I have on occasion covered some of this same ground previously on this blog. I’ve read over some of that and found it to be somewhat cryptic and difficult to read. (Having been drugged and skullf***ed as I have been will tend to do that to your communication skills). This is an effort to try to explain some of what went on in the interests of getting to the truth.

As you’ll see, there was an interest in setting me off against S****. As you can also see, that effort failed.

In addition to the bizarre events I’ve detailed below, I recently went to the bank to see about getting a short-term loan and was told that my credit rating was “unavailable.” Besides the obvious–this prevents certain actions and inhibits mobility–it is another indicator of being on burn notice (that is, having been a covert operative who is now considered a problem and therefore gets stuck in some place like Minneapolis until they can scuttle your brain, drive you to suicide, or get you in prison where you can be shivved at their leisure or they can fake a self-hanging).

Except, of course, I don’t believe that I am a former covert operative. I think it possible that this was a way of dealing with a test subject. It’s kind of like not being an employee, but rather the property of these c***suckers. I can imagine some of the legal wrangling that must have gone on, “What do we do with our malfunctioning flesh robot?”

Besides Ed, there was also Anthony Gipe as connection to the US Navy where my “journey” was concerned. Gipe was a former Navy translator of Russian who attached himself to my group of friends in Indianapolis at GenCon in August of 2006. That weekend was the first time I recall feeling the euphoria (see MKUKTRA Materials and Methods #11 in the back of the 1977 Joint Senate Hearings, substances which will produce euphoria) and link to The CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception at right). That weekend was also the first and only time I considered cheating on my partner. It’s difficult to describe how that came to be. Sort of like being drunk without the loss of motor function. You feel as though your actions cannot possibly have any negative consequences as if you’re in a movie or on a reality TV show.

And then there was that admiral who authorized the use of ETX on detainees to enhance interrogation.

This one is about the Navy, Naval intelligence, or the Navy’s influence on the CIA or vice versa, or some combination of those things.


In late July of 2010, I decided to go see if I couldn’t get involved with a film festival I saw advertised on Craig’s list, MNKINO.

This particular event was simple: create a film that runs under five minutes from start to finish in 24 hours. The theme was “dance.”

While driving around, we had a conversation that turned to some recent article on cognition. I mentioned the theory that the unconscious mind decides what’s going to happen and leaves consciousness hanging as to why. Consciousness then happily offers up reasons that may or may not have a single thing to do with why Unconscious decided on a particular course of action. It’s just guessing.

This also aligns decently with the neurochemical model of personality. That is, we are who our brain chemistry tells us we are.

We went shopping for some props. At the last stop, since we were just looking for one item, I decided to stay out by the car. When the rest of the team returned, Ed, Andy and Scott, they had picked up one of those dancing monkey toys.

I laughed. There was an immediate connection, given the intense harassment, drugging, and the connection of “monkey” with S****.

(But in retrospect, I have to think that connection, being as tenuous as it seems, was aided by V2S. Read on.)

When we were nearly on location, Ed pointed to the “witch tower” in Prospect Park just a bit further down the road toward St. Paul on University Avenue. When we got out of the car, he told me something I did not know before moving to Minneapolis: that tower was believed to be the inspiration for Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower.”

If you aren’t clear on the significance of the song to me, well, I made two attempts at writing comic books and both were interfered with by parties unknown (intimidation for the first, then the robbery of my local comic store for the second along with the s***storm that preceded and followed the Squidagate events: in essence, the contents of this blog) and the song, among others, is featured in both the graphic novel and the film Watchmen. Then there was that seemingly innocuous comment by the US border guard on the way to the Squidgate trial. And there was even two comments I left on two other people’s blogs in relation to the events surrounding Squidgate (the first about “prophecy[ing] with [one’s] pen” about another Dylan song also in Watchmen, the other about Hendrix’s cover of the Dylan song in question). If that’s not enough, there was the later conversation with a man who does security at a megachurch (in other words, he’s a security contractor) who mentioned Hibbing (Dylan’s hometown as well as a password for a website I worked on). I had always assumed the song was somehow connected to Vietnam and did not recall that Dylan was from Minneaota.

Ed, like Walter and Dan the FBI informants pretending to be ecoterrorists, seemed to know more about me than he ought. Or, rather, seemed to know more disinfo than he ought.

The shoot went smoothly enough. After we returned to start editing, we had further conversation. Among the things he said:

Asked me to read aloud a one paragraph blurb about the old British TV show The Prisoner (for some really mindbendy fun see the remake miniseries). He laughed loudly when I got to the paragraph’s punchline: “Be seeing you!” Also a favorite quotation of my former employer in NYC when we departed in the evening after work. This was my first real indication that I might have been mistaken for a former spook and on burn notice.

Ed also said that the plot (hardly obvious) of the film we just shot was a young spy trying to get an older one to play the game. For some reason, the older one won’t. I did not see that coming.

He broached the subject of the intelligence community in general. I replied that it was largely private nowadays. I think I was acknowledging being a former member. (Hey, when you don’t know what the f*** is going on, you sometimes go along to try to find out).

He mentioned that atheism was historically often equated with communism. (Though I think it was more the other way around. Even Marx agreed on that, “opiate of the masses” and all. But there was little reason to mention it, I don’t think I brought up Squidgate at all).

That “Captain America” (see again my twice-failed comic book writing career) fought both fascists and communists.

He mentioned an event where two sailors (don’t recall if it was the aircraft carrier or ship Ed was stationed on or another) tried to start WWIII by firing on a Soviet MiG. He said that their CO spent ten to fifteen minutes reading them the riot act and that the duo did not “have those thoughts again.” (An interesting way to put it). I suggested that ten or fifteen minutes was practically an eternity for the military, where typically orders are given and expected to be followed without question. Ed seemed to agree.

Ed, toward the end of the editing process, brought up Three Penny Opera while we were discussing music for the end credits. Ed suggested, and we went with, “Pop Goes the Weasel.” I trust that selection does not require too much imagination to see how it could refer to a double meaning. If that doesn’t convince you, Ed discussed the details of the musical: a last-minute reprieve for a murderer via a pardon from the local ruler. (You can view the film here).

Now, see the post here. This is first and foremost how spooks communicate in public. It prevents others from understating what is really being discussed or, even if someone figures it out, they have plausible deniability. “No, when we said ‘banana’ we meant ‘banana.’ Rocket launcher? Wha? I don’t even…” In acting, we refer to this as subtext. You may also recall more recent bizarre missive that has been the subject of a lot of speculation.

So what was really being implied here? That if I would just kill S**** then all this harassment would go away, I’d be off of burn notice…free!

Except I didn’t believe that. Didn’t fit. Something smelled fishy.

That we seemed to be at each others’ throats in our little net war was more evidence that this was what they were really trying to arrange: the removal of two people who were the subjects of human experimentation. Witnesses.

What it also fits with is what I’ve already stated here about Watergate: insubordination on the part of some brass due to disagreement over foreign policy and the budgeting implications of same. Which would also seem to fit with what Seymour Hersh has been saying, as incredible as it sounds to people who get their view of the world from CNN and FOX.

That, and one failed attempt to get me to go back to Minneapolis are where things currently stand.


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