That Book by Nabokov

You might vaguely recall this film from 1998. In it, Martin “Won An Oscar for saying ‘Karloff? Sidekick? F*** YOU!!!‘ (and was also in a TV show that must be near to Newt Gingrich’s heart*) played a character who was helping the main characters.

Anyway, Landau’s character in the X-Files movie is at one point framed for using kiddie porn by (in the film) NSA. This is, he reasons, a common way to deal with incriminating, and therefore removing the credibility of, witnesses.

What about whistleblowers?

As I have stated elsewhere on this blog, among the many strange things that came out of my two years at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival and my well-founded belief that there were CIA/DOD human experimentation activities going on there, there were two male interns who both, around the same time, got busted for statutory rape with fifteen year old girls. Additionally, I was given a golden opportunity to do the same with a fifteen year old male, but instead defused the situation. And then there was this event in early 2010. (Yeah, I know. F*** the next twelve year old who loses his cellphone. Wait, I really should rephrase that…)

Additionally, I received in (2004, was it?) an anonymous email with pasted text of seven or so news articles about the demise of WMD scientists all occurring in late 1999 and early 2000, as I recall. There were some common factors. Two or so died from hit-and-runs while jogging. Another really notable one was sacrificed to Satan by his daughter and her occult friends. Note: death of several experts on WMDs. What would removing them from play accomplish? In 1999 and 2000?

So, when I read that WMD weapons inspector Scott Ritter originally got nailed for some sex-related charge in 2001, it really comes as no surprise. When he got nailed again in 2009, it really made it obvious. **

I once (or thrice) read somewhere that torture can turn a normal person into a pedophile. But if personality is a function of brain chemistry, then shouldn’t there also be a chemical way to accomplish the same?

And that is where I have to stop. I’m not an expert on neurochemistry and don’t really aspire to be. But it would be interesting to know how it could be done.

No. F*** that. How it was done.

* Actually there are a number of advantages to doing space exploration. New found technologies coupled with plundering natural resources without having to commit genocide to get at them sounds like a win-win to me. The cost is an issue because we’re spending so damn much on defense and security just to keep some a**holes rife with cash.

** As I have also noted previously, I saw Ritter being interviewed in 2003 before the Iraq invasion on CNN. They cut away from him mid-sentence to go to Condoleeza Rice saying the exact opposite of what Ritter had been saying about the aluminum tubes, the centrifuges that Iraq had bought, etc. And there was no effort to even try to reconcile the two opposing view points and Ritter was not seen or mentioned again within at least the next hour (I watched to see if they would bring it up). It’s no wonder. CNN was thought to be a flash in the pan until the first Gulf War put them on the map with exclusive video of s*** being blown up.

Additionally, and re-connecting it to Chris Carter (and, as it turns out, Tom Clancy), Rice stated to Congress (I’m guessing she was not under oath so it was just lying and not perjury) “No one could have foreseen that anyone would fly planes into the world trade center.” (or words very much like that–see long comment by “Tom” and article/video attempting to scare the s*** out of people and paint W in a sympathetic light).

See February 2001 episode of The X-Files spin-off The Lone Gunmen. Carter’s team got the idea of doing just that from a Tom Clancy novel. I don’t know which one.

On top of that, you also had Anderson “Interned at the CIA but decided to be a journalist instead” Cooper saying “Everyone thought Iraq had WMDs” on The Bill Maher Show within recent years as an excuse as to why the mainstream media got it so f***ing wrong and helped prevent any serious debate before the invasion.

Hence my point: Cooper is to CNN and CIA (and now Sixty Minutes, but that show hasn’t done any real journalism since they sold out a tobacco whistleblower) as Bob “Office of Naval Intelligence” Woodward is to WaPo and the DOD. They are both clearly shills for two unbelievably corrupt institutions that have failed the American people and, over all, have done more harm to the United States of America than Al Qaeda could dream of.


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