MKULTRA 01 – Substances Which Will Promote Illogical Thinking

First in a not yet complete list of what the historical record says CIA and DOD were up to with MKULTRA and other programs. You may have noted that some posts on this blog have a tag with a number followed by a phrase. That is to indicate where it came from and the bizarre similarity between events I witnessed or have read about in the news and the research that happened in these programs. I will also expand the list to contain other programs such as MHCHAOS, the program to try to link the peace movement to foreign powers, which largely consisted of spying on Americans in order to discredit the movement and its members.

From the publication (Stock No. 052-070-04357-1) “Joint Hearing Before the Select Committee on Intelligence…United States Senate,” August 3, 1977, into “Project MKULTRA, the CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification,” page 123, draft memorandum dated May 5, 1955:


1. Substances which will promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public.

A number of the events on this blog fall into this category when you come down to it. Sometimes it was me, sometimes other people.

The illuminati conspiracy and similar conspiracy theories also fall into this category. I recall a humorous episode of the X-Files with Michael McKean as a MiB. He was reading a yellow journalism, National Enquirer-style mag and laughing at all the stuff they had planted to throw people off of the track of the truth. While I think that Chris Carter and company were on to something, the “truth” in the show was the Alien conspiracy. I’m saying it’s just plain old fashioned greed coupled with fear of allowing Joe Citizen being given the freedom to decide for himself what to buy, where to worship (if at all), to decide instead of Exxon-Mobil and the Pentagon whether or not we should wage a war, etc. and technology that is closely watched while being developed by institutions of higher learning and corporate laboratories. Causing people to think that it’s “too advanced” to be that made by earthlings has a great deal to do with: A lack of interest on the part of the layman for this kind of tech; conservative disdain for education and how that movement has managed to sow distrust between conservative citizens and academia; distractions like Islamophobia and empty non-news like “the balloon boy” (literally empty!); black ops to crush people who notice and–for example–put it in fiction; and corporate control of the could-it-possblibly-be-dumbed-down-any-further-and-more-shallow mass media.

G. Gordon Liddy talked openly about how they (CREEP) planned to put LSD on the steering wheel of at least one reporter and a US congressman to discredit them in the coverup of Watergate (and possibly other issues of policy, it’s been a while since I read the articles and heard the interviews about that). He even toured colleges with Timothy Leary (Liddy had also been part of the War on Drugs, which is ironic since LSD was invented by the Swiss company Sandoz and they ordered large quantities of it; that’s the story where the connection between the legal and illegal drug trade meet: some of the larger pharmaceutical companies made their fortunes off of illegal drugs according to some sources).

Additionally, when you, for example, dose detainees with something like ETX and proceed to torture them (that loud music story we heard about combined with that drug or others like it is torture, no question) you can “persuade” them to provide false intelligence so you can justify wars, private contracts, and the erosion of civil liberties. I point specifically to Dick Cheney’s public request that the Obama administration release only specific pages of the documents that contained intel obtained by torture. He knew some of the rest would undermine the illegal steps they took, but that those few pages, taken out of context, would help to make it seem like torture works. It does, if, as with pre-invasion intel, you’ve already made up your mind what the truth is and just want someone in enough pain or intimidated enough to say what you want to them to in order to justify it. That, and the personal enjoyment of the lower-level people who have forgotten what it means to be a human being (like the necro-urinators being discussed in the news this week) are the only things torture is good for. You inflict enough pain and you can “prove” anything because the person in pain will generally say whatever it is that will stop the pain. This is a serious problem for national security because it means we don’t know what’s really happening; we’re being deluded and confused by propaganda-through-pain.

Those are just some of the uses that the criminals in our government and the private contracting world can get out of item number one. To reiterate a theory I latched onto in 2010, the two original appearances of the Men in Black were in 1947 and 1949. Both times the actions of the strange, orange-skinned * men with sunglasses being retold by people who thought they had seen an alien spacecraft but had actually seen a prototype of the U2 spyplane (first recorded flight, 1955), would be discredited. This might not only cause any Soviet spies to ignore the story but also the American people. To believe it was aliens and not our own government’s toy in the sky, kept their project from being discovered.

In my case, I had ‘Balding’ running around in a bright orange down coat and a furry Russian hat (what are those things called? You’d think dating a clothing designer for seven months I’d have picked that up) coupled with whatever ETX-like drug I was being slipped. (Again, see the link to the CIA manual at right as to how that could have been done in the mid-20th Century knowing it’s only easier now).

The reason wasn’t national security, it was the opposite, that some people are playing loose and fast with the Constitution and are cooking the books for political and financial gain by creating fear, terror, and a false narrative.

Balding was just one example. There were lots of people walking by with primary colored hoodies, that weird man who spit towards the church on my street and made other strange, dramatic gestures in Brooklyn in December 2009 or January 2010. Then there was the “joker” who was laughing and dancing until he (or an accomplice) saw my partner was also standing on the balcony with me. Of course, they wasted no time in peppering his head via V2K with the idea that this guy was simply “cold”. (Really, not exaggerating, dancing and hopping up and down and giggling more like Frank Gorshin in the old Batman 60s show, so more like the Riddler I suppose. Comic book writer, remember? Would make it seem like I’d simply become disconnected with reality, wouldn’t it?). There was the noise coming from the apartment above that kept me from sleeping (that was in Brooklyn before it was in Minneapolis and someone else complained about the same from me. Nevertheless, Anthony and his roommate who moved into the apartment above me in Brooklyn seemed to be operatives. There was a lot more where they were concerned and Balding at one point seemed to be checking up on them).

Now, apart from the reasons I’ve listed, what legitimate use did that research item have? I’m coming up blank. Discrediting one foreign leader in favor of another, I suppose, if you think we ought to be doing that.

* The Wizard of Oz (1939) had a man with silver skin. “Omygod…he must be an alien or an android!” That silver makeup early killed Jed Klampett and Barnaby Jones, IIRC. 😉



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