More About CIA Sending Four Year Olds Off to be Buttf***ed

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There is a thriving industry of international child sex slavery within the United States. It has gone unabated for decades covered up by the assertiveness of Washington lobbyists representing the perpetrating countries, especially Saudi Arabia. Saudi princes are the high end buyers in the US child sex slave market and demand the best product.

Just think about it. CIA sends toddlers off to get molested by the relatives of Osama Bin Laden (who they say was responsible for 9-11 and not the fact that they stopped every attempt to prevent it, short-sold airline stock) because they are run by Big Oil. Really, do you need to know anything else to know it’s time to shut that thing down permanently?

Then there’s Top Secret America member Dyncorp pimping 8 to 15 year old boys to be raped in Afghanistan and 12+ year old girls in Bosnia.

Really, if the CIA and DOD aren’t the leading causes of suffering and misery in the world, what the f*** is?

You can also see the real reason that the government is after Wikileaks: it embarrassed the inbreds.

The US State Department in their human rights report have justified Saud family’s (child sex) slavery by saying:

”It is part of the Saud family culture deeply embedded within the mores and filches of the society”.

Yeah, has nothing to do with money. The main point: these people are such hypocrites. They will stand up and rail with righteous anger any point at all provided there’s a dime to be made. But when confronted with kidnapping American children and sending them off to be buggered by old oil sheiks, they make excuses. But if there’s a missing white blond girl (provided she isn’t a Saud slave), they are on the case!

Illegal bulls*** wars based on false intelligence, torture, human experimentation, drug dealing, false-flag terrorism, corporate cronyism; it’s all a sad joke between corrupt politicians and their corporate sugar daddies. There is no such thing as law here, just apologists and distractions.