New Links

Added some new links at the side. Four new law-related:

1) The FBI’s blurb about Conspiracy Against Rights in the hopes they may one day read it;

2) As well as the Department of Justice’s longer explanation of what they purport to do…or did…;

3) The Nuremberg Code – Referenced in one human experimentation-related lawsuit that made it to the USSC (from the National Institute of Health’s website);

4) The code explaining what Sedition or Mutiny is, how even someone who is not involved but fails to report it is still guilty of it and what the penalty is. (from the Cornell law school’s website).

Also added a link to a book by Glenn L. Carle who was a CIA interrogator who discovered just how bad the intel was when they had him interrogate someone who was not what they said he was:

As Carle’s interrogation sessions progressed though, he began to seriously doubt the operation. Was this man, kidnapped in the Middle East, really the senior al-Qa’ida official the CIA believed he was? Headquarters viewed Carle’s misgivings as naïve troublemaking. Carle found himself isolated, progressively at odds with his institution and his orders. He struggled over how far to push the interrogation, wrestling with whether his actions constituted torture, and with what defined his real duty to his country.

That’s about as clear an indication as any that it’s not about getting to the truth but about faking intelligence around greed as I’ve seen (besides all the other ones).


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