Stratfor Mind Control Email

From The Telegraph – Stratfor Executive boasted of former CIA cronies

In an email from Dec 6 last year, [Stratfor CEO] Mr Friedman advised an analyst called Reva Bhalla on how to deal with an Israeli intelligence informant providing information on the medical condition of Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president.

“You have to take control of him. Control means financial, sexual or psychological control,” he wrote.

These are the people we pay to f*** us over. This is how they think. This is why the economy is in the s***ter. What a colossal waste of money. Makes you wish there actually was a real fiscal conservative in the race who wasn’t also okay with the age-old practice of shunning (or is that stoning?) minorities and gays because to prevent that and other examples of racism and bigotry is just “government interference.”

BONUS (from The Nation via The Atlantic):

“Stratfor is just The Economist a week later and a hundred times more expensive.”

(Guessing Friedman’s buddy Michael Dell wasn’t the only one outsourcing jobs overseas.)


While in college, between my separation and divorce, I had the privilege of working with, living near, and getting to know a very beautiful, sweet young lady named Ann who had been brought up Mormon.

She was distressed one day and walked across the street (we both lived in the grad student/married housing section though neither of us were grad students and at that point it was only a matter of time before I would be single again) to talk. We had done one of the vignettes in Neil Simon’s The Good Doctor (cue Groucho’s “Hello, Nurse!”).

It seems that two men from the Church had been by (again) to pressure her into going back. Her father, they said, was in Hell because she had left and would stay there until she returned.

Forgetting for a moment how horrifying a thing that is to say, the fact that you’d have to be nuts or think God a real sonuvabitch to be that way about things…it’s really about money, isn’t it? Power and influence through numbers, whether it’s people or cash. It’s all bastard-math.

Ann, wherever you are (and whether your name is spelled A-n-n-e…sorry I cannot recall), I hope you found what you were looking for instead of what the ghouls wanted your life to be.

Posthumous Baptism and Disrespect

NPR – LDS baptised WSJ journalist Daniel Pearl after his death

Boston Globe’s reporting on the story

How can you expect peace and tranquility when some people don’t even respect other religions (much less atheists)? Is this the kind of country we want?

Never mind that Pearl’s killer was, based on the color of his skin showing from under the glove, a white man. Never mind that Russian could be heard being spoken in the background in the tape of his murder.

No, let’s just blame some other radical group and expand that definition to anyone who is not “one of us.”

Extremists. They s*** on everything and everyone.

Pointing Out the Old Posts – Grammar as Weapon? (Updated)

This one, for example.

The article link I added over there from MotherJones.

Referenced article in The Guardian

Referenced article at Politico

Wrong about who precisely, probably wrong about how and why, but right about something despite being a rightwingnut.

And, of course, my search for movie times in Minneapolis gave me information in AZ that day. Could have sworn I uploaded that pic already, but it was missing.

That’s what Ian Fleming would have referred to as not a coincidence, but rather enemy action.

Update: now imagine there are people like him inside. Smarter, better equipped, and above (or below, depending how you look at it) being responsible for their actions because they also manufacture fear, paranoia, and divisiveness.

You know, like what happened to Bobby Fischer or that dude from A Beautiful Mind, John Nash. Anyone not aboard the Corporatist Express and having the mental capacity to see the moves on the chessboard get their brains scuttled.

How similar do Fischer and Ivins sound, for example? Kaczynski and Loughner? E. Fuller Torrey and Ewan Cameron? Dan Markingson and Stanley Milton Glickman?

Or for that matter Dick Nixon and Dick Cheney?

Strategic Forecasting

You may have read something about Anonymous getting ahold of Stratfor (a private intel company) emails regarding everything from Coca-Cola spying in PETA to DOW concerned over some pranksters who succeeded in a disinformation campaign against them.

( Democracy Now’s coverage )

It also shows that the Department of “Surprise, We Love F***ing the American People” Homeland Security, DIA, and if the promise of a Stratfor exec was true, access to a secret FBI investigation into PETA.

That’s right. Extend the list of economy-destroyers to include the rest of the intel community as well. Extend the reason that wages cannot keep up with the cost of living to DHS. Extend the causes of the erosion of American safety and security to the jackasses pretending to be protecting it.

Stratfor used to, I assume in an effort to attract customers, have a lot of public analysis on their website. For example, in the 1990s when I found their website and started visiting it regularly (yeah…yeah…I know…) they had one thing in particular that they were proud to predict. There were white papers on it. It was a done deal. It was going to happen, no question.

Except it didn’t. They had predicted that Communist China would fall by the year 2000. I figured they were just behind a bit, maybe 2002…2004…

Then the info was behind a sign-in for customers only.

Here it is, 2012. Wrong. Dead f***ing wrong.

These are the kinds of people providing intelligence to…everyone…

And we wonder why things get so screwed up? Why we keep making expensive mistakes that get thrown onto the middle class (who cannot catch a break because the banking industry is hoarding money like it’s the last bit of oxygen on the planet and therefore preventing any new industry from arising).

These people are boogeymen. They scare not only politicians and the public with their exaggerations in order to get more funding, they are also in the way of innovation and moving forward on the economy in every way by doing the same to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

Fire them all. Let them see what it’s like to struggle. Then we can keep a watch on them so that they don’t make any sudden moves.

Hersh is Right

NYTimes: Obama Administration Toughest on Whistleblowers. See Ashcroft’s bulls*** statement about how they (the Bush administration) would have been “hammered” for doing this.

Right. Torture, politicizing the US attorney system, un-Constitutional and illegal spying on Americans, illegal wars, lying about WMDs, treason, revealing of a CIA agent and the resulting destruction of a WMD tracking operation, attempting to tag Iraq with the fourth terrorist attack in the same month under W (anthrax after three planes), and profiting off of 9/11 (which Mr. Ashcroft’s consulting firm does).

Yeah, you guys got “hammered” for all of that. And you f***ing well did go after whistleblowers, that’s what Joe Wilson is, you facetious putz.

Also note lack of the word “torture” in the paragraph containing “enhanced interrogation” and “waterboarding.”

When are our “liberal media” going to pluck it’s head from its own ass and see what’s happening? Signs are everywhere.

You don’t have to be an Obama apologist (which I am not; if I’d wanted a moderate Republican president, I’d have voted for one) to see that the deeds are so far from the words that it’s beyond normal Washington dissembling. It’s someone else (e.g., these Dick Cheney fanclub nutbags in the Pentagon) calling the shots.

This is where we are, folks. It’s not even about the election. It’s about wresting control of our country back from military (and by extension their corporate pals’) control. Another election isn’t going to do that.

(This is what you get for waking me up at 2am).

Drones, Mercs, and Losing-is-More-Profitable, Oh My!

Tom Dispatch – The Arrival of the Warrior Corporation

War would now be fought not for or by the citizen, but quite literally for and by Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, KBR, DynCorp, Triple Canopy, and Blackwater (later Xe, even later Academi). Meanwhile, that citizen was to shudder at the thought of our terrorist enemies and then go on with normal life as if nothing whatsoever were happening. (“Get down to Disney World in Florida. Take your families and enjoy life the way we want it to be enjoyed,” was George W. Bush’s suggested response to the 9/11 attacks two weeks after they happened, with the “war on terror” already going on the books.)

Despite a paucity of real enemies of any substance, taxpayer dollars would pour into the coffers of the Pentagon and the military-industrial complex, as well as a new mini-homeland-security-industrial complex and a burgeoning intelligence-industrial complex, at levels unknown in the Cold War years. Lobbyists would be everywhere and the times would be the best, even when, in the war zones, things were going badly indeed.

Meanwhile, in those war zones, the Big Corporation would take over the humblest of soldierly roles — the peeling of potatoes, the cooking of meals, the building of bases and outposts, the delivery of mail — and it would take up the gun (and the bomb) as well. Soon enough, even the dying would be outsourced to corporate hirees. Occupied Iraq and Afghanistan would be flooded with tens of thousands of private contractors and hired guns, while military men trained in elite special operations units would find their big paydays by joining mercenary corporations doing similar work, often in the same war zones.

It was a remarkable racket. War and profit had long been connected in complicated ways, but seldom quite so straightforwardly. Now, win or lose on the battlefield, there would always be winners among the growing class of warrior corporations.

Stirring s*** up had obviously occurred to me. But losing as a strategy for making more money, for extending and expanding wars? Even at my lowest I just had not seen that as a possibility.

Lose, so you can just keep going indefinitely. I mean even I assumed there would eventually be the desire for cease-fire, just so they can go shoot up some place else and charge us for that, that the desire was for some semblance of stability if only to plunder natural resources.

Nope. That’s just how they sold it. It’s just about billing and bilking. F*** the results.

Also notable:

Reagan himself declared Vietnam “a noble cause,” and a newly professionalized military, purged of malcontents and rebels, once again began invading small countries (Grenada, Panama). At the same time, the Pentagon was investing thought and planning into how to put the media (blamed for defeat in Vietnam) in its rightful place and so give the public the war news it deserved. In the process, reporters were first restrained from, then “pooled” in, and finally “embedded” in the war effort, while retired generals were sent into TV newsrooms like so many play-by-play analysts on Monday Night Football to narrate our wars as they were happening. Meanwhile, the public was simply sidelined.