In Between

“We’ll… interface with the FBI on this dead body.”

“No, no. God no. We don’t need those idiots f***ing everything up.”


Just some early morning filler in between (and more evidence of attempting to get me to hunt down S****) entries.

Wednesday December 23 2009 05:31 AM
“ A very Happy Christmas , and a very good New Year  ”

A deleted ***** account wishing someone a very early morning holiday wish just an hour or two (or moments…time zone?) after the Conway’s fire. Along with V2S prompting, how might that look?


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  1. […] that someone had left the Internet persona I suspected to be my old friend from the NJSF a message. It was timestamped approximately two hours after Kate’s fire on December 23, 2009. It said som… (I copied and pasted the text of the message at Pete’s blog along with a comment about […]

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