Audited! (Updated)

(NY State 2008 taxes apparently will take another chunk of the defunct retirement fund).

I guess pointing out what a douche-bag Pete King is must have gotten around.

Bonus link (with Michael Chertoff ultimately attempting to get Blackwater on the ground in the US replacing local police. Now where did I hear of that idea before?)


Yep. Made a mistake, deducted the Federal standard deduction from the NY State form. Check written and ready to be mailed.

(Thanks also to the Department of Homo Skullf***ery for their part in destroying America and causing unrest that they can then pretend to stop and, I don’t know, get laid or something. With all these distractions I keep forgetting to thank them for goose-stepping, turning semen into search warrants, and their part in reminding us why WWII was not a war of choice but that fascism is contrary to American ideals. Burn any houses down lately? No? Book burnings? Get to work Hitler youths, it’s an election year and you need to look like you’re doing something useful. Pete King is watching).


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