Cynthia the Pedo-Pimp

It’s the story of two losers who got caught with six kids who weren’t theirs. Tallahassee police and Washington DC Metro PD investigated. FBI investigated. Customs got involved because the kids said they were all going to a Mexican school for “smart kids.”

Now, the problem here is that some conspiracy theorists have the reasons all wrong (a grand government conspiracy to serve American politicians who are all pedophiles). Probably that is the result of disinformation. No, the real reason is obvious, or should be.

The keys here are two things: first, the two men are entirely incapable of shipping children via “high tech transfer to the United Kingdom” without help. Second, the fact that the kids are going overseas makes it fairly clear where they wound up. Out of the interests of protecting our economy, I won’t say where within the confines of this post.

And check out how the investigation ended. Hysterical, isn’t it? No way that CIA doesn’t know the whole story here, though most likely because it’s their op.

This is one that even I, after the multitude of subhuman depravity I’d witnessed personally, by second hand account, and viewing the historical record really could not believe.

Sure, CIA being the world’s largest drug cartel, ok. Torture and faking terrorism for profit and power, well that’s what they do.

But playing pedophile pimp to people just because they are wealthy via world energy supply and inbred due to being rather insular (as royalty sometimes is), well, that takes the cake.

Is there really any function that CIA performs that couldn’t be off-loaded elsewhere without the fascism, the torture, the Constitution-hatred, the drug dealing, the murdering of whistleblowers, the treatment of human beings as lab rats and slaves *, and, now, the kidnapping of poor children for purposes of keeping Middle Eastern a**holes happy diddling them?

Really, what’s to love?

You can find the entire FOIA document here.

And to think I could have been wasting my time on writing comic books or short stories. This is far more fun. More gratifying.

That’s CIA torture and FBI/DHS counter-intel harassment for you. Helps you to realize what’s really important. Maybe they’ll burn down someone else’s house, murder their dog, destroy their life, and make Nobel winners out of the victim (assuming they target someone with talent next time).

* Which is probably where the kids wind up once they’re too old (you know, eleven), as CIA prostitutes or other slave uses.



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