The Not-So-Great Pretenders

In the 60s there was a Joint Chief’s plan to fake terror attacks in US cities including acceptable loss of citizen life in order to justify invading Cuba. This is from documents released and kept over at the National Security Archives. Here’s the ABC News article from May 1, 2001 covering the release of the documents.

Yet another probable reason that Cheney went bizzocko on re-classifying old documents and had NSA change history on the false-flag attack that lead to the invasion of Vietnam.

If that’s not quite enough to raise the question for you, then explain why Blackwater / Xe / Academi releases comminiques coming from “an affiliate of Al Qaeda”.

And let’s not forget painting “UN” on the side of a plane and daring Iraq to shoot at it.



  1. […] Read more… […]

  2. […] That’s the purpose: hypnotize someone into doing whatever, spying, sabotage, shooting, and keep your own hands clean because there is nothing but the long-dissipated waves connecting you to the crime. It’s another form of false-flag attack. […]

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