V2K (More Examples)

• Former New Jersey Shakespeare Festival intern K*** M***** while in her rental car on the way to Missouri in early 1990. She later said, after leaving me at a gas station in Ohio, that her dead father’s ghost told her I was going to harm her that night. Earlier that same evening in the car, on the radio sports news it was announced, “The Angels beat the Devils.” Even I laughed at that, though it clearly had a deeper meaning to her, that she thought was real. Again, possibly the effect of ETX or a similar drug. She later wound up writing the FBI and two White Houses about her organized stalking experience that clearly relates to today’s problem. That President Clinton later apologized to the victims of MKULTRA and similar programs would seem to lend credence to her claims.

• Various people in the first three months of 2010 mentioning “Aqualung,” mostly at a bar in NYC that I believe to have been an Army Intelligence front based on the background of one of the owners, what I experienced there, and what two people noted about the place (“something odd”). It’s my belief that this particular meme was aimed at someone else, that they intended for me to pass it on to him. That song meant little to me, though a former roommate from college was fond of it. That, in turn, meant little to me. (Though I noted the strangest bloggy thing I ran across at the time by someone called “oceanblue”–which may have had a number after it–describing some deep sea diving that I have never engaged in).

• As I noted before, my former boss said things he later did not recall saying and ascribed things to me that I never said as far as I can recall. There’s the possibility of additional tech at work there. See the StopOS.info regaring the effects of microwaves. Memory loss can be one of them. Coupled with “hypnotic suggestion” from V2K (also sometimes referred to as V2S, voice-to-skull), I think that’s possible. (And again, DLA Piper, where former CIA turned Blackwater exec Buzzy Krongard wound up, was a big client).

• The friend who handed me a copy of Blindsight, told me about g-neural (electronic mind control of some sort, don’t recall the details), the sunglasses and chalk disinfo, and, had I not defused the situation, might have helped to screw my life up royally shortly after I left the NJSF. Instead, we had a long friendship.

• Former boyfriend/roommate’s additional claim (that he later did not recall making) that “they wanted [him] to spy on Al Gore but [he] refused.” He had many more, in fact it became quite the hobby noting them all. Many aimed to upset and to undermine confidence.

There was one that was particularly hilarious, though. One could practically feel the frustration of the a**hole(s) on the other end of the device when he out of the blue asked a question:

“What are you?”

“Um. What?”

“Are you a writer? A political activist? A historian? A conspiracy theorist? What the f*** are you?!?”

I had to leave the room before he saw me guffawing. It’s those moments that you know you are going to eventually win. These people suck in more than one way. Stubborn, sometimes clever, and absolutely vicious, but in another way, dumber than s***.

He also, as I stated elsewhere, claimed I tried to choke him. (He was wearing his work tie and I pushed him when he got too physical and too close during one of his tirades {so much for the guilt-trip theory}. There was no choking). That should mean something to a particular person (*******) but some days even I am not that optimistic.

• As also noted on this blog, the last holdout on the squidgate trial, on the same f***ing day one year later as the incident that brought her to the jury for the trial she served on, found herself and her son in legal jeopardy when a schoolmate of her son glued fur to his face, committed several robberies, and later said that the woman and her son “made” him do it. They are still in legal jeopardy until the statute or time to prosecute runs out. I referred to this as the “Great Werewolf Robbery of Port Huron.” What is even more bizarre than the boy’s claims is that St. Clair County officials seem to have taken his claim seriously. Regular people do not have this technology. CIA and DOD do.

• After they revealed via V2K that they used V2K (and some social engineering i gather) to drive five young gay men to suicide in rapid succession (and I got to the point I could almost acknowledge that they did that in August or so), they spent some considerable effort trying to brainwash me into going to DC and self-immolating in front of Capitol Hill in order to see if the representatives I’ve written about various aspects of this issue would take me seriously. As I stated on this blog on October 15, 2011, I talked myself out of it. It wasn’t easy. (Did I mention I consider that to be murder and attempted murder? I do.)

Sometimes just recalling and putting these events down to writing is as traumatic as when they happened. I’m sure the CIA and DOD psychologists are aware of that reaction from their test subjects and the desire then to try to avoid it altogether.

Here’s another reaction:

“F*** you, Cynthia.”


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