More on General Michael Hayden (Updated)

As you might have noticed, there’s an old pattern at work. A government agency begins an illegal activity and then, later, points to an event that occurred after the activity started as an excuse for the implied “one time exception.” 9-11 is the scapegoat for much of this. MKULTRA and its ilk were blamed on the Soviets (even though the research came from the Germans who surrendered to the US), the monitoring of journalists and people like Jane Fonda started before the Huston Plan was even drafted but they tried to use that as a scapegoat.

Similarly, the warrantless wiretapping by NSA of American citizens began in the Spring of 2001, and not after 9-11 as General Michael Hayden told reporters. It did expand after 9-11 (but then so did harassing American citizens by the majority of the members of the intelligence community).

Additionally, I’m reasonably certain that Hayden went to work for a Blackwater subsidiary at some point. There is no trace of that on the Internet that I can find. Still, it’s was “sweet” of him, in light of SOPA, to suggest that we needed a company to “protect the Internet” like the one that has it’s owner and founder hiding in a country with no extradition to the US.

These people continue to rip off the American tax payer and harass and destroy anyone who dares question any of it. It’s also clear: how many ways could 9-11 have been prevented? Lots and lots. Each one interfered with by various parties.

Also, the article regarding former-CIA-turned-Blackwater-boardmember Buzzy Krongard’s former trading company shortselling airline stock and cashing in on terror and American deaths has disappeared from the Internet even though it was there the first time I linked to Krongard at

The desire for SOPA and the NDAA are clearly to prevent the sad truth from getting out on these crimes as well as NKINTRA.

(Fixed Krongard link).


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