THE BLACK BOOT DIARIES – Twitterings (Updated)


During the beginning of the madness surrounding #squidgate, I opened a Twitter account. It’s been some time since I cancelled that account (which was just before one of the nights of weirdness at one of those bars that turned out to be a probable DOD front), so some of the details are sketchy (that whole being drugged thing also plays a role here).

What I do recall: finding some people to follow. There were several ex-pats (a few in London as I recall) as well as a few Indy outlet reporter/blogger types. Then there was a supposed attorney from California. He had a website.

He contacted me initially. Said that we should talk via Skype. I said, “Sorry, but I don’t know who sent you to me.” I expected a reply to that but did not get one. Which of course immediately made him suspect.

Cannot recall precisely what it was that I tweeted one evening, but it caused quite a stir. The “attorney” (clearly in retrospect somebody’s operative) started spamming. It was like every couple of seconds, which made it look like he had just switched it over to some spambot. There were also some suddenly unbidden hostility from some of the other folks I was following.

My guess is these were the same person using that software that allows one person to pretend to be ten. There were articles on it (and I mentioned it here on the blog). The primary use us to try to control the narrative, create false concensus, leverage “peer” pressure, shout down critics or anyone who gets close to the truth on a delicate issue that is being spun away from whatever sort of thing (like oversight or investigations) the ethically bankrupt creeps are trying to hide.

I bring this up now because I see a fellow who seems to be having similar troubles. I recall the ringleader of his woes from that same time period I mention above. There was something odd about his stuff, I recall that much, even though he seemed to be a reporter type. (I suspect that some of the people DMing you are him as well, using that software.)

The purpose is to make you crazy and waste time (which is what TIME’s article a few years ago on Ann Coulter said her purpose in life is) . Don’t let it.

Rather, be proud. You’ve obviously got the attention of some big dogs. Which can only mean you’re doing something right.


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