:

1) Some people don’t think war is an acceptable way to settle issues until they are satisfied that all other avenues have been exhausted.

2) Some people don’t want to throw their tax dollars at that and security just so members of Congress can gain money and members of the intelligence community and military can find cushy jobs in the private sector by exaggerating and/or distorting threat assessments around what makes the most money.

3) Some people don’t think oil-snatching should be borne on the backs of dead and maimed American soldiers.

4) When people clearly knew the date of the impending 9/11 attacks, did nothing to prevent them, and profited off of them, it draws into question who the traitors really are.


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