There Are Days…

when you really wish you were wrong (or delusional).

During Barack Obama’s recent visit to Canberra, the Australian capital, a reporter happened upon a classified booklet containing security information about the presidential trip.

There’s a lot more about that in the article. Essentially, someone dropped this booklet that said where and when he would be during the entire trip.

Mr. Ortega’s behavior and the age at which it appears to have begun to suggest that he has “a textbook case” of schizophrenia, said Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, who researches the disease and is the founder of the Treatment Advocacy Center in Arlington, Va.

This Torrey f***er is almost certainly in CIA’s or DOD’s pocket. There is a long history of it. See details of Frank Olson’s final trip to NYC. See details of of the MKULTRA program where testimony reveals that Congress and CIA agreed publicly to keep the names of the eighty involved institutions out of the news.

Eighty institutions meant hundreds or more of people involved. I expect it’s very lucrative drawing a paycheck from your direct employer and getting extras from a government source in some manner (even if it’s just funding to the institution through cut-outs).

This is more or less how it was done in the mid 20th century including contractors to make it harder to connect the dots. Among the more humorous discoveries out of the hearings and documents I’ve noticed is how CIA tried to pin it all on DOD and DOD said, “We just handled the money and on occasion observed.” They didn’t hold anyone accountable and now we are in deep, deep s***.

The defendant, Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, is described by The Times as having started acting very, very strange only recently:

The family reported Mr. Ortega missing on Oct. 31, eight days after he left on what he said was a vacation to Utah; instead, it was a trip to the East Coast. His family never heard from him, and still has not.

Family members and others said that while Mr. Ortega was behaving increasingly strangely — he read a 45-minute speech at his 21st birthday party in October that veered from supporting marijuana legalization to detailing the threat of secret societies to expressing frustration with American foreign policy in oil-producing countries — he never seemed violent.

A very familiar story as of late. Let’s recall, this research was referred to as ‘behavior modification’ for a reason. That Sidney Gottlieb was said to have testified in closed session that the research was mostly useless means nothing. He was a noted liar who believed that somehow he was actually helping his country, when clearly the end goal was to shape the political landscape in defiance of democracy.

St Elizabeth’s is especially interesting for its strong connections to the military, intelligence agencies, and historical association with mind control experiments.


That smell is someone’s ass.

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