A Name for the Pain

Document on “organized stalking.” Some hilariously familiar stuff in there. Includes info on the tech and how the gooberment refuses to even acknowledge the problem. Now that the reason is clear (inducing mass hysteria for profit and power, increase in violent crimes, assassination and terror by proxy) I wonder if that will change.

Haven’t had the chance to pore over all of yet. The Frey effect, microwave auditory effect, etc. is known at V2K (voice-to-skull) by the US Army. Amazing to me that this tech is still not covered much by news and science mags given it’s age (they explain how it was successfully tested on the campus of the University of Utah in 1974).

There are also details on the use of microwaves as a weapon. Kinda makes you rethink things when people like Hitchens and Jobs die of cancer. (Jobs was noted for only donating to democrats and the social engineering aspect of removing a brain like Hitchens’ from the discourse is obvious). Also mentions how it can f*** with your memory which must make it a favorite of people who want witnesses to forget what they saw.

Of course it’s also incredibly f***ing dumb to draw attention to what a witness saw, isn’t it? Practically oxymoronic.


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