Just a Funny Anecdote

When I was working (indirectly) for Mitt Romney, there was a manager at the other local NYC office who was, among other things, a really bad manager. He spent all of his energy reducing costs and none whatsoever bringing in more business (I know, it sounds like corporate America these days, doesn’t it?).

Anyway, naturally, this strategy was not working. His office was in the red or, when above that line, barely so. Not enough profit to justify the continued existence of that office. The handwriting was on the wall and had been for months.

So, when his immediate superior superior came into town, everyone knew why. What happened? He was “too busy” to meet with him, was out doing “sales calls.”

What happened next? A few weeks later his immediate superior and his superior came into town. The axe was there in the air. What happened?

The manager was two hours late for that appointment. They waited. One assumes he was just hoping to wait them out again.

As soon as he walked in, before he sat down and took off his coat, he got an urgent phone call from his wife.

“Oh, my god, honey. That’s wonderful news.”

He hung up.

“What was it?” his immediate supervisor asked.

“We’re having a baby!”

And he escaped being fired for another six months or so.

As it turned out, she actually was pregnant, but one assumes he knew that well before walking in to the office. You have to admire the resourcefulness.


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