Even Even More Links

Added The Rolling Stone article on the Lt. General William Caldwell’s pressuring of the Army’s psy-ops team in Kabul to target visiting dignitaries including Sens. McCain, Franken, Lieberman, Jack Reed, and Levin. Also how the whistleblower in this case was railroaded by US Army investigators. Also, a photograph of the three-star s***head.

These people, these war profiteers, are responsible for more deaths than anyone, yet they try to pin it on Bradley Manning and Julian Assange. Incredible how shameless these people are in sending Americans off to die and kill so that Lockheed-Martin, Halliburton, Exxon-Mobil, Blackwater, their ilk, and the people who love them on Wall Street can make a few bucks. Those pushing for all out war in Iran should be ashamed of themselves, but sociopaths rarely are. How many American lives is that worth? I expect they would say all of them if one could get them to be truthful.


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