MKULTRA 06-Materials Which Will Render the Induction of Hypnosis Easier

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6. Materials which will render the induction of hypnosis easier or otherwise enhance its usefulness.

Really, I don’t have a lot to say about this subject, because, well, if it was done to me I wouldn’t remember it, would I? That’s part of the point in creating proxy criminals, you don’t want them saying who it was set them on whatever path of mayhem you set them to.

There was that weird “feeling” of having a gun to my head I detailed over here. Since I don’t believe in voodoo (no, not even voodoo economics), that’s my best guess as to how it was done. Voice-to-skull fills in nicely for those sixteen hour tape recordings that Ewan Cameron used when he, for example, reduced an eighteen year old girl to the mental capacity of a toddler.

Similarly, there was K*** M*****’s belief that she was hearing from her dead father’s ghost. A very similar story to that is that of Dan Markingson and the tragically named Dr. Charles Schulz of the University of Minnesota:

Only a year before, Dan Markingson had seemed perfectly normal. But his latest letter from Los Angeles suggested a troubled mind.

He claimed he was about to become famous. He was at a crossroads in his life, and would soon have more free time. He even had a big movie premiere in the works.

“I knew then that something was wrong,” says Weiss. “I knew that there wasn’t a premiere, and when he said he was going to have a lot more free time, I thought he was quitting his job.”

Weiss immediately jumped in her car and drove to California. When she arrived, she found her son far worse off than she’d feared. He was talking nonsense and couldn’t be reasoned with.

Weiss tried to convince Markingson to come back to Minnesota, where she could look after him. But he had a stipulation: He would only return home if his dead grandmother Daisy told him to.

So you’ve got an actor in Hollywood * who’s brain has been scuttled in less than a year. He comes home to Minneapolis and the care of a University of Minnesota ** psychiatrist. Once there, he is put on a controversial drug that doesn’t seem to help him at all and he commits suicide.

Oscar Ortega-Hernandez thought he was on a mission from God.

Where do these strange ideas come from?

How about “Harold”, shooter of Ronni Chasen (a well-known, well-liked personage in Hollywood)? He talked to neighbors about getting a $10,000 fee for shooting the woman, but no evidence has been found as far as we know that anyone ever told him that in person. Use a drug to soften someone up, then voice-to-skull the instructions along with a reward and you’ve got yourself an assassin.

Who would do that and why? See the first note below.

Then you have the people I listed in the V2K post here, the Unabomber Ted Kacynski, Bruce Ivins, and of course Jared Lee Loughner.

That’s the purpose: hypnotize someone into doing whatever, spying, sabotage, shooting, and keep your own hands clean because there is nothing but the long-dissipated waves connecting you to the crime. It’s another form of false-flag attack.

So what we’re talking about is the either the cause of the onset of mental illness or something else that softens the will up for suggestion followed up with the suggestions via disembodied voices. If one is without one’s faculties for logic and is unaware of the technology, the voice is going to carry a lot more weight when it imposes its will upon the target.

If ETX causes sensory overload, then maybe it also makes suggestions “stronger”.

* Which, as I and others have been saying, has way too much CIA and DOD influence over it largely for purposes of propaganda but also to keep the liberals and progressives out there in line with what the military industrial complex and those special business interest want.

** Which, as I’ve also said is rumored to be one of the top DOD-funded (and therefore CIA-funded) universities for military research in the nation. As I said on this blog before, I met a pre-med student who was working with a team there on a drug to prevent bleeding to death.



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