A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities

Don’t see me.
-The Insect’s Prayer, “The Perseids”, Robert Charles Wilson

I had read and even once posted about it on a friend’s messageboard (the one that got hacked and wiped in 2005, still unsolved…but then it was FBI looking into it so that comes as no surprise) about this story. It was a fascinating look at how culture and society took a sharp right turn about 1,900 years ago (I can’t actually recall the year…might have been later but clearly before the Crusades and Inquisition) and we are still feeling the effects. In fact, it could be argued that it is in large part why we are what we are.

It was about two Christian societies not very far from each other. I don’t recall how I found the link originally, only that twice the computers upon which I had it bookmarked suffered some sort of failure and I lost the link. After the second time, I had forgotten about it and more recent Google searches have come up empty.

The story is also remarkable because, if true, it’s fairly incredible that it isn’t discussed more. Certainly isn’t mentioned in your average bible study. I cannot recall the name of the cities, but I think one of them (the former?) begins with an ‘i’.

One city was, according to the record, enamored of nature, of whatever it was that passed for science. They sought to improve their lives by understanding the world around them and they thanked God for that. They were also, one assumes partially because of their respect for life and intellect, rather passive, perhaps even pacifists.

The other city was not any of that. They were superstitious. Considered God a giant slot machine in which you had better do exactly the right thing or you would get stomped by a giant sandaled foot. And who do those bastards down the road think they are worshiping different from us?

The result was that the latter group murdered every single person in the former one. This had a profound effect on the attitudes and positions on the Catholic church, and by extension the Protestants. The anti-science attitude prevails to today. Superstition (blaming super hurricanes and terrorist attacks on gays, atheists, Muslims, and progressives rather than our oil addiction for example) does as well.

And then you take a look today around and what do you see? You see things like Romney’s association with radical militant anti-gay groups. You see his association with World Wide Specialty Schools, who engaged in torture of American teenagers. You see Romney’s association with Cofer Black (the former inside-the-CIA equivalent of Erik Prince). You see radical Christian groups like the Brotherhood. You see Seymour Hersh stating that there are seven or eight members of the Joint Chiefs who think these ever-expanding wars are their mission from God. You see the radical elements in Israel killing off Iranian nuclear scientists (I think the jury is in on that one given the more recent activity from the rightwing papers in Israel), attempting to provoke a confrontation and to drag the US into it. You see this incredibly under-reported phenomenon, organized stalking, going on inside the United States for two decades unabated. You see ever increasing calls for the assassination of the President from the other party, which claims to have a monopoly on faith but is the most pees-their-pants bunch of cowards there are (the loud, tough-talking, hawkish type is usually the most frightened).

It’s a foregone conclusion. It’s going to happen. I know I joke about it, but it’s cold comfort knowing that members of our liberal media and establishment will be sitting down in their cells saying to themselves, “This can’t be happening. How did we fail to see this coming?” I know it’s a tired meme, but there must have been Germans, many of them Jewish, thinking the same thing in the late 1930s and early 1940s. (It’s because you are so f***ing reasonable and compassionate that you cannot wrap your brain around the idea of someone who isn’t).

The thing is, most people are cowards and will kiss the asses of their Bible- (or Book of Mormon-) thumping overlords in the belief that if you kiss up to sociopaths, they will leave you alone. They won’t. This is what sociopaths do: they prey on others. You are “other”.

Which brings me back to wondering if this isn’t a natural phenomenon even when orchestrated. Maybe there just are too damn many people on the planet and some have to go for the survival of the species. Maybe the sociopaths are the unstoppable future. Maybe looking for ways to co-exist and deal with the increase in population is moot because we’re just too damn lazy, selfish and stupid. Our oil-friendly politicians on both sides of the aisle sure as s*** aren’t going to seriously push for anything alternative until there is no other choice and we have plenty of other choices that also keep the military industrial complex happy (it’s too big to fail and provides too much campaign funding to buck it).

It’s not that I have anything against sociopaths on principle (hell, some of my closest friends have been sociopaths, which is also why they all deserted me when things got difficult. Just the way it is). It’s that I’ve got this f***ing target on my back. And I can’t help being what I am any more than you can. Even prolonged torture couldn’t alter whatever the f*** molecular transactions are going on in my brain for more than a short period of time directly afterward. I even know that attempting to appeal to people on principles is a wasted effort. It’s simple: you like to hurt people, to take advantage of them, you will find a way. There is no shaming any of these people into behaving civilized nor can you talk them to “death”. It’s a lie we tell ourselves to avoid dealing with the root problems. You’d think, given their constant reading of the book that supposedly was about being peaceful would somehow, some of it, sink in. But no. They concentrate on the buying of the swords, not the condemnation of their use, the healing of the injury afterwards. They have compartmentalized the parts that “don’t fit” with their money-making, power-grabbing scheme.

And, really, if we’re going to do away with law (as in arson and assassination of anyone that CIA, DOD and DHS says need to die gets a pass from everyone involved), well, then what can we as citizens do about that? These same people have taken so goddam much of our money that contributing the the “correct” candidate is not an option. A Republican candidate can say that corporations are people and the mainstream media gives it a pass because they have no interest whatsoever in anything but presenting all stories as “equal” because they believe that the dramatic tension of equally matched issues and people is what keeps people watching and reading. And, of course, the standard Goebbels/Rove/Luntz tactic of labeling your opponent your guy’s own worst attributes. (Which is kinda worrisome when they call Obama the anti-Christ…).

These people want–more than anything–someone to try a violent overthrow of the government, just so they can take political and financial advantage of the chaos, “prove” that all the bulls*** they’ve been spouting for years is true (after the fact), and rob us of every last f***ing penny under the guise of national security, give yet more contracts to the likes of Blackwater, Titan, Triple Canopy, etc., while stating that it’s what Jesus wants. That was the real reason for Dick Cheney creating Top Secret America in the first place: to have a secret police force that on the one hand “stops” terrorism while on the other, fosters and creates it, like FBI accused Richard Jewel of doing (incorrectly it turned out) when he found a pipebomb. The existence of DHS in the first place was because they said that FBI counter-terror/CIA could not legally communicate with FBI justice. That was a lie. There was no “wall”, it was an excuse to take advantage of the American taxpayer, a power grab, a slam to civil liberties.

Really, they hate us for our freedom. Fascism, corporatism, militarization, and radical fundamentalism. They’re the new black with perversions of the meaning and history of the Constitution and false-flag attacks as the white trim.

It’s all brain chemistry, though isn’t it? People who enjoy watching others suffer line up with whomever they think will provide that while lying to them that it’s about pleasing some white-bearded psychopath in the sky. It’s isn’t. It’s about you. It’s about us.

Can we co-exist? Doesn’t look like it. Looks like we’re in for the next great culling of the herd.

Some links foretelling the coming inquisitions:

TX College GOP Calls Assassinating Obama ‘Tempting’

TN Legislator “Ms.” Stacey Campfield (R-7) Tries to Pass “Allow Gay Bullying” Law

Journalist Wants Baghdad-style “Shoot ‘Em All, Let God Sort ‘Em Out” in Philly

Former NSA, CIA Boss Micheal Hayden calls for “Digital Blackwater”, clearly showing his business ties, disdain for the First Amendment, and the conservative reasoning behind trying to get Hollywood to jump on the SOPA/PIPA bandwagon: because knowledge is allegedly power and that’s what they want to take from you

Romney is a psychopath who loves torture

Romney and Cofer Black: it wasn’t just about 2008, the affair continues and is now a three-way with Michael Hayden!

Who or what the f*** is Cofer Black?



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