Fun with Synthetic Telepathy and More

“He’s going to eat your lunch.”

Yes. Yes, he f***ing well is.

That’s actually an old one, but it’s been stuck in there for a while and you know I do have fun now and again. Today was a busy day, lots of letter writing.

Also, wanted to touch on an important topic with regards to the structure of intelligence organizations. It’s called compartmentation. Essentially, it’s the “need to know” thing that we’re all familiar with. It’s even discussed in open session in the Church hearings.

What it means is, we have people who, for example, are experts on particular subjects and use that expertise to accomplish desirable effects and prevent undesirable ones. To these people, their organization is likely closer to what we see on TV. People who genuinely care about their country and protecting civilians from harm (as well as protecting business interests which we all depend on–food, energy, etc.).

Elsewhere you have another group of folks who are doing some things that so closely resemble what the folks in the previous paragraph are trying to prevent, it would make the former cringe to know what the latter are up to.

It also means they can do limited handouts, where they reveal a smaller operation in order to protect a larger one or its sister projects (According to Albarelli, this happened with MKULTRA–it was actually not the largest part but was pushed forward to placate the younger agents, the public, and Congress and probably ARTICHOKE and/or MKDELTA were the bigger portions).

That’s fairly close to what happened when Schlesinger sent out his memo requesting the details that became the CIA family jewels. The younger (and less cynical) complained up the chain. They intended to spend their careers there and did not want to be involved in activities that are so contrary to what we proclaim to hold dear that they told their superiors that it needed to be addressed.

But what it also means, in terms of analysis, psycholgical profile, with a little metaphor (or poetry thrown in) is that CIA, for example, is schizophrenic. It has MPD.

Similarly, you have that with the intel community as a whole. Besides the obvious “one person’s POI is another person’s informant” and running the drug business to fund ops while fighting it to protect life and property, there’s now the fact that some are trying to inflame dissent and terrorize while others are running around trying to stop, catch and incarcerate the mind-altered proxies who are carrying out the goals of the former.

In closing, I wanted to say that I have some real reservations about Julian Assange’s alleged UFO documents. If I am correct (and I am) that Manning was set up, this means that the people in the Pentagon responsible for the op meant for all of that to be leaked. (I also remind the reader that I donated money to Wikileaks for reasons I cannot explain apart from being extremely sleep-deprived and the subject of V2K and other crap and that this was January or February of 2010…well before Manning and Assange became household names or any of that was news). It would also mean that they intended for that to get out and that implies it’s (in the words of FBI investigators regarding the Majestic-12 phony story), totally bogus. It’s a disinfo campaign to distract from the real culprits and the real problems of perpetual war and paranoid security fetishists and those who profit from same (Wall Street, legislators and the contractors).


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