Manufacturing the Apocalypse

Two stories interestingly timed (and more).

First, the inspiration for Hitchcock’s The Birds was quite possibly the mysterious deaths of seagulls in 1961. The mystery was only recently believed to have been solved, the result of toxin-producing algae. (Article is dated December 30, 2011).

This is interesting because of the many crop and area tests that were also done by CIA and DOD that were listed as defensive studies but actually were as much about finding offensive uses for various biological and chemical substances in the–you guessed it!–60s.

Two days after the article was published as many as 5,000 blackbirds fell from the sky and died as well as mass deaths of 100,000 fish. See TIME Newsfeed for more.

No way of knowing for certain, but it would tend to convince the 2012 crowd, the Apocalypse crowd and the yellow-stained-underwear-wearing politicians that something is up that only the people who were capable of pulling it off could fix. So throw those SOBs more money and get someone that CIA/DOD’s “god” approves of..

(Bonus: Even Thom Hartmann jokes it involved aliens. Scroll down for the space avian paragraph.)

And then there was this from November 6th:

…but the bordering on something out of Hitchcock flock of blackbirds I witnessed moments ago (that simply would not abate until I whipped out my camera several minutes after it began…

This is the 2012 version of the Iran Hostage ‘miracle’ that solidified Reagan’s power after a landslide except Romney is being set up as the ‘savior’. Between Santorum’s “rising from the bottom” and “hard to swallow” (both stated on the CIA-News-Network) the plan couldn’t be clearer.

But can they make horses eat each other? Birds fly upside down? Dogs and cats live together? Mass hysteria…


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