Barney Fife Get a Decoder Ring

Website (NYPD Confidential) that refutes Bloomberg’s and Kelly’s deceptions with regards to NYPD’s (with the aid of former CIA personnel) spying on NYC Muslims. I think this part sums up the efforts of the whole goddam intel community nicely:

In trying to save us from the next 9/11, the spying appears to have corralled misguided losers who lack the brains or willpower to plot terrorist acts without the heavy hand of well-financed NYPD informants.

Head over to History Commons and read some of the news reports compiled with regards to the lead up to 9/11 and see if you think something isn’t completely f***ing backwards. We had a real terror plot brewing then and everything was done humanly possible to prevent it from being prevented. Now we have police and (as has been pointed out–here’s to hoping they’re mending their ways if for no other reason than caring about their image * ) FBI planning terror plots using the mentally challenged.

There really is no other way to look at it than the following with regards to most of the community:

1) Funding by appearing to be effective against what appear to be primarily “straw man” threats;
2) Contracts for the private sector who support and sometimes even perform the primary duties related to counter-terrorism (see link at right to the press releases at Cryptome for 175 CIA subconctractors designed to push their stock prices up);
3) Wall Street trading on said private companies at tax payers’ expense (see same);
4) Continual terrorizing of American citizens so they will continue to ignore getting ripped off and losing their civil liberties (to make the rip-offs easier in the future) by the same private entities and Wall Street who have bought and paid for the public servants who are supposed to be protecting us from all of the above;
5) All of which further funds the propaganda machine (how many f***ing TV shows do we need that are the modern day equivalent of Dirty Harry, set in a fictional world where all criminals are smalltime hoods and crazed Muslims instead of the one’s who roam the halls of power, steal elections and systematically rob indiscriminately?) that sells us war and advertises the golden opportunity to spy on one’s fellow citizens, to beat and pepper-spray them, to wreck their lives so as to feel important. Righteous anger directed at defenseless targets: we Americans love that more than apple pie and Jesus.

* Of course, none of that is as disgusting as what the rest of the family has been up to (see the previous two posts). 200 FBI agents reported mistreatment of detainees at Guantanamo up the chain, it was recently reported. Nothing has been done about it. It’s easy to see why people inside become cynical and just join the crooks.


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